How many Car Buyers does Rising Stock Value Create?

How many Car Buyers does Rising Stock Value Create?

TSLA is now up nearly 50% from its low of the year in early January, and about 70%-100% from where it hovered most of the past year and a half before that. My question is:

How many new purchases is the appreciating stock price creating?

We've read about a lot of people on the forums saying the stock appreciation was funding their purchase. Many Tesla rank and file employees, critically important employees like factory workers, technicians, salespeople (gallery operators in Texas) perhaps have a stock plan in which they are participating (does anyone know?). Between what we've read and an assumption on my part that Tesla employees may be seeing reasonable financial gains from the stock price, how many orders are being driven by the value of appreciating stock?

1,000/yr.? More, less? Not huge, probably aptly characterized as a large blip if it's in this realm. I dunno.


Brian H | 20 april 2013

There's the other side, too; car buyers tend to want to get in on the "bigger picture" and start buying shares. The suggests this is a significant factor. That's a lotta potential stock players!

Brian H | 20 april 2013

Blew the tags:
"The Longboard slide presentation suggests ... "

Runar | 20 april 2013

I chose standard instead of performance just to be able to hang on to my 450 TSLA shares ;-) hope they will bring me a new Tesla in 10 years. ;-)

Jolinar | 23 april 2013

well, yea, that was stupid that I didn't jump in when shares was around $28. I knew that then it was good opportunity, but I never bought any shares so I was too hesitant... :(

Brian H | 7 juni 2013

Just popped back over $100 today. On a stock like this, it's never too late to buy. Dollar cost averaging is ideal for this kind of volatility, IMO.