Model S iPhone App available now

Model S iPhone App available now

I know the Android app was available a few days ago. I just searched again on the iPhone app store and found the Tesla Model S App. You sign in with the same email and password as this website and it automatically links to your car. The menu includes Home, Controls, Charge, Climate, and Location across the bottom of the screen.

Home - shows current status, can sign in and out there.

Controls - vent roof, lock, unlock, honk horn, flash lights

Charge - switch from standard to max range, start and stop charging

Climate - shows current interior temp, turn climate on and off

Location - map view of the car location, direction to get to the car (goes to Maps app)

Thumbs up so far!

TiburonTesla | 3 februari 2013

Yes! Finally apple caught up....
Playing with the app now.

brewdr | 3 februari 2013

Too Cool. Vented roof, honked horn, flashed lights, opened charge port, unlocked car , turned on climate control. Shows real time charging status. All worked. Thanks Tesla, made the best car even better.

Hills | 3 februari 2013

Jim2855: Thanks!!!

dtich | 3 februari 2013

oh thank goodness!

iphone app is great. really smooth, responsive. (iphone 5, latest public release software). all functions work well, including location (which failed miserably on the android/bluestacks config). so happy.

(one note, my interior cabin temp seems to still be off. reads 72ºF and i know it's much closer to like 60 at this moment. i wonder if this is pointing to a general sensor issue with the cabin, seeing as we (i and others) have had trouble getting the climate system to adequately maintain/sense actual temperatures... i may take a fluke temp meter out there one day soon and measure actual differences between what it says and what it is...)

yay, iphone app. which incidentally scales very nicely on ipad using the 'x2' button. not jaggy or ugly in any way, just fills the screen. excellent!

... well, another anxious (read: annoyingly impatient) new tesla owner milestone crossed. check. √.

brijam | 4 februari 2013

Great timing - and this is interesting - my Model S is built but not yet delivered. I /was/ able to log in to the app and I saw the proper VIN, but remote access wasn't enabled, which I'm grateful for.

By the way, searching the app store for Tesla didn't show the app in the first 50 results; searching for Tesla Model S brought it up.

rd2 | 4 februari 2013

Love it! I am amazed at how easy it was to set up. Just a simple login and presto!

I hope they add the charge timing feature asap, would like to take full advantage of the E9a rates for CA.

This car just keeps getting better...

Roger_NO | 4 februari 2013

Is this App only available in the US App Store?
I can't find it in the norwegian one...

Docrob | 4 februari 2013

Can't find it in the Australian app store either, looks like US only.

fischca | 4 februari 2013

You have to wait for the norwegian version or you have to create a US-account for itunes. There are manuals in the web, search for: "loading apps in us store"

Mark Z | 4 februari 2013

The application works perfectly. The map showing the locations of the vehicle and the iPhone/iPad was more accurate for Model S than the Apple device! Viewing the position of doors, hatch, frunk and vent is a nice touch. What a comfort to be able to check the status and location of the vehicle when concerned. Perhaps a future addition could be for the application to sound an alarm if the vehicle alarm is activated.

If the Mobile App Remote Access is off at the vehicle's touchscreen, the app instructs the driver to turn it on. Perhaps turning it off at the vehicle should now be password protected to increase the security of monitoring the location.

DFibRL8R | 4 februari 2013

Too awesome! I pick my car up this morning and am now even more psyched!

fischca | 4 februari 2013

The app requires a linked model S in real world. Is there any testing modus with a virtual car? It would be just for fun :-)

Whity Whiteman | 4 februari 2013

allways behind in Germany. I want this App, I want my car!

GeirT | 4 februari 2013

@ Roger,

I happen to have a US iTunes account and downloaded the app. As we don't have the car yet the access to its functions is denied. The app is directly related to your ownership of the car. Once the thousands of cars in on keel to our side of the pond, only then you can access the app and enjoy it wonders.
Ce la vie!

jbrowdy | 4 februari 2013

Very excited - I get my car this week. I downloaded the app, but wasn't 100% sure how to log in, so I used the credentials I use here on the Tesla website. It loads a VIN, but it's only six digits and then it tells me remote access on my car needs to be turned on.

Does a six digit VIN make sense? Am I logging in correctly? I thought I saw a long VIN on my paperwork when I signed it.

stevedar | 4 februari 2013

It's the last 6 digits of your long VIN.

kishdude | 4 februari 2013

I don't think that the app shows what the current temp is in the car, but what temp your climate control is currently set to.

Theresa | 4 februari 2013

kishdude, I am not sure about the iphone app but the Android shows both temps.

joepruitt | 4 februari 2013

Anyone on the beta know if there's any difference in the app from beta to production? I'll update this morning and take a look.

jaq1 | 4 februari 2013

+1 @theresa regarding android app showing both temps. I would be surprised if the Iphone app did not have this.

GoTeslaChicago | 4 februari 2013

logged into app, it showed interior temp at 37 degrees, with temp outside in the 20's surprised it wasn't lower. Set climate control to 70 and watched it gradually warm up.

App is beautiful, clean interface, easy to use.

It could (and probably will) be so much more. Eventually we should be able to do nearly everything from the app that we can do from the car.

For example, I dialed down my amps for charging last night to 7 amps @240 volts, so the charging would finish in the morning. When I logged in I had 231 miles. Once I turned up the heat and restarted charging, the miles went down because at 7 amps I was using more juice than being supplied. Need the app to allow me to dial up or down the charging amps.

jat | 4 februari 2013

@Theresa, jaq1 - on my Android I only see one temperature, but that might be because I have them slaved. The wire protocol definitely reports them separately and lets you set them separately.

