Glad I didn't mention the other letter!

Glad I didn't mention the other letter!

Lot's of speculation, but does anyone have any speculation about the other letter that Musk referred to? I saw one guess of "W". My guess is "V". Others?

Benz | 8 oktober 2014


Red Sage ca us | 8 oktober 2014



audreyality | 8 oktober 2014

Wasn't it the "D"?

We'll find out tomorrow. The "something else" is hopefully information about the X and 3, or improvements across the brand. Rather than another model.

Anemometer | 8 oktober 2014

Model S85VD

V standing for Vertical take off, not venereal.

The something else is that Telsa bought up Moller Sky cars and has use the patents in delveoping a 400mph VTOL Model S, with autonomous flight control (no pilots license required).

Thay why they need the AWD option, to rotate the (upto now secret use) turbine wheels at high speed after they have rotated 90 degrees to horizontal. Owners who chose the lower spec double 5 spoke wheels will be gutted. Nevermind, just one of the many new features Telsa has been secretly rolling out to later model cars.

They fit a parachuute into the frunk as an emergency backup should the battery catch fire. Sorry I know I shouldn't mention battery and fire in the same paragraph on a Tesla froum. Damn I just did it again.

I may be wrong though. ;-)

3seeker | 8 oktober 2014


Brian H | 8 oktober 2014

Yabbut, there's 0% chance you're right. So you're either wrong, or "not even wrong". ;p

erici | 8 oktober 2014

Both letters are D.


Dual Drive.

(also a positive characteristic in some women, which is why he was cautious not to mention that Tesla would be unveiling DDs).

draconious_z | 9 oktober 2014

Extended Range
Dual Motors


Tiebreaker | 9 oktober 2014

That is the most used acronym in TV commercials during NFL games.

holidayday | 9 oktober 2014

Model S, Dual Motor - SD
Model S, Extended Cab, Dual Motor - SED
CrossOver, Dual Motor - XD
Crossover, Extended Cab, Dual Motor - XED

Automated Model S - AD
Automated Model S, Dual Motor - ASD
Automated Model S, Extended Cab, Dual Motor - ASED
Performance Automated Model S, Extended Cab, Dual Motor - PASED

And so on.