I had a Software update last night...seems like nothing was updated

I had a Software update last night...seems like nothing was updated

When I went to my car yesterday morning, i had a pop-up screen asking when i'd like to schedule the 45 minute software update. I scheduled it, and it updated, but there are no new features. When i look at the release notes, they're the same notes that were on there before.

Anyone know why it asked me to update when there was seemingly no update? Was this a minor, non version update?

nickjhowe | 26 juli 2013

There have been six different versions of 4.5 - they are bug fixes. The features don't change.

mkh1437 | 26 juli 2013

What is the version number? There have been several minor updates to the 4.5 major version, and they do not give explicit release notes for minor revisions.
See this thread on the TMC site:

jeffaa | 26 juli 2013

I also got .61 last night.

SamuelNathan | 26 juli 2013

Thanks. makes sense. i wish that it would just auto update overnight instead of asking me in the morning when i'd like to update. I think they could add a feature that says something like 'always update between 1am-5am if updates are available'...

Jewsh | 26 juli 2013

Got the latest release myself as well. No changes - must be a bug fix release.

Captain_Zap | 27 juli 2013

I found an odd bug and reported it about 2 weeks ago. It was very obscure and it may not have happened to others yet. It could be one of the bugs they fixed in the latest update.

I parked my car in a lot overnight. It was a warm day followed by a very cool night. The next day was rather hot. Apparently this faked out my car into thinking it was charged at that location, so it added an erroneous "Visited Charger" mark on my navigation map.

I don't know if it was the coolness of the night followed by the heat of the day that made the car think it gained energy or vice versa.

kalel65 | 27 juli 2013

I got the update too. I noticed that the Slacker connection is now worse - songs cut off multiple times - seems independent of signal strength

Captain_Zap | 27 juli 2013

I had that happen with Slacker on Thursday. I was wondering if it was just me. I had the image, the display made it appear as if the song was playing but there was no sound. It lasted for half an hour or so.

It fixed itself. I haven't had a problem since Thursday. They may be sending out a silent fix. If it happens again I'll report it.

david.cheney | 27 juli 2013

Slacker has been "stuttering" quite often for me recently... with gaps lasting as long as a minute. Unusable at such times. Hmmm.

Captain_Zap | 27 juli 2013

I had it happen again today. But today it just "hung up" altogether. 3G was fine again. Maybe a few of us should report it so that they know that it is not an anomoly.

Neech | 28 juli 2013

I noticed a difference with the NAV display since the update. The red line for heavy traffic is narrower which makes the route easier to follow.

ramtaz | 28 juli 2013

Yesterday morning I also received the clock logo to download an update.
I set the time for 1030pm last night , and this morning
the update window was open , requesting time to download update.
I will try again tonight .

Brian H | 28 juli 2013

RU sure it didn't default to the next day's date? It would then be waiting for 10:30 pm tonight!

nickjhowe | 28 juli 2013

@david.cheney - There was a report over on TMC that it might be a local car memory leak issue. Try rebooting the main screen and see if that fixes it.

DouglasR | 28 juli 2013

@Captain_Zap - I've had erroneous "visited chargers" since the feature was introduced. I apparently once charged up in the middle of the 520 bridge (really long extension cord?).

ir | 28 juli 2013

Upgraded 4.4 to 4.5 (.61) overnight. First thing I noticed was my mirror settings are all screwed up. Reverse is not where I set it and returning to drive, it didn't put them back where I had them. Will pay close attention if they continue to be unstable.