P Configurations

P Configurations

I thought it would be interesting to see what configurations we have chosen, especially for the P reservation holders. And, perhaps, why.

I think that there is a similar thread somewhere out there. But, there is no way to search for it. And, what the heck, let's start a brand new one.

My reservation is P 6806, and my configuration is:
- 230 mile battery pack
- black exterior
- black cloth interior
- upgraded audio system
- no other options

Pretty much the basic stuff. The only reason for the 230 mile upgrade (from 160 mile one) is to be on the safe side where I can use a supercharger if needed. And if the supercharger hardware costs more than $3000, I might as well get the 300 mile battery pack.

Iz | 6 juni 2012

My concurrent configuration:

60 kWh Battery
White Pearl Paint
Pano Roof
Cloth interior
Air Suspension
Parcel Shelf

Sudre_ | 6 juni 2012


60kw battery
Air suspension
White Pearl
Haven't completely decided on cloth or grey leather
Super charger option

If there is a lease option this will completely change to a more loaded vehicle.

pdesamours | 6 juni 2012


My Config

Tech Package
Black / Black/ Carbon Fiber
Silver Wheels
Premium Sound
Pano Roof
Parcel Shelf

Why - I'm going to be in this car for the next 8 years. I don't want to spend those years wishing I had gotten the car i really wanted.

DLM270 | 6 juni 2012


60 kWh Battery
Red Exterior (if available) or Blue
Pano Roof
Nappa Leather Tan or Grey
Air Suspension
Tech Package
19 Wheels

Volker.Berlin | 7 juni 2012

prash.saka, since I've got a reputation to defend... ;-) You may be referring to one of these older threads:

Discussion on battery sizes with pros and cons:

An attempt to collect some statistics from reservation holders:

jkirkebo | 7 juni 2012

85kwh battery, non-performance version
White pearl paint
Piano black interior with cloth seats
Tech package
19" wheels
Air suspension
Upgraded audio system
Haven't decided on the pano roof

nlukin | 7 juni 2012

40kwh battery
Black paint
Light leather interior
Tech package
19' wheels
Air suspension
Paint Armor

prash.saka | 7 juni 2012

@Volker, yep you do. I don't know how you do it ... but you do :)

I see that, as I suspected, most of the P's are 60kw. Ideally, I'd prefer the 40kw and get all the other upgrades if only for the lack of supercharging for the 40kw.

Here is the count so far:

40kw - 1
60kw - 4
85kw - 2

MandL | 7 juni 2012

I have S802 and P6372 reservations. My hope is that I can take my one time deferral on my signature reservation and order the car I really want without having to wait until next Spring to get it. I'd love the opportunity to hear cars with and without premium audio, but am not willing to drop the $$ on it without being completely blown away. I listen to NPR 98% of the time anyway. So first choice would be:
Blue / Black leather (husbands choice - I like green/tan)
Tech package
19" wheels
Air suspension
Paint armor

If I have to wait an extra three months to get the 60kw though, I will probably get the 85kw and eat ramen for a few years. If I can't take a deferral on a Sig and get an early P instead, I'll probably sell a kidney and get the Sig. And I'll be trolling the wanna trade wheels thread.

Mike_ModelS_P457 | 7 juni 2012

I'm almost sure I'm going this way:

Tech package
Silver or white or pearl white
Pano roof
19" wheels
Paint armor

Still contemplating the air suspension due to timing, and my wife wants the upgraded audio for XM. My feeling is why bother when I can just use Pandora. Thougts?

Dennis | 7 juni 2012

85 kWh
black leather/piano black
tech package
air suspension
parcel shelf
twin charger

David70 | 7 juni 2012

I'm going to have defer (or even cancel and reorder) to do it, but I want
85 kWh pack
Tech package
Air suspension
Aero wheels
Metallic paint (I have to look at blue, green and brown before decicing)
Leather interior, maybe tan, but probably gray. Also have to see dash colors in person before making a decision.

The stock market in general and TSLA in particular have to go up a lot before my wife gives me permission (and I feel secure enough) to go ahead.

Chris DC | 7 juni 2012

Depends on what you are looking for with XM radio. If primarily for music listening I personally would give it a pass because of the terrible compressed audio. If however you need the specialized channels then go with it
(Even pandora sounds so much better than XM)

Mike_ModelS_P457 | 7 juni 2012

That is my thought.

I should have also said twin chargers for my config.

