Model X Off-roading

Model X Off-roading

In the last 8 years I have followed two generations of Subaru Outback because I like the Subaru AWD system and I love off-roading.
My family and I often travel to the Yosemite and Lake Tahoe and I hope that my Tesla X AWD system will be the same or maybe better then Subaru AWD!

Here are couple of my examples:
Experience on the sand:
Ice and snow:

What do you think?

Red Sage ca us | 4 mei 2015

First video: I don't get it. That is a terrible road. If it were more like the compacted sand or dirt that you see in the distance, it would have been fine. But this is more of a sandbar at the point they drive through -- to show off...? Most people I know would have simply driven around it through the area that had small plants, so the video would have lasted all of 15 seconds. Not impressive because it is the improper use of the equipment.

Second video: I don't recommend that anyone drive through hub-deep snow -- ever. It seems it was being done here for fun. I wouldn't do it for anything other than for absolute necessity in emergency situations. Even so, there are videos on YouTube showing people doing just this in a single motor RWD Model S without any problem. Not getting stuck or stalled, and at a higher speed. So, sure... The Model X will be able to do that without any problem whatsoever.

Third video: Seriously? I hope that the Model X has an adjustable suspension with an ~8" travel. But without it, that ain't gonna happen.

sra | 4 mei 2015

I hope the X can do what is shown on the three videos without any problems. I am in such situations several times each year with my Toyota Landcruiser, and I expect the X to have similar off-road capasity.

vandacca | 4 mei 2015

@Svein, you should be receiving a lot of responses soon that the Model-X is technically a Cross-over CUV (built on a car platform), not a SUV (built on a truck platform). Therefore, it will have different characteristics and won't necessarily be designed for serious off-road, like competing in the Dakar Rally. | 4 mei 2015

@Dan: +1

Also, the MX AWD will undoubtedly be better in slippery conditions like those in the third video that showed the driver having difficulty negotiating a slippery incline.

vperl | 4 mei 2015

Don't think the MX was built for the Baja 500.

Brian H | 4 mei 2015

The MX will not be allowed out of the suburbs.

vperl | 5 mei 2015

Brian, the moose is loose up your way. Beware, of the Red coats.

NumberOne | 6 mei 2015

I do not think that the MX is intended for off road use, but I doubt that the Subaru can to anything that the Model X cannot. I have driven my F150 on its sole off road experience in much deeper sand, and had a much easier time than appears to be the case in video one. If you are really into sand and snow, get something that has bigger wheels and sits higher off the ground. I think the Model X is intended to allow you to go off the road briefly, but not extensively.

carlgo2 | 6 mei 2015

You are sleeping in your disabled car, deep in the woods high-centered on a rock and out of power. There is a horrible howling sound, then another from another direction. They are all around you. You see a movement in the nearby bushes. Two glowing eyes stare, red with rage. Oh, and then the car seems to have been shoved and it rocks a bit. Luckily the door handles don't protrude. Something is on the roof. It seems to be trying to pry open the sunroof...

Never drive a vehicle into Bigfoot country during mating season unless it is up to the task. And you are.

grant10k | 6 mei 2015

Bigfoots? If I were in the woods surrounded by glowing eyes at night, I'd be more worried of the elusive Shia LaBeouf.

vperl | 7 mei 2015

Bigfoot is real, saw one at a Walmart Wednesday.

Guy2095 | 7 mei 2015

If I weren't sure that a lot of things I see in Walmart are mere hallucination I wouldn't have the nerve to go in there. And I never go in alone...

jordanrichard | 7 mei 2015

Most "SUV"s (marketing term, not an actual vehicle classification) are based on car platforms/chassis. The only hills they are design to go over are mall parking lot speed bumps.

Just FYI, if you want to know if an SUV is car based or truck based, open the hood and read it's emissions label. It will say one of the following, "....meets federal safety and emission standards for passenger vehicles" or "..standards for light duty trucks".

CUVs (another marketing term) are based on compact car chassis. Honda CRV (Civic) Toyota Rav 4 (Corolla) etc.

carlgo2 | 8 mei 2015

@grant10K: whoa! Great link! Awesome.

I was out on a remote fire road with my girlfriend and we were having fun, and listening to the radio (in those days!). Suddenly, there was a newscast saying a mass murderer who had a hook for a hand had escaped and citizens were advised to lock their doors.

