My 3 Hour Old Red P85+

My 3 Hour Old Red P85+

This car is replacing my Panamera S with Sport Tuning, and it is superior in every relevant way.

-Acceleration is neck snapping, smooth, natural and nuclear.

-Handling is balanced, flat, tight, and in every way the equal of my Panamera in Sport mode. I had never driven a S before today, so I can't compare the handling to a non + car, but this thing is absolutely stable and taut.

-The red is, as others have reported, gorgeous.

-Every time I caught a glimpse of the street/other cars, someone was pointing, smiling, thumbs uping, or generally taking notice of my new rocket ship.

It's only three hours old... see me in a few weeks for a "long term" report. But I just cant get the smile off my face.

P.S. Bonuses include the sound system, which is vastly superior in quality to my Panamera, and the bluetooth audio quality, which is exceptional.

I'll nitpik in a few days.

Aleksandyr | 15 mei 2013

any pics?

CaliSun | 15 mei 2013

Congratulations! Out of curiosity, how does the ride quality feel? Does the P85+ handle rough roads and bumps well or does it have a hard, performance ride?

BYT | 15 mei 2013

I want to know how it handles a REALLY hard turn that you would typically slow down considerably in an ICE for. :)

RedShift | 15 mei 2013

Thats a great write-up. I wish I had the perf + package too...

Two questions:

1. How is the ride on rough pavement? Do you have any comparison with the non P+ Model S?

2. How is the weight transfer during quick direction changes (like in slalom)? Can you feel it being a bit ponderous?

GeekEV | 15 mei 2013

If possible, can you get a clean 0-60 time on level ground for us? There's been some debate on other threads as to what, if any, difference the P+ package would make...

KOL2000 | 15 mei 2013

DRRROOOOLLING!! OMG!!! I pickup P+ in 9.5 days...

jnb | 15 mei 2013

GRRRRRR. So frustrating. Mine hits EOL on 5/24. HURRY UP ALREADY!

RedRedRedS | 15 mei 2013

The car is very tight, but not harsh at all. Body roll is minimal. It is poised even on rough pavement. I have never driven any other S, so I am not qualified to compare to one.

Weight transfer is also very minimal... the lack of lean into turns seems to help. I've taken it around sweeping and tight turns, and accelerated all the way through them without backing off. Common sense seems to be the only limiting factor so far.

I don't have a good spot to do metered acceleration, but it puts my Panamera S to shame. Utterly. And it is absolutely breathtakingly explosive. You can't stop smiling when you press the go button on this thing.

A lot of little details are extra nice too. I love the sport pedals more than I should care about, but in total with the carbon fiber, the tech stuff and the (custom Lloyd's) red floor mats that more or less match the exterior, it's a very sweet cabin experience.

ramtaz | 15 mei 2013

AMAZING REPORT!!Thank you for sharing !

KOL2000 | 15 mei 2013

Thanks sooooo much!!! Now we just need one P+ owner to post pics here or on TMC!!! I wanna see the beefy rear tires pleeeeeease!

krogers | 15 mei 2013

There's a red Performance Plus sitting in the Tesla store in Santana Row. It's beautiful!

akikiki | 15 mei 2013

@RedredredS, Great write up. Great reading too. Hope you report often. Best to you, welcome to the MS club

KOL2000 | 15 mei 2013

You'd swear the camera has yet to be invented. I've been begging all these P+ peeps to give us a pic and nobody has time. Too much fun driving I guess :)

skymaster | 15 mei 2013

I am totally Stoked!! I have owned a S85 for 2 months... but I might not sleep tonight. Tomorrow ,I will pickup the first P85+ in Denver.
(It will be for rent within 2 weeks.) Explosive acceleration here I come!!

KOL2000 | 15 mei 2013

Pic sky master pic pleeeeeeaaasee!

skymaster | 15 mei 2013

P.S. I dropped by the Service Center to check out the rear tires.....they are MASSIVE!!!

KOL2000 | 15 mei 2013

You guys are killing me. Does nobody own a camera phone? Even the tesla website doesn't have pics.

RedRedRedS | 15 mei 2013

I'll put some up tomorrow..promise.

CaliSun | 15 mei 2013

Thanks for the feedback! I got my delivery button tonight for my P85+, not long now!

Brian H | 16 mei 2013


KOL2000 | 16 mei 2013

Thank you Red!! I'll be checking back here often :)

petero | 16 mei 2013

RedRedRedS. I imagine the absence of buttons, switches, knobs, dials, and other clutter is a cultural shock to what you are accustom to. A few weeks ago I was sitting in a Panamera Turbo and I was amazed by all the buttons - front and back.

patp | 16 mei 2013

I'm jealous... For the same price I paid my Sig, you got a new Red Perf+..... grrr..

I'll eventually take my revenge on the AWD version ;)

I feel the same like buying an iPad 2 two months before the iPad 3 was launched...

jnb | 16 mei 2013

I have a feeling we are all going to feel like that at some point!

olanmills | 16 mei 2013

Glad to see you're enjoying it.

