An iPad to control the car environment?

An iPad to control the car environment?

Hi Tesla-Team,
After using an Apple iPad (only 13" but with standard WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n and GSM 3G!) in my real outdoor work-life and I'm quite impressed about the easy usage and large app expandability of this very useful device; - I'm now wondering why Tesla Motors should not using such an easy useful device instead the actually proposed proprietary 17" touch screen. At leased it should be officially offered as an simple option (to replace the 17" device) with an actual iPad solution. And I'm very sure Tesla Motors is able to get a good and fair deal with Apple and can create a break thru in a real useful Auto+IT cooperation. Both companies generate quite the same new spirit of an intelligent more thinking generation. To have a well knowing and strait forward plus easy usage iPad-Device, instead of the usage of a new proprietary Radio/HiFi/CD/DVD/Navigation/iPod/TV Auto-Devices all in the new Tesla S, it would generate more than a simple change-option for the users; - it could generate a new feeling in real stressless drivings combined with helpful simple navigation and combined with excellent entertainments and this all with a single quite well known touch!
And by the way, it could reduce the development-cost for Tesla-Motors by just participating from the other already existing and great App-Developer work.
What about your opinions?

BYT | 5 oktober 2010

I also have an iPad (they have a 9.7 inch display by the way). I am also a fan of Apple products and I understand where you are coming from and also think it would be a nifty idea. However, as much as I would like to get my iPad working and integrated with the Model S, I know from my knowledge of Apple and their very closed ecosystem that they wouldn't cooperate with Tesla to bring their device to integrate tightly or maybe not even well with the car. For this reason and the fact that Apple likes to refresh the line every year or two* then I can't say I can back it myself. Tesla can do what BWM did with the iPad however, check this out and sorry to be a buzz kill:

* based on iPhone and iPod refresh history.

Brian H | 9 oktober 2010

Integration is coming! By 2018 we will all be walking (/driving) apps:

Whistle | 22 oktober 2010

boo apple. and touch screens in cars really seems like a good way to kill people, having actual buttons and knobs you can physically touch and find without looking down at them means you can actually watch the road.

stevie_a | 25 oktober 2010

I am sorry but if Apple product went into the car it would put to many people off
as Apple are so possessive of anything it makes

as you can tell i am no i product fan i use iriver mp3 players and android mobile phones
and can swap information between any device unlike i products

Vawlkus | 26 oktober 2010

I seriously doubt Tesla's going to get into the 'propriaitary' Apple craze. They make have some programmer code up a remote access app later on, but I doubt anything like that will be available at launch.

CatchCatch | 26 oktober 2010

Does the Tesla touchscreen offer at least an equal degree of functionality and performance to the iPad, if not, then possibly more? And if so, why would we need to combine the two?

If it is the user interface that is the draw for the iPad, then my comment would be that other companies do have the technology to mimic such attributes, they just don't have the mass-market advertising and distribution. I believe Panasonic is working with Tesla's in its technology/image display area, and they do have touchscreen devices that are nothing to blow one's nose at.

dsm363 | 26 oktober 2010

I think it would be great if they worked with Apple to better integrate the iPod and iPhone into the car but having to depend on Apple for critical parts of the car is probably not a good idea. If Tesla writes their own software, they can easily make changes and control everything any time they want to.

BYT | 28 oktober 2010

I'm confidant that Tesla will be able to create an awesome integration kit for iThings as well as other phones / devices that stick to the standards. I am an Apple fan but I also use other operating systems and believe there is the right tool for every job. The iPad maybe cool, but doesn't fit in this case IMHO.

rouskavich | 28 oktober 2010

NO WAY! Apple is restrictive!! I would not like the idea of pairing with apple. I also have an ipad and iphone (which I would never buy again if jailbreaking wasn't available). All apple products are regulated. The user experience is controlled by Steve Jobs and his corporation. It’s capable of a lot more than you realize but unavailable to most owners. Hence "Jailbreaking". jailbreaking has a bad rap, but the truth is it unlocks the products' expandable features and allows for the personalization and customization of the equipment. If Tesla paired with them, your customization options will be null to be optimistic. Let's hope they do not use the ipad or any other apple products to build with. Especially since most people are leaving apple for driods or jailbreaking their devices.