Nav Screen Controls

Nav Screen Controls

Just got my Green MS 85kW this afternoon and already love it.

I would like to change the orientation of the Nav screen from North up to direction of travel up. I've checked all of the setting screens and haven't seen a setting for this. Has anyone done this?

I also learned today that if you upgrade the tech package to get navigation it relies on 3G or Hot spot technology and not a DVD map set. Thought since I paid for the upgraded package I wouldn't have to rely on a paid phone connection for navigation. We saved a long time for this car and wasn't expecting to pay an additional fee monthly TBD in the future (since the first 90 days are fee) on our retired fixed income.


Tâm | 7 februari 2013

1) Google Navigation Map on the 17" center console currently only does North Up. I imagine it is easily done with a software update but it may not be a priority for now.

The Garmin map on the left of instrument panel can only do Direction Up.

2) The Garmin navigation system on the left of instrument panel does not need internet/3G/Hot spot to work. I imagine it is from the hard drive with 7 years of free map updates.

However, the Google Navigation Map on the 17" center console NEEDS internet to work, otherwise you just see your car icon on gray (not on map.)

3) What if the car accidentally lock your fob in the car? What if you forgot where you parked, this side of the bush or the other side of the bush?

In that case, I believe you need to make sure your car has internet access so you can use your cell phone to remotely access various functions from anywhere in the world (lock, unlock, honk, lights, charge/stop charge, real time car tracking on your cell phone map...

4) More fees? That's why we have this forum so you can expect what you got into.

Regardless, I do feel your pain but "Love Hurts."

lov2krz | 8 februari 2013

Tam, so you're saying that when in nav mode (directions and route) and the display on the left side of drivers screen (left of speedometer) is displayed using Garmin mapping data and it's orientation is direction up?

Does that mean that the Garmin data is stored on the operating system HD? If that's the case then the big screen should be able to display the Garmin maps and not just Google maps.

What do you think it would take to get Tesla interested in releasing the Garmin map to the 17" display?

I'll spend some time testing this out tomorrow.


rlpm | 8 februari 2013

I believe there are plenty of requests to TM to pre-cache Google maps tiles for a route (e.g. entered while at home), and for the city/area in which you normally drive. Send an email to and request this pre-caching functionality, the ability to display the TBT nav maps on the 17" display and "direction up" on the 17" display. The more customers that request these features, the more likely they are to implement them.

Also, add a comment to the following thread (private - for owners & reservation holders only):

And you can also use that thread to vote for other enhancements or even request new ones be added to the list.

Tâm | 8 februari 2013

Yes, Your car icon on the left of instrument panel behind the steering wheel is static and it always points up while its map rotates 360 degrees around it and thus it is direction up. What you see in front through the windshield is what the map show that your car moves forward or upward all the time.

Contrasting with the 17" center console screen, your car icon turns 360 degrees upward, downward, left, right.

I am used to paper map with North up and I get confused when I turn the map with North downward.

I like the current set up because I can see on the left instrument panel that I am about to turn left, then I look to the right center console seeing the car icon pointing toward left then turns counterclockwise downward and I could figure out that I am running west and about to turn south.

Yes, it's Garmin stored in hard drive.

Yes, that does mean that there is no technological reason to prevent it to display on another screen such as 17" center console screen.

You are asking me as if I could ask Steve Jobs to add an on/off button on his Iphone based on proven market survey focus groups . There's no technological problem to add that setup, but Apple would not do so because it "knows" what the consumers want!

I assume Tesla would have a similar rationale too!

lov2krz | 11 februari 2013

Thanks. I've spoken to TM on the phone and via email. They say they know we'd like to change the center screen orientation and are working on it.

They have not answered my question about having turn by turn voice direction navigation independent of a 3G Internet connection.