My GF got scared and wanted to leave. Reluctantly, and being a young jerk, I got sort of mad and peeled out and took off down the trail. Back at her place I got out to open the door for her and...hanging from the handle was a hook!

So, the moral of this is to do this sort of thing in a Tesla, one where the door handles retract and can't be opened by a hook. E

Bikezion | 10 mei 2015

Zaninvm; that's not offroading. I could have driven a 2wd car, front or rear wheel drive through any of those situations. (Momentum is your friend). That Subaru really isn't great. For real offroading get a Land Cruiser, Land Rover or Jeep. In America a Jeep Cherokee can be bought for cheap, wheeled for cheap, modified for cheap, and thrown away once it is all smashed. Just remove any aftermarket parts to put on your next one. An old Range Rover or Discovery can be bought for super cheap, needs very little mods, is reasonable to keep running if you buy parts online, and do the work yourself, you're wheeling you need to do the work yourself, no matter the vehicle. A Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80 is a stellar vehicle, needs the last amount of mods, and we'll go anywhere you'll want to for at least a few years.
The model X should be a fabulous car, I hope it's an off roader, but very unlikely. It will however go through sand and snow covered roads, far better than that Subaru.

Remnant | 13 mei 2015

@ Bikezion (May 10, 2015)

<< The model X should be a fabulous car, I hope it's an off roader, .... >>

With a 6 inch ground clearance, which is what the pictures indicate, MX could not be an off-roader. With an adjustable suspension and adequate torque vectoring algorithms, it probably could, especially in the guise of a Quad Motor plus truck chassis mod variant, which they could call the Off Road, or All-Terrain Option.

james.nicklin | 14 mei 2015

The Ram 1500 with air suspension has over 3 inches of adjustable clearance. If the Model X adjusts from 6 to 9 inches of clearance that would be enough for many unimproved roads. It will never be an "off roader" in the "let's drive over than fallen tree" sense.

Red Sage ca us | 14 mei 2015

I do not expect fjording and spelunking through rivers and bounding over boulders or flying over whoop-de-doos to be the primary function of the Tesla Model X in any configuration.

I would, however, be happy to be surprised on that measure.


Bikezion | 14 mei 2015

A low center of gravity, flat smooth bottom, adjustable suspension, front to rear torque vectoring, full torque at 0 rpm, easily modulated accelerator. The electric drive train will be wonderful off road. The X has the potential to be a fantastic offroader. People do buy for the image. Range Rover is a prime example. Very few actually get taken off road, even though they are excellent (until they break). I think with very little extra engineering, the X could be better than the Range Rover off road, with very little negative on road behavior. Maybe even be a future package, slight mods to the air spring, a little lower final drive ratio, an off road tire and wheel package, and it's done. Could even be an aftermarket kit.

Remnant | 14 mei 2015

@ Bikezion (May 14, 2015)

<< Could even be an aftermarket kit. >>

Interesting thought. It might work out.

However, I seem to recall that in a couple of accidents the MS axles broke, which suggests that an off road mod would require a truck type chassis reinforcement.

Red Sage ca us | 14 mei 2015

I expect the Model X will be overbuilt for its intended purpose. That is, reliable people moving and cargo handling in an urban environment. Sure, there is the additional bonus of blowing the doors and hatches off everything else that is classified as an SUV/CUV, and most everything that is a passenger vehicle...

But even though the battery pack in a skateboard configuration is a stressed member of the chassis, that doesn't mean it will respond well to taking flight at speed. Nor is it likely to readily accept the full weight of the vehicle coming in contact with immovable objects such as boulders and tree stumps. Similar to my right knee injury, which may allow me to jump as high as I find twenty years ago -- as long as I don't need to come back down -- the Model X may not be able to survive the stunts that were featured on 'The A-TEAM', 'The Fall Guy', or 'The Dukes of Hazzard'.

Well, honestly... Neither did the vehicles on those television shows of my youth... Hero cars ruled the day through the magic of television.


jjs | 15 mei 2015

What, those stunts were fake! Is nothing sacred!

vandacca | 15 mei 2015

Not everything was faked back then. That was pre-silicon days. Darn, my last post has got my mind in a rut...damn you @carlgo2!