Going Nuts - Dashboard creak and crackling sound

Going Nuts - Dashboard creak and crackling sound

I'm sure this may have been discussed before (although I hope that's not the case), but my new Model S with less than 2000 miles has developed an annoying dashboard creaking, crackling sound which is making absolutely nuts.

The crackling noise occurs during the slightest vibration and originates from somewhere right above the LCD screen.

Has anyone else experienced this and what is the cause of it? Better yet, how did you guys fix this?


JohnnyMac | 23 september 2013

I have just developed that dashboard creak at 4k miles. Mine is in the front passenger side. Any change in pavement or accel / decel triggers it. Car has been silent until then. I believe this is a known issue. I am just dealing with it until it annoys me enough to schedule a service visit. My understanding is Tesla knows about the issue and will resolve it.

gill_sans | 23 september 2013

Did you try rebooting? (Press and hold down both thumbwheel buttons till screen goes black.)

create | 23 september 2013

I have the creak too mostly on bumpy roads. I just push on the top of the dash and it stops. Usually it does not start up again for anther week or two. I was going to have them look into it when I bring it in for the 12.5k service in a few months along with the pano fix and whatever comes up between now and then.

mpacked15 | 23 september 2013

I guess it's a pretty common issue then. I too push on top of the dash which seems to solve it temporarily and let's me regain my sanity for those few short miles.

Would love to hear from those who already got this fixed. I'm wondering if it's something I can even do myself.

negarholger | 23 september 2013

Got my car back today from service... so far so good the A pillar passengers dash board creak is gone. Let see if it stays that way...
Here is what the service report said
Complaint Narrative: Customer states: a-pillar squeak at right front Bulletin: Model S | SB-13- 10-006 | A-Pillar Body Panel Creak
Correction: Separate RH A-Pillar Body Panels performed "A-pillar" panel creak bulletin

Brian H | 24 september 2013

Get some Crazy Glue, and ...

christurbeville | 24 september 2013

I have little rattles from both passenger and driver dash sides that happen at differing speeds and road conditions. Seems the dash is a little loose. A detail helps as the dressing they wipe on everything makes it creak and rattle less:) I'll just mention it next time I take her in they're finding and fixing these pretty well these days. Its their fault for building such a quiet car!

eAdopter | 24 september 2013

I also have the dash creak. It started at about 4000 miles. It's coming from the middle of the dash, and stops for a while when I press down on the dash just above the center screen.

ssarker | 24 september 2013

5500 miles, no creaks or rattles until now but likely because the music was loud with pano and windows open. Now that it's getting too cold to have the pano open some days, I am trying to enjoy the quiet but do hear squeaks from the top of the 17" monitor with road bumps, like a mouse in the car.

hfcolvin | 24 september 2013

I had something similar on a road trip at about 2000 miles. Drove me nuts. This was back in April. It went away soon afterwards and I haven't heard it since. Many road trips since then BTW.

I remember reading of someone with a dashboard rattle and it got fixed pretty easily at the service center.

Getting Amped Again | 24 september 2013

I fixed this with a strip of black Velcro (the soft loop side) that I cut to the width of the display and pushed in with chopsticks. Mine was more of a buzz that went away when I lifted the dashboard (above the display) up. The Velcro separates the dash from the metal trim and when pushed in correctly is totally unnoticeable.

ELECTRICFAN | 17 oktober 2013

I think I may have caused this squeaking as my dash was silent until I put some leather conditioner on it. (car is one month old and has 1300 miles on it) As soon as I did that, squeak city! I'll see if I can locate the squeak to the dash and metal trim of the display. If that's where it is then I'll try the velcro trick. Thanks!

mkh1437 | 17 oktober 2013

I had the dashboard creak after I took my car in for service, and they installed the updated defroster ducting. I took the car back to the service center, and they addressed it. No more creak.

fluxemag | 17 oktober 2013

I brought mine in at ~5500 miles for creak/rattle on the passenger side dash near the windshield. They were able to fix it.

AmyOo | 17 oktober 2013

I brought mine in at one week for creaking/rattling noise. It seems to come from slightly left and above the screen. Service said they couldn't replicate it and to take a phone video when it happens. It's driving me nuts and it's way too distracting to drive and video. The attempts to video are making me crazy frustrated. Still, it'll get done one day with a passenger to help.

ELECTRICFAN | 17 oktober 2013

I put in the velcro and it reduced the noise 90 percent. Thanks. I will call service soon and see if they can do something permanent.

ELECTRICFAN | 28 oktober 2013

Tesla picked up my car today at work, took it to the service center and fixed the squeak. Here is the description they put on the service order: Cause: Dash pad rattling on frame. Correction: Cabin HVAC General Diagnosis. Removed upper dash pad and applied felt tape to all surfaces.

