I like the new Interior inside the Beta

I like the new Interior inside the Beta

After looking alot of the videos from the BETA event, I must admit that I truely like the new interior layout of the BETA dashboard. The "old" alfa seamed also nice, but I belive that the new design is more clean and stylish - there are several details I like e.g.

The way the air nozzles are placed on the dashboard

Also like that they have removed some of the mid console - there is truely no need for this to go down to the floor - instead they used the space for a handy place for your mobile devices, sunglases, a newspaper, or what your may have with you in the car (my pressent car is always flooded with al sort of things i bring with me)

The new layout of the infodisplay witch have the primary controls in the buttom, and apps buttons at the top (makes it esy to find without taking eys from the road)

Nice alu/steel buttons and frame around the display, buttons, air nozzels, breake/speed pedals ect., like that alot more than the curved leather . thumbs up from me (like it most if its steel - hopefully not plastic).

The bannana leaf decor looks wery nice, hope it will be priced reasonable, asuming this is a option.

I know a lot of you out there have a lot of good idears about how it should be, and how you would have liked it to be....this is a BETA car, Im pretty shure that any idears should have been posted no later than the alfa stage - the beta is showing how far the development have gone, and how the final product will look and feel - the last ½ year is going to trim the finish, made further improvements, stabilized things ect.

All in all, the new videos of the beta convinced me that the models S is a must have car and worth waiting for :)
Looking forward to see the first model S in Europe so we can try sit inside and maybe test driving it - my final desision will be if the driver seat "fits" me physical - e.g. if legroom is satisfactory, seats are comfy and stearing whell are placed right (Im tall). Acording to the video where boardmember Steve is driving the beta, there should be plenty of leg room for tall people in the driver seat :bigsmile:.

Brian H | 25 oktober 2011

Lots of other threads on the interior. Doubt if this will see much action.
But you have lots of good and detailed observations!