Mail Tesla: '... and you’ll have the option to add a third row of seats to carry more passengers.'

Mail Tesla: '... and you’ll have the option to add a third row of seats to carry more passengers.'

Can anyone confirm that Tesla is mailing that the third row is optional?
And if its true, why is it optional? Increase price? Not enough space?

primetime98 | 16 juni 2014

I received the same e-mail. I can't answer the rest of your questions though.

tims | 16 juni 2014

I'm a newbie to this forum but still: thank God the third row is optional. Third row seating would keep me from buying this or any car. YMMV, obviously.

vandacca | 16 juni 2014

The 4th paragraph in the mailing states the following:

"We’ll also deliver a level of functionality and practicality that will exceed what you saw on the concept vehicle. We can confirm that all-wheel drive will come standard for Model X, and you’ll have the option to add a third row of seats to carry more passengers. You’ll also be able to fold down the second and third rows to create a flat platform for storage. When it comes to charging and long distance drives, Model X will be able to take full advantage of our rapidly growing Supercharger network."


Lubdub | 16 juni 2014

3rd row option is great for me.
I need the storage space.
I also love the small trap door in the back of the MS that is for the optional 3rd seat. I would use that for stowing my emergency
gear and tools etc. this leaves the back looking clean and empty.
So Tesla. I see this as good
I have a Lexus SUV and the third row seats are sitting in the garage.
I have used them twice in 11 years. I'd rather rent a van for the two times I need more room

Sharkdiver76 | 16 juni 2014

I have an model s, and personally am glad the 3rd row is an option. From the pics I have seen, it looks way to cramped and would rather 2nd row have more leg room. I would imagine base price is much lower without 3rd row. I bought a demo with 3rd row and have never used, wish I could sell it for what it cost. I imagine you can always buy one from a wrecked car in a couple of years and save money on the option if not need now.

NumberOne | 16 juni 2014

I posted this in the other thread, but I will reword and post it here too. At first I was a little disappointed by the announcement that 3rd row will be an option, but after considering it a little, I realized that it does not have to be an expensive option, but not including it as standard will save Tesla a lot of money, because not everyone wants it. I know I need it because of having to drive my parents/in laws and kids and spouse require 6 or more seats. Not every person planning to buy the Model X will opt for the 3rd row seat, and this will save Tesla a ton of money. Why waste resources on something that will never be used. I doubt that the option will be free, but I cannot see the need to charge more than $1k to $2.5k for it either. I may only use the 3rd row a couple of times per year, but I would prefer to have it than not. I really would prefer not to have to rent a van.

Brian H | 16 juni 2014

The most popular car in the car pool.

Red Sage ca us | 18 juni 2014

SUV, crossover, van, wagon... I tend to think of those as different vehicles, different configurations. Ultimately, I guess it is fine that Tesla Motors will allow Customers to 'roll their own combo' with the Model X.
2nd Row Bench Seats/Stowable
2nd Row Captains Chairs/Removable
3rd Row Included/Fold Flat/Removable
3rd Row Optional