Rumors by Elon point to the possibility. D could mean something other than a model or dual motors.

Benz | 2 oktober 2014

Tesla Model D

Could that be a Delivery Van? Like a Tesla Model X with only 2 front seats and some cargo space in the back? Like the Nissan E-NV200?

That would actually be a rather expensive Delivery Van, I think.

Conclusion: Not very likely.

Any other guesses?

Juggernaut | 2 oktober 2014

Best guesses I've heard have been an all-wheel drive becoming available on the Model S. Also have heard a guess about driverless automation. I think both of those are more likely than a Model D.. Figured the next model announced will be a Y... Has got me curious. Will be tuning in...

pruhawk | 2 oktober 2014

I like the idea of a delivery van. Even if at a higher initial cost, the fuel savings over a twenty year life span, plus depreciation, make it very attractive to every business needing a intra-city vehicle.

For example, the US Postal Service spends over a billion dollars a year on fuel. If they would change over to Tesla Mail Trucks, even at $100,000 a truck (which is probably a bit high), they would still be far ahead after twenty years (average life span of a mail truck is about 25 years according to their website), as well as leading the US in green energy.

Benz | 2 oktober 2014

So, the Delivery Van idea is not so bad at all?

palmer_md | 2 oktober 2014
Benz | 2 oktober 2014

Yes, I remember that image.

davep | 2 oktober 2014

Has to be dual motors front and rear. The platform is already available from the X. All they have to do is put the Model S body on the X platform and zoom off you go. Put the performance inverter on each one of the motors and you have a 3.2 second 0-60 super car. Super regen from 2 motors and killer performance. The key will be to make the 2 door model. That us the other thing. The D is dual and the other thing is either self driving car or a two door coupe.

laurence.matson | 2 oktober 2014

Every day, I watch my rural mail carrier in her private, small SUV making the rounds and think: She does around 200 miles each day. Were she to cut her fuel bill to 25% of what she is spending now and get twice the distance per fill, she would be way ahead of the game.

An electric mail delivery vehicle is as big a no brainer as there is. The Tesla platform is easily convertible to two or four-wheel drive, standard suspension is good for tough roads, and there would be a lot of room. Plus, these things sit around all night, so charging with hydro power here in Vermont means near-zero carbon footprint.

Just do it!

bonaire | 2 oktober 2014

P85D - dual motors similar to Model X.

bonaire | 2 oktober 2014

Plus, use regen more on the front wheels and less on the rear, or blend them depending on speed.

Brian H | 2 oktober 2014

Elon was quoted as saying "not a new model". AWD for the S, I suspect.

Benz | 3 oktober 2014

D = P85D

something else = production version of the Tesla Model X

Timo | 3 oktober 2014

85 doubled. 170kWh battery pack. I hope.

Remnant | 3 oktober 2014

I wish the something else is a new, higher capacityD, fast recharge battery.

It does seem that D stands for Dual or Double.

FREE ENERGY | 3 oktober 2014

Dual engine :)

FREE ENERGY | 3 oktober 2014 promissed

Benz | 3 oktober 2014

Dual Motor All Wheel Drive

SamO | 3 oktober 2014


d_v | 3 oktober 2014

Either D for Dual or D for Driver, as in it is the Driver not you.

ggtsla000 | 3 oktober 2014

I want it to be convertible!!!! If so I am in 1st in line.....!!!

seba | 3 oktober 2014

D for Distance: More distance between two supercharger ... go for 500 to 800km range ;-)

visatonconga | 3 oktober 2014

What about garage A was the roadster, garage B was the Model S, C was Model X and D will be Model 3

Red Sage ca us | 3 oktober 2014

Dual Drive is an excellent guess, I think.

My guess...? 'D' is for 'DROPTOP'... That looks like a Model S to me.

Tesla Model S version D85... People have been asking for a hardtop convertible version of the car...

jefftex | 3 oktober 2014

I believe Benz nailed it.

D = P85D (all wheel drive Model S super car)
Something else = Production version of the Model X.

paolo | 3 oktober 2014

Danger... Dino (Ferrari) Daytona designed by Pininfarina .. i' m sure... :-)

jan.anglin | 3 oktober 2014

look at my recent thread.

D is the Roman Numeral for 500... think a 500 mile per charge battery.

Congrats Rich Uzsynski for connecting the dots.

woo hoo!




petochok | 3 oktober 2014

Ooh, ooh... I got another one.... Density! Still 85kWh, but with higher density cells, requiring fewer of them and thus reducing weight and improving acceleration. Ok, that was pathetic, yet I couldn't resist the opportunity to yell out another D word.

ggtsla000 | 3 oktober 2014
mjt.private | 4 oktober 2014

It would be lovely if the infamous graphene anode batteries made an appearance. Since they are likely to be expensive, an AWD top-of-the-range would be the place to fit them.