I am thrilled with Tesla service - my first experience! The dash was completely silent on my 30 mile drive home over pot-holed Houston highways.


ELECTRICFAN | 14 november 2013

Noise still gone! Hope forever!

regen | 14 november 2013

I had the same problem. The good news is that after taking it to the Tesla Service Center, they were able to completely remove the rattling/squeaky noises that came from above the upper dash area!

The bad news is, after about a 1,000 miles of rattle and squeak free driving (it was amazing) a new rattle emerged, but now closer to the windshield and also towards the center spot.


pimp-boy | 14 november 2013

I brought my vehicle in for the rattling on the passenger side dash. They fixed it. I had my dash cam on. They apparently chizzled something after they removed the "A Pillar" cover. They took a screw driver and a hammer and chizzled something inside the dash. I guess they knew of this problem and how to fix it. No more rattling at that corner.

Brian H | 15 november 2013


rjk | 26 juli 2014

I developed a rattle in the cabin front passenger side and recent solved it. It sounded like it was above the glovebox. The rattle recently became much worse. It started at about 2k miles. I've lived with this for 500 miles. The nearest service center is 250 miles away. I read all of the posts looking for a solution. Most of them required service which I wasn't too keen about given the distance to a service center. At first I thought it was the plastic liner inside the frunk which was not securely fastened. After fastening the liner the noise continued. I got really fed up with it this week when driving business associates to view a real estate development deal. It was their first ride in a tesla - there aren't very many in michigan. They were distracted by the noise the entire time and I felt like they failed to appreciate the car. I certainly couldn't boast about the quiet drive. In any event, the problem was the air filter. This is located just about the glovebox inside the frunk under the liner. I removed the liner which was super quick. The air filter is inside a tabbed plastic cover. I removed the cover and could tell immediately that the filter was a loose fit inside. By lightly tapping the filter I was able to recreate the noise which was made by the filter jiggling around. The filter is extremely lightweight and insubstantial. I applied some electrical tape to the filter in order to make the filter a little wider so it would fit snug - tape on the top two corners and in the middle. I built up the tape a bit until the whole filter fit snugly. I out everything back together - noise gone!

DallasTxModelS | 26 juli 2014

Mine developed a very small occasional squeak about 5000 miles when hitting an uneven joint in the pavement it was very small and not all the time. It seemed like the dashboard above both screens was loose and wobbled a bit. I had my car in for the Titanium underbody guard and the supplier had recalled a lot of the small screens due to a bad solder that caused some blank spots on the screen. I hadn't had any problems with the screen but because it was in the same lot they changed mine out.
When I got my car back from the Service Center the squeak had stopped. I noticed that the dashboard was not loose anymore. You should see if the Service Center can tighten your dashboard if it is loose. That made my quiet ride return. I now have over 11,000 miles and dashboard is still tight and still no little squeak.

tuteja.anand | 26 januari 2015

Dear Friends, Posting my solution that worked for me.

I own an XUV, after about 2000 km only it started giving exactly the same sound as its being discussed in this thread.

The problem maybe in the BONNET. It can occur very commonly in vehicles with large and heavy horizontal bonnet assembly, such as in XUV, Fortuner, Endeavor, Pajero, Landrover etc.

In any vehicle, the bonnet rests on 3-6 rubber beads to provide cushion from rattling against the metallic body. Some times (though rarely) it may happen that one of these rubber beads gets compressed and disengages from the metal, this will create constant irritating squeaky sound as shown in video. Esp it'll become more prominent on braking or jerks.

All u have to do is to open the bonnet and check the beads' position, if required replace them or re-adjust them, and the sound will VANISH!!!

esld | 26 september 2015

I've got a series of creaks and pop sounds coming from my dash near where the dash meets the windshield. It occurs when hitting any uneven terrain, crack in the road, accelerating, decelerating. It's MAJOR and the car has less than 500 miles on it. It will happen 7-10 times per mile and it's truly frustrating.

I hope they can fix it but service is booked for a bit and It's all I can do not to take the dash apart myself in the mean time.

