Need for lojack?

Need for lojack?

Theft prevention on the MS seems pretty good. One thing that is not considered is someone stealing car with original key being stolen. Car relocation should be possible, but apparently not straight forward. See

“If the car is stolen, currently the police cannot work with Tesla service support to locate the vehicle, only very high level executives can approve opening this capability in customer cars. But there is a possibility that the iPhone/Android apps may be able to locate the car for you. Those apps will be coming in a software update.”

Dated August 2, 2012, from

Any opinions/experiences on the built-in vehicle recovery, the smart-phone app, or getting lojack?

I sort of doubt that many tweens will want to take a MS for a joyride, but I don't fancy finding it out the hard way. I'm not terribly concerned about someone hacking the car through WiFi or Bluetooth.

DTsea | 15 februari 2013

The smart phone app shows you where the car is, at least until the thief figures out how to turn off access.

nickjhowe | 15 februari 2013

@DTsea - never thought of that. One for R&Bs software enhancement list - passcode required to enable/disable remote app access.

jat | 15 februari 2013

Anybody can locate it -- the mobile app can show you the detail, and with the streaming API you can get lat/long coordinates every 250ms.

ir | 15 februari 2013

Not sure if police would allow you to ride in the cruiser while chasing down your car. First you'd have to wait for one to pick you up (if they even bother).

With a LoJack, every equipped cruiser becomes a tracker. Much better chances in my opinion, assuming your car is ever stolen.

More interesting is whether you'd get the insurance discount without a LoJack, or could you talk them into accepting the Tesla remote GPS tracking as a substitute.

Robert22 | 16 februari 2013

The answer is yes, an insurance discount equivalent to LoJack is obtainable. Use an exerpt from the MVPA with the clause referencing ongoing GPS tracking. Send this to the underwriter via email and cross your fingers. Do not mention the app tracker since tracking via owner is usually insufficient. It wasn't a matter of whether or not the car WOULD be tracked by the manufacturer, but whether it COULD be. Note: this exercise has a high social engineering factor. YMMV

Brian H | 16 februari 2013

Needed: A remote code that changes the display mapping: shows the car going 80 when it's actually just doing 40, and won't exceed that, etc. (Ref. Kornbluth, The Marching Morons, 1951, a progressive Eugenics dystopia, in which the immense excess (stupid) population is eventually persuaded to emigrate to idyllic estates on an imaginary terraformed Venus, but whose rockets actually drop into the Sun. Followed by the cryogenically revived 20th C. marketing schmuck whose idea this was.)

inverts | 17 februari 2013

Thanks everybody. lr: interesting point re police cruiser tracking vs. me tracking.
nick: the whole 3G connection of the car is still a bit of a mystery to me. Will have to sort that out down the road. I'm one of the permil of teslites without a smartphone; don't even use the $100/year on my prepaid [I'm plenty sci-techy, just not with phones]. Will have to see what sort of bundles are available for car and smartphone. I sure like the remote AC idea in SoCal the the remote charging functionality, so will have to get in on it.

TikiMan | 17 februari 2013

With LoJack, only the police can track your car. On the other hand, car thieves might want to avoid a Tesla, unless they have a death-wish!

ir | 17 februari 2013

@Inverts & TikiMan,

BTW... as far as tweens dumb enough to try to steal expensive cars go...

And then to try to spring him from jail...

Robert22 | 17 februari 2013

@ nick-

You shouldn't need to buy a connectivity plan from Tesla to track your car. Just keep an old smartphone plugged into a USB port in the car tethered to the soon to be active wifi. An additional line is about 10 bucks a month. If the Tesla plan is ten bucks or less it probably makes more sense to go with it for simple convenience and added features.

jasonthemason | 22 februari 2013

I work for LoJack and company bias aside, you would be crazy not to put a LoJack on your S. LoJack has 90% recovery rate on cars and your money back if police don't find the car within 24 hours. I have it on my personal vehicle and it provides me great peace of mind. If you are interested I may be able to get you a deal. Feel free to email me if you have questions or want to get it.

jaleman (a)


Pungoteague_Dave | 23 februari 2013

Trolling for business here? You obviously have no idea how these cars work. They are useless to anyone but the owner. Stealing an S is akin to stealing a cellphone... Only works long enough to make a phone call. We have something so much better than LoJack. We can watch where our cars are in real time all the time via the smartphone app. LoJack is over.

nickjhowe | 23 februari 2013

@Pungoteague_Dave is being a ::little:: heavy handed here, but I think the point is valid.

@jasonthemason - Without this turning this into a commercial for lojack, why would I need lojack on the S?

To me it seems like we need three things:
the ability to to put alerts into the mobile app that will let me know if the car is being moved when it shouldn't.
The ability to require a passcode to disable the mobile app connector in the car
Not by passing (2) by pulling a fuse

If we have this, isn't LoJack unnecessary?