Model S on ebay

Model S on ebay

I like to watch new model s items pop up on ebay. But I have been noticing that the number of people selling their model s has been increasing.

A few weeks ago, I would rarely ever see one being sold. But just earlier today I saw 4 or 5 for sale, and even more earlier in the week. Strangely, they seem to be 85 or p85. I wonder why the number of people selling them second hand has increased so fast.

celtrog | 13 april 2013

I suspect it's the same old story....
Something incredible comes along and as alpha males we sometimes don't think with our heads and we want it do daly we overextend ourselves. And later realize we simpy can't afford it.
One of the oldest stories in the book.

Benz | 13 april 2013

Or it could be that some people have that much money that they can afford it to buy a new car more than once every year. Maybe for them this is just a matter of having the latest cool stuff. And when their newly bought latest cool stuff becomes a few months old, then they just gotta have something else which is even more cooler. This might have something to do with their ego?

Anyway, it's good for people who just cannot afford to buy a Tesla Model S for 100,000 USD. Now these people can buy it for less than that. In this way, even more people do get to drive in a Tesla Model S. Which is great, I think.

CC | 13 april 2013

They probably thought Tesla could not ramp up fast enough to meet demand, so they bought the car in hope of make a profit by selling on E-bay. Little do they know how efficient Tesla is :)

Lastrock625 | 13 april 2013

@cc thats a good point. I was a little disappointed to see so many on ebay. Just felt a little "cheap" to see something ai value so much on "ebay". But your right, and thats a good way of looking at it.

petero | 13 april 2013

josh. Perhaps they are selling to buy the P85+. Some always need to have the baddest boy on the block. Me? I am happy with my lowly 60kWh.

stephen.kamichik | 13 april 2013

petero........No such thing as a lowly model S!

jat | 13 april 2013

There are over 10,000 Model S's on the road by now, so you would expect the number available for sale will go up.

chris | 14 april 2013

At a quick glance, it seems that the ones on are listed for higher than the Tesla price.

Benz | 14 april 2013

For every mass market product there is a second hand market as well.

teriyaki88 | 14 april 2013

My guess? Short term opportunists trying to make a quick buck. Taking advantage of tax incentives then dumping it to unsuspecting used Tesla buyer that isn't aware tax incentives do not qualify on used cars.

mrspaghetti | 14 april 2013


Good point. It would have to be listed ($7500 + depreciation) below new price to make any sense to buy.

jat | 14 april 2013

@mrspaghetti - not if they are counting on a shortage of supply. In that case, they better hurry and sell them, as the wait time is already down to no more than 3 months in the US. | 14 april 2013

I also suspect some are very happy with the car, but "for the right price" (i.e. a hefty profit) they are willing to sell it. No different than the latest iPhone, or other high-demand product. Often there are few that have to have it now at any cost, which makes both the seller and the buyer happy (although costly for the buyer).

Lastrock625 | 15 april 2013

I think you have to own it for a period of time to get the tax credit right?

ghillair | 15 april 2013


Yes you have to own it for some time! Long enough to register it. The tax credit goes to the owner that registers a new vehicle, it can only be taken once per vehicle.

If I buy at 11:00 AM go to the register's office and register at 11:30 I can sell the car at noon and take the credit.