Dear Elon, 

Happy Birthday to you....
Happy Birthday to you....
Happy Birthday Dear ELON!
Happy Birthday to you!!  

We hope someone shakes your hand everyday and says "Thank You"
Thank you for your vision and perseverance! 
Thank you for your commitment to the planet for generations to come. 

Our wish is that your 'glass eating' years are ALL behind you and the years ahead are filled with fun multi-planetary exploration! 

We hope you know the fever is spreading and the Tesla Grin is changing lives! The thread below is one of my favorites. Tesla Psychosis- In a good way!

Have a Wonderful Birthday and enjoy your well deserved vacation next week with family and friends! 

With Appreciation & Gratitude,
Jackie & Phil
Model S owners 
TSLA stockholders
Future Gen 3 owners :-)

Benz | 28 juni 2013

Happy birthday to Elon Musk, here from The Netherlands as well.

mreichenberger | 28 juni 2013

Happy birthday form Germany, i love your car !
Excellent job, go on, rule the automotive industry

Best wishes Markus

jp158 | 28 juni 2013

Happy Birthday from friends in New York
and Many More

and if you can make it here, you can make anywhere
and you made it here!

ian | 28 juni 2013

Happy Birthday Elon!

GeekEV | 28 juni 2013

Happy Birthday!

alanwwebb | 28 juni 2013

Having loved my Roadster, and now my MS. Having admired the daring to build a space company and the determination to make it work, I couldn't be happier to wish happy birthday to anybody.
Many more fruitful years to you.