Mapping trips using Superchargers or (less than super) Chargers

Mapping trips using Superchargers or (less than super) Chargers

Owing to a lack of search capability, and although I used “Volkerize,” I’m not sure if this issue has been addressed. While our MS hasn’t arrived yet, my wife and I were exploring possible trips from our home in Los Angeles. I kept punching in directions on my iPad from our home to one of the Superchargers, and then from there to some other destination. It was a two or three step process each time.

It would be great if the App (or an App), or even the TM website was set up to incorporate the Superchargers in a Map function so that we could plan trips without having to do so “manually.” So, if I wanted to go from Los Angeles to Big Sur, it would be useful to have a map that routed me from L.A. to, say, the Supercharger at Harris Ranch and from there to Big Sur.

It would be even better if such a map function could suggest other charging stations, beyond the Superchargers. I realize that the other chargers are hit and miss, to some degree, and that Apps like Recargo, etc. at least provide maps with chargers identified on them. But, I’m not aware of any map or App that allows one to automatically plan a trip with a stop or two for charging.

If such functionality already exists, I’d love to hear about it.

Brian H | 11 februari 2013

There are various websites like and that show charging stations by type.

Bubba2000 | 16 februari 2013

The Tesla GPS map should be upgraded to give driving solutions. When origin, destination, time/date is given, the program could give the suggested speed, HVAC settings, charging location (SC, others) based on weather, etc. If somebody desires to deviate from parameters of speed, etc the routing program would adjust accordingly. Tesla SC could have queueing time info. Enable crowd sourced info to be collected.

Brian H | 17 februari 2013

Yes, intelligence using mashups and live feeds. Cloud?