Model X Interior Bicycle Rack?

Model X Interior Bicycle Rack?

Any plans to design an interior bike rack for the Model X?

I currently drive an X3 and use the cargo area almost exclusively for bike storage, so have the back seats down pretty much all the time. BMW used to make an interior bicycle rack for two bikes that fit their older X3 models, but not for the current one. Unfortunately I did not find out the old bike rack did not fit the new model until after I bought the car.

An interior bike rack for the Model X would be a key selling point for me, particularly if it could handle mountain bikes with thru-axles in the front wheels.

ian | 24 juli 2014

I too am hoping my bikes fit inside the X. Unfortunately I ride a 58 cm road bike and L/XL mountain bikes. I'm thinking that perhaps with no third row, or with the third row folded flat, that my bikes will fit inside facing backwards with the front wheels removed.

There are always thru axle to quick release adapters.

You could always make a fork mount for inside by mounting quick release mounts to a 2 X 6 cut to fit inside. I've seen folks do that for the back of pick up trucks. Not pretty but functional.

Just waiting to see at this point.


Mr. Peabody | 25 juli 2014

I'd be surprised if there were sufficient roof clearance to load a bike in this configuration. The X is a crossover with a more sloped rear deck. You might gain a couple of inches dropping the forks down into the rear luggage well but the crank would prevent lowering it very far. I doubt it would be sufficient.

We'll have to see. I hope this would work, since a bike rack on the exterior is really going to decrease your range.

There's bound to be a way to suspend the bikes sideways in a safe and convenient way. Somebody will work it out!

Brian H | 29 juli 2014

How many sets down? Someone got a tandem (on its side) in the back of an MS.