options to choose

options to choose

received tesla invitation to configure but not sure which options to get. planning to get 60kwh brown/tan/panoramic

anybody know how "included" compares to the following options:

1) sound package

2) wheels (difference in rim damage as the 21" looks quite vulnerable to scratches, etc, mileage, performance, just cosmetic?)

3) tech package (saw one post about this)

4) if i don't purchase the supercharge option for $2000, then would i be unable to use the supercharging stations?

5) active air suspension (quality of ride difference?, maintenance)

Sudre_ | 25 december 2012

1) I don't know

2) Was at a Tesla group get together not too long ago where an owner already scratched a 21" rim.... you might be onto something.


4) That is correct. Absolutely no possibility to upgrade afterwards too is my understanding.

5) I got the air suspension because there are a few places I have scrapped the bottom of my Saturn on and I don't want to scrape the bottom on my very expensive battery pack.

Bennett R. | 25 december 2012

For the sound package, you can't get satellite radio without it. (Although you still need to subscribe to it if you get the sound package). Also, there are 12 speakers instead of 7.

I started a similar thread when I received the email to finalize my options. You can read some of those responses:

iholtzman | 25 december 2012

If you plan on keeping the car for a long time and can afford the options get them. Life is too short. I got my car on 12/17 and got all the options. 85kW and 19" wheels. The car is awsome!

DC@Tesla | 25 december 2012

I selected the audio and tech packages, But can't decide on the battery. Not sure if it's worth paying extra to get the largest battery if I plan to commute to work and charge it every night. Can anyone make a case for getting the SMALLER batteries?

bsimoes | 26 december 2012

I'll make a case for getting the larger battery: If you live in a climate that has cold winters, know that the battery conversion to mileage drops. If you live a distance from a Tesla service center, you'll need to be able to drive there in order to get it serviced. If you are an optimist and are thinking that the Supercharger network will be growing soon, you may want to take advantage of that without having to pay $2,000 for the privilage--actually, then, the 85 battery is only $8,000 more!

rbgil770 | 26 december 2012

IMO the 60kwh battery is the best value & I believe the recent EPA rating for that battery which has a higher MPGe than the 85 kwh, backs it up. If long distance trips (200 miles+) aren't something you're going to do regularly, it's definitely the best value IMO. That said, I would highly recommend getting supercharging capability as the network is being built to accommodate the 60kwh range (see recently announced East Coast locations).

Great choice on the 60kwh, brown, pana. My config is the same & includes ALL options except HPWC gear:
21's - these are perf wheels/tires + they look better given car length, width, style
tech - must have for me as is, plus TM will be adding features over time
sound - 300+ more watts, 12 speakers not 7, satellite radio; you could go w/o, but this is part of the lux for me
air - i have this in my GMC & my Buick... makes for flying carpet style ride quality
armor - all about investment protection! $950 for this is a LOT less than paying to repair paint damage
Rear facing seats & supercharging access - key to the value prop & my justification of cost. If I'm going to make this much of an investment in a luxury vehicle I want all toys including seating for seven & supercharging when needed. Supercharging access can't be added later and will be key for eventual resale.

DC@Tesla | 26 december 2012


Higher MPGe for 60 battery is interesting. Why is that?

Perhaps the best compromise on the battery for most urban commuters is 60 + supercharging. My Tesla service center is just a few miles away from home and the longest distance trip I can imagine taking is L.A. to San Diego. (Although, the 85 may allow a round trip without needing to recharge so I am still mulling the 85)...

p.s. the rear facing seats are for kids and the Tesla site says "for children ... between 35 and 77 pounds". Its an exciting option (for the kids) if you have kids (the primary reason my kids want me to buy a Tesla!), but soon the seats will get folded down and the kids will move in with you.

Volker.Berlin | 26 december 2012

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