I am surprised to read your comment about the sound system though. I would have expected the Panamera to have a very good sound system, and I feel that the sound system in the Model S (I do have the upgraded package) isn't really that great.

RedRedRedS | 16 mei 2013

The sound system in the Panamera is good, but the Tesla sounds a lot better. I can't say that it is all hardware related... the S has HD for FM stations, which is terrific when it has enough signal, and internet radio. Sirius trends to be very compresses, but I haven't listened to it yet.

The biggest factor, likely, is that ambient noise is much reduced in an EV, which lets the sound system really shine.

I had to give people rides in between a military grade detailing today, and had them all falling around in the back seat like bowling pins. Merriment ensued. At the dentist, I parked the car where I could watch the parade of passerby stop and stare, and in two cases take pictures. I used the app to hit the horn a couple of times and wake them up.

The combination of the red pain and gray wheels looks terrific.. I undervalued how nice glossy wheels would look in gray, compared to matte.

Still satisfied. Drove maybe 50 miles and used 125 miles of range, if that gives you a sense of my uneconomic driving habits.

KOL2000 | 16 mei 2013

Red you promised pics today. Maybe I should contact those people that took pics while you were at the dentist?

Sorry to be a pest :)

essendon2000 | 16 mei 2013


Depends on what sound system is in the Panamera. The Bose system is just so so ... the Burmester system ($6k option) on the other hand is just exemplary

RedRedRedS | 16 mei 2013

Let's see if this works:

AlMc | 16 mei 2013

Red...Very nice...Especially like the Car seat! Someone is traveling in style! Waiting for my in 2-3 weeks.

Happy motoring.....avoid the speed traps

KOL2000 | 16 mei 2013

Beautiful!!!!!!!! Thank you Red!!!!!!!!!!!

jeroens | 17 mei 2013

Interesting picture from Six over at TMC:

ajamison | 17 mei 2013

What I find weird and this may just be my eyes playing tricks on me is that the pictures posted by redredreds seem almost to be a orange color to me while the pictures posted at the link Jeroens posted seem red. This could just be my eyes being retarded, the lighting maybe or something else.

rdalcanto | 17 mei 2013

WOW, those suspension parts look BEEFY!!! :)

cdabel114 | 17 mei 2013

What brand are those red mats?

elguapo | 17 mei 2013

@RedRedRedS The pictures are awesome - beautiful car and I hope you enjoy!

RedRedRedS | 17 mei 2013

The mats are Lloyd's.... they make them in some colors, and the red ones are a close match. Love em.

Don't try to judge the color of the car from my snapshots... they are uncorrected from an iphone. It's a really interesting color, and one that looks completely different in shade, direct sunlight, or bright overcast. Generally, all the red pictures you are seeing are correct under different circumstances.

I've also decided, for now, to leave all the trim alone in it's native chrome. I spent months concocting black or carbon fiber warps, but I'm convinced for me that the color looks better against chrome details on the body. May change my mind later. I'm still debating tints. My car is parked in garages 95%+ of the time, so I am not sure what I want to do.

Brian H | 17 mei 2013

Red, BB Code doesn't work. HTML: <img src="URL" width="600">

Brian H | 17 mei 2013
KWTESLA | 17 mei 2013

My 85 is a white dream to drive also. Hiway 17 down hill is never a problem! When you learn how to really drive it . The Tesla Engineers have done a fantastic job of tuning this car to perfection. All it needs now is a futuristic battery pack that will take me all the way to LA on a single charge !

Brian H | 17 mei 2013
Brian H | 17 mei 2013

Using the "direct" code as the URL.

ajamison | 17 mei 2013

I do love the red look however I wonder do insurance company's still tend to charge more for red cars? It used to be that getting a red car like this was according to the insurance companies statistically more likely to make someone drive less safe and as such they would charge a higher rate for the color alone.

Now this was back in 1998 when I got my license and subsequent first car (i am 34 young compared to the average users on here) so things may have changed but curious to find out if your rate is higher due to color?

RedRedRedS | 17 mei 2013

Unless my insurance company has been snooping when I'm not looking, they don't even know the color of my car.

I have four cars on my policy... the Tesla added about $700 a year to the total. My Panamera (black) is just under $1000 a year, until I sell it (this weekend).

GeekEV | 17 mei 2013

@Brian H - I think you need to give up trying to teach people how to post pictures when you don't seem to be able to do it yourself lately. :-p

GeekEV | 17 mei 2013

@RedRedRedS - Unless it's been repainted aftermarket, they can tell from the VIN.

DouglasR | 17 mei 2013

GeekEV - do you have a citation for that? I didn't see any reference to a color digit in the TMC VIN thread.

GeekEV | 17 mei 2013

@DouglasR - I based my comment on previous experience working with VIN decoding nearly two decades ago. At that time, it seemed all of the manufacturers (major ones anyway) encoded the full set of options/packages/etc. into the VIN. I just assumed Tesla would do the same. You know what they say about making assumptions! ;-)

Brian H | 17 mei 2013

Do you see those two above? What are you on about? A few sites make it difficult, of course.