William9 | 4 februari 2013

You have to turn on the "Climate" function to show interior temperature.

Totto | 4 februari 2013

Why would so many of you want the app when you don´t have the car yet????

nickjhowe | 4 februari 2013

Only issue I've seen so far is the picture of my car is wrong. Shows a black roof instead of my white one, and light wheels instead of dark.

Haven't played with the climate control yet but as others have reported it does seem a little off. Was 54 deg here last night, but the car is showing 75. Can't believe my garage stayed that warm.

GoTeslaChicago | 4 februari 2013

Mine shows turbine wheels, but I have 19 inch wheels.

joepruitt | 4 februari 2013

Just loaded the release app and it overwrote the beta. From the looks of it, they haven't added any new features since the last beta build from November.

mkh1437 | 4 februari 2013

I posted a similar not in the Android app thread, but now that I have the iPhone app, I'll post here as well. Wondering if we should start a new wishlist thread for he mobile app? Here are the things I'd like to see added:

1) Notification in the app if the car alarm is triggered, and the ability to silence the alarm from the app.
2) Ability to manage the charge rate (change the amps).
3) Ability to turn on seat warmers in addition to the HVAC.
4) Notification in the app of pending firmware updates and the ability to schedule them via the app
5) Ability to view the rear camera via the app (might come in handy if the alarm is triggered, or if your car is being towed).
6) Ability to open/close the trunk.

ghillair | 4 februari 2013

Is there an option to have the car drive to your location and pick you up? Or is that coming in a future update?

jfeldman72 | 4 februari 2013

What is the name of the iphone app. I cant find it??!!

mkh1437 | 4 februari 2013 search in the iTunes store for "tesla model s". Or, here's the direct link:

GoTeslaChicago | 4 februari 2013


Like your list, but it could be summarized as: We should be able to do everything from the app that we can do from the car. (Except drive, see below).


The Google driverless car is not very far off, so what you ask for might not be a joke soon.

KendallPB | 4 februari 2013

@mkh1437: I especially like your notification ideas (#1 and #4 in your list).

SamuelZ | 4 februari 2013

Please add front and rear defrost, so during snow storms we can get a head start.

noel.smyth | 4 februari 2013

+1 front and rear defrost!

GoTeslaChicago | 4 februari 2013

+1 front and rear defrost!

I could have used that this morning!

KendallPB | 4 februari 2013

Oh yeah, defrost/defog!

Eric13 | 4 februari 2013

another "way to go Elon!!!!!!"

I concur, everything from the app as we can do with the car - esp heated seats!

peahl | 4 februari 2013

Found it, great.

rod.berthold | 4 februari 2013

I was so hoping the app would allow me to track my car's location prior to delivery (scheduled for next Tue. 2/12/13), but no such luck! App tells me I need to enable Mobile App Remote Access from the vehicle's touchscreen. Oh well, 8 more days...

TheAustin | 4 februari 2013

I agree, although if you think about it: In the Model S, front defrost is basically heat coming through the windshield vent...So if you have the windshield vent already selected in your everyday driving settings (as I do), then when you use the App to turn the heating on, that will defrost the front windshield. And having the heat on should eventually defrost the back windshield as well, just by virtue of the car's internal temperature rising about the external temperature.

But I know what you're saying...

SamuelZ | FEBRUARY 4, 2013
Please add front and rear defrost, so during snow storms we can get a head start.

TheAustin | 4 februari 2013

Rod, you could always try and ask someone at Tesla (or the delivery guy, if you get contact information for him) to jump into your car and activate it...It's a longshot, but could have a huge payoff if they are able to do it :)

rod.berthold@am... | FEBRUARY 4, 2013
I was so hoping the app would allow me to track my car's location prior to delivery (scheduled for next Tue. 2/12/13), but no such luck! App tells me I need to enable Mobile App Remote Access from the vehicle's touchscreen. Oh well, 8 more days...

peahl | 4 februari 2013

BTW the same app exists for my BMW ActiveE, difference is the start of AC is there called precondition (it will start the AC and hold at the temperature that I have set in the car)

joepruitt | 4 februari 2013

For those interested, the iPhone app also works on the iPad. It's not iPad/native, but you can use the 2x feature and it looks pretty good. I wasn't able to test that out on the beta as they only allowed us to install on one device. I would guess the same would go for the Android build but I don't have an Android tablet to test it on.


rkang | 4 februari 2013

+1 on the ability to adjust charging rate, defrost, rear camera, and alarm trigger.
Rear camera might take too much data, though...perhaps snapshots? You can press a button to take a snapshot and it gets uploaded to the app.

Having an Android phone (latest OS) and also Iphone 5 (latest OS), the iPhone app works much better and has fewer errors (for me, at least).

Interior temps displayed seem correct. It seems that the climate control might get reset to "auto" when using the app. Can someone confirm? I'll do some additional testing.

portia | 4 februari 2013

the iphone app is not beta, I installed on both ipad and iPhone

BYT | 4 februari 2013

Love the app, wish it had some scheduling options but otherwise, been looking for it everyday for over a week

Velo1 | 4 februari 2013

Excellent first version of the app. Look forward to using it, and future enhancements. Ditto on front and rear defrost, too.

JZ13 | 4 februari 2013

I am not able to log into the app because it states "No Vehicles Linked to This My Tesla Account - Your vehicle may not be ready"

I am in the delivery window. I was hoping to get my VIN as others have but apparently I need to wait a few more weeks.

TikiMan | 4 februari 2013

Works great! Honking the horn from the app is a real kick!

I would love to have access to the HD camera view, so I can honk the horn and flash the lights, if I see someone is hanging too close to my car.