Tom M.us_az | 26 september 2015

This happened to me on a new P85D. It was distracting and a pain while driving. The service center removed the dash and corrected the situation/noise. I forget what they did but no noises since. Service should be able to take care of this issue easily. It was a same day repair.

garlene007 | 26 september 2015

Man! I have this problem and I have taken the car to the service center, only to be told that it could not be found. It is a crackling/slapping sound coming from behind the dash and it is intermittent, and driving me nuts! Discovered the sound around 4500 miles and it comes even when the road is smooth. Speed is usually above 40mph. It now appears that this is a common problem and I will mention this thread to service next time I go. Hopefully they will locate and fix.

tjhappel | 27 september 2015

I think it is the air filter garleene007, mine was similar. Coming on only above 40 and didn't matter if it was a flat road or bumpy. I opened the frunk and jimmied the air filter around, sound totally gone. It sounded like something just sort of gently tapping or flapping occasionally.... Annoying as hell! But gone now hopefully for good

garlene007 | 27 september 2015

@tjhappel: thanks I'll look into it - I do not know where in the drunk it is but I'll try to find it now. I will update on the results.

garlene007 | 27 september 2015

@tjhappel and others: the sound is coming from behind the dash display between the driver door and steering. Isn't the air filter on the right side (passenger)?

garlene007 | 27 september 2015

Frunk not drunk - auto correct feature on iPad.

esld | 28 september 2015

My service appt is Friday oct 2nd and Ill come back in here and post my findings./recitfications

buickguy | 28 september 2015

I, too, had a creaking sound coming from the dash shortly after taking delivery (18 months and 35,000 miles ago). Tesla service did a great job in finding the culprit and silencing it. All is well after all these months!

Qwiksilver | 29 september 2015

S85 2013 22,000 miles
Just brought mine in for the dashboard creek as well. I was able to pinpoint to soure of the creak for them.
The service manager was grateful, as he said it often takes a long time ans much effort to pinpoint the source of the creak. I'll let you know what happens when I pick up my MS.

ssarker | 29 september 2015

My 17" monitor was re-assembled a couple of times the first year for incessant squeaking. After a year of silence, starting to squeak again but only when I drive through certain towns! Not enough to bring it up at my recent service.

garlene007 | 30 september 2015

@esld: keep us posted.

esld | 2 oktober 2015

As promised I am following up after my service visit for dash creaks/pop near the windscreen.

I'm happy to report that Tesla nailed it. They heard the sound and isolated the issue and secured it properly. I have driven about 30 miles since getting it back and it's NIGHT AND DAY. The service rep stated that the car should NOT make dash noises and they were sensitive to that issue. No problems repairing the matter at all. They gave me my keys back and said "if you hear anything don't be afraid to call us and we'll get you back in and address it - but it should be better now."

Very happy with the outcome - and I'll continue to followup in a few weeks.

TO those reading this forum and getting nervous about the possibilities of dash rattles and creaks, they gave me a mid-mileage Model S 60 to drive today as a loaner while mine was being worked on. No dash rattles whatsoever. So it's not on every car and when it is, they are anxious to resolve it for you.

garlene007 | 3 oktober 2015

@esld: did they say what caused the sounds? Mine is intermittent behind the instrument display panel. Of course when I took it in they couldn't find it. Since the ac filter is on the passenger side I doubt it is the culprit.

Bighorn | 3 oktober 2015

I think there may be a display fan?

garlene007 | 3 oktober 2015

@bighorn: I do not know if there is one, but that could explain the "slapping" sound. If only it were not intermittent so that the SC guys could troubleshoot. Every time I schedule a visit the sound mysteriously goes away for a day or two. That's the annoying part.

esld | 4 oktober 2015

They simply said they R&R'ed the dash with associated clips near the windscreen. The dash pad was also insulated.

garlene007 | 4 oktober 2015

@esld: thanks, will schedule yet another visit, armed with info gleaned from this thread.

Jkennebeck | 22 januari 2019

hate to resurrect this thread but my 2015 P85D has just started this creaky sound. seems to be up in the center of the dash where the plastic dash panel meets the windshield. it creaks at any speed with any small "bounce" in the roadway. taking it in in a week to see if they can fix it. does anyone know how that top dash panel is connected to everything? seems a lot of this car is connected with those plastic clips (having pulled door panels a couple times for custom puddle lights). maybe some have broken off or come loose? will let you know what the SvC finds.

ATCRomes | 22 januari 2019

If you have a pano roof, double check that the noise is still there with the pano open or vented. If it isn't showing up when you try this, it could be the protruding metal piece at the front edge of the moving glass. If the felt material on that metal piece is missing or worn, it will rub and make noise when pano is closed.

Slavas | 14 maart 2019

Has anyone solved the problem of creacking the panel on their own or knows how the service center does it? I ask advice how to remove the creak yourself

jordanrichard | 15 maart 2019

Bump, to get ahead of the spam

Qwiksilver | 16 maart 2019

Had the same problem. Tesla fixed it.
They glued the top portion of the dashboard down. No more squeaking!

Qwiksilver | 16 maart 2019

Had the same problem. Tesla fixed it.
They glued the top portion of the dashboard down. No more squeaking!

Slavas | 16 maart 2019

What do you mean glued? With using what? The top should be separated from the base.

Ohmster | 16 maart 2019

I would never allow anyone to glue down something that is meant to be removed. Just me. And 30 years of manufacturing. :)

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