Alas I fear I am dreaming, and these are several years away at best.

Jolinar | 4 oktober 2014

graphene batteries as presented some time ago are way less energy dense than current Tesla batteries :(

but as was said before:
D = P85D => which implies probably Dual motor performance car. (I'm quite sure here).
And I'm guessing here: It will be capable of higher speed (probably 250km/h to catch up German competitors). It will be less likely to overheat when driven agresively or on the track. And it will have faster acceleration without negative affects on range thanks to dual motor instead of spliting power from one ICE.

PS: I'll be really dissaponted if it's not the dual motor AWD :)

FREE ENERGY | 5 oktober 2014

What about

garage A was the roadster,
garage B was the Model S,
C was Model X and
D will be Model 3

Or just Dual drive....

Kalou97430 | 5 oktober 2014

Vous n'avez peu être pas pensé que le Model D voudrai dire Model "Drone" c'est à dire un modèle sans pilote.

Roger Atkins | 5 oktober 2014

TeslaVan - probably the best delivery the world!

Back in 2007 I was part of the Modec Team - a UK start-up that manufactured and sold a purpose built BEV Truck. It had a 2 tonne payload / 5.5 tonne GVW. A swappable battery pack - 52kWh or an 85 kWh LiFePO4. FedEx and UPS bought a bunch of them. There is a more compelling case for electric commercial vehicles than passenger cars in fact. Defined mileages, back to base, urban operation. Marginal cost compared to capital cost etc.

Battery swap and/or wireless operation holds a stronger prospect in the arena too!

If Tesla do come to market with such a thing it will be a wise next step in their journey.

Scrith | 5 oktober 2014

My guess?. Dual motor, but two wheel drive. Losing the differential and moving to smaller more efficient motors will increase range. They probably figured this out while working on the 3.

grega | 6 oktober 2014

Very interesting idea Scrith

grega | 6 oktober 2014

Sorry should ask - why are 2 smaller motors more efficient?

And related, for AWD besides having a second motor with geering more suited to autobahn speeds, what makes having 2 motors more efficient?

I've seen it mentioned before but not really explained - though I haven't read every thread.

tpmeyer | 6 oktober 2014

D is for Driverless

sofaguy | 6 oktober 2014

Could it be departure?

FREE ENERGY | 6 oktober 2014

Garage A > Tesla Roadster

Garage B > Tesla Mod S ... And somerhing Else .... Dual drive

Garage C > Tesla Mod X

Garage D > Tesla Model E

achilles992000 | 6 oktober 2014

if you show off the Model 3 now, then it's possible to get more investors for the gigafactory. would cut risk for Tesla and Panasonic.

Fredschwieger | 6 oktober 2014

Musk has talked about a truck like a ford. Maybe he intentionally sent us looking to ford. Ford has threatened there own ev truck, GM has Via motors. Maybe dodge came to tesla, being a late bloomer looking to partner up for a truck. D stands for d 150e truck. Good grief I sure hope so, because if not I may red neck build my own. Gosh do I need a electric truck.

SamO | 6 oktober 2014

The letters are D for Dual Motor and A for Autopilot/Assist.

"Let me show you my D" and "Let me show you my A" sound pretty funny.

Anemometer | 6 oktober 2014

Sorry should ask - why are 2 smaller motors more efficient?

And related, for AWD besides having a second motor with geering more suited to autobahn speeds, what makes having 2 motors more efficient?

I've seen it mentioned before but not really explained - though I haven't read every thread.

This is a bit simplistic explanations from me as I did electrical and electrocni engineering about 20 years ago. But the basic issue with electric motors is the faster they spin they start to become a generator. Three's a point where the current flowing into the motor hits something calls the back EMF (electromotive force) which is the limiting factor on how much power it can produce. The motor is bascially

Modern AC motors do some clever stuff which I can't explain as they weren't around when I was a student, but from reading up, they bascially change the frequency of the current and do all sort of wierd things with phase angles and coil windings to try and reduce the back EMF. But it's still there.

Changing to two motors means you have have a second lower geared motor for cruising (or should that be higher geared as I didn't do mechanics). The revs in the cruise motor are lower and you get lower back EMF - hence higher efficinecy as the motor isn't working against itself.

Anemometer | 6 oktober 2014

er, is bascially .... working against itself. Lost words. And dunno what happened to the quoted italics.

Scrith | 6 oktober 2014

Right (at least that is how my Dad, the EE in the family, explained it to me...I am the software guy in the family).

But, perhaps even more important than the increased efficiency from smaller motors is the elimination of the differential, he says.

markholzrichter | 6 oktober 2014

I agree "D" is most likely AWD S. And I like/hope "Y" for a lower cost 2WD X.