Sousaphil | 7 juni 2012


white exterior (not sure if pearl or standard)
black roof
black leather
lacewood (pending how it looks in real life)
tech package
air suspension
twin charger

**may change to an 85kWh depending on the supercharging hardware cost, trade-in value of my current car and interest rates.

Timo | 7 juni 2012

Here is the count so far:

40kw - 1
60kw - 6
85kw - 5

Somehow that's what I was thinking. Going for only 100 mile range is a mistake for other manufacturers, you need over 200 to make it really work. Reason why everyone is not getting 85kWh version is simply the $10k difference. $400/kWh is still quite a lot, I'm hoping that goes down to $200-$150/kWh in next five or so years (so that genIII cars would get same or bigger range with fraction of the cost).

mbcaffe | 7 juni 2012


Pacific Blue
Tan leather (not sure if piano black or obeche wood)
Panoramci roof
Tech package
Active Suspension

The Froq | 7 juni 2012

Signature Performance
Performance wheels
All options without children seats

gocken1 | 7 juni 2012

Blue or Silver
Tan leather or Grey
Lacewood (also depending how it looks in real life)
Panoramic roof
Tech package
Air Suspension
Parcel shelf
Paint Armor

Manta | 7 juni 2012

Dolphin Gray
Pano roof
21" Performance wheels
Black/Carbon Fiber interior
Tech package
Sound upgrade
Paint Armor
Twin Charger
High Power Wall Connector

CurrieG | 7 juni 2012

Virtually every thing!

85kwh battery, performance version
White Water Pearl paint with Carbon Fiber accents and spoiler
Gray leather interior / seats with Carbon Fiber
Tech package
21" Performance wheels
Air suspension
Upgraded audio system
Pano roof
Parcel Shelf
Paint Armor (maybe?)
Twin Chargers (maybe?)

Canada Res # P 252... Can hardly wait!

Brad Holt | 7 juni 2012


85kWh battery
Blue exterior
Pano roof
19" "normal" wheels
Black leather interior
Obeche wood

Tech package
Sound studio package
Air suspension
Parcel shelf

*bracing for financial impact*

mklcolvin | 7 juni 2012


60kWh battery
Pacific Blue exterior
Tan leather interior
19" wheels
Obeche wood accent
Sound Studio package
Active Air Suspension package
Parcel shelf

I might get the Paint Armor when my wallet recovers!

dborn | 8 juni 2012

Paint armor may well be a lot cheaper aftermarket , and often can be part of a package which includes glass treatment, paint protection and leather protection. Especially with white leather and probably worth it if you are keeping the car long term.

mal42north | 8 juni 2012

Current thoughts for reservation P5903
- 60kW battery
- Sequoia Green paint
- Pano roof
- 19" wheels
- Black leather with lacewood
- Sound studio
- Air suspension
- Paint armor (maybe)
- Supercharge hardware (if the price is reasonable).
If lease option becomes available I will consider bumping up to 85kW

Andrew18 | 8 juni 2012

P 2026

Black or metallic green
Tan leather
Pano roof
19 in wheels
Tech pkg
Sound studio
Air susp

Can't wait!

gjunky | 8 juni 2012


40 kWh Battery
Blue / Tan Leather
Air Suspension

However it is most likely I will defer or completely cancel my order.
There are just too many little "surprises" with the 40kWh version and the car has gotten too expensive.

DanD | 8 juni 2012

P# 2124

60 KWh
Pano Roof
Air suspension (only because I want the car this year)
Tan Interior
Green Metallic Paint
High Power wall connector

Really want to keep the price to $65K (after tax credit).

Volker.Berlin | 8 juni 2012

However it is most likely I will defer or completely cancel my order.
There are just too many little "surprises" with the 40kWh version and the car has gotten too expensive. (gjunky)

That would be a shame! Watch this, and then reconsider... ;-)

gjunky | 8 juni 2012

I already watched the shareholder meeting. I won't make my final decision until after a test drive (Mid July). I also know that there is some kind of supercharger news coming but it won't matter for the 40kWh version. The hint at battery swap might make a difference if Tesla will allow me to borrow a 300 mile pack for longer trips. We'll see.

Brian H | 8 juni 2012

mal42north | June 8, 2012 new

Current thoughts for reservation P5903

If lease option becomes available I will consider bumping up to 85kW
Promised for next year, so you're probably good to go.

Brian H | 8 juni 2012

Bah. Stupid tag system here.

mal42north | June 8, 2012

Current thoughts for reservation P5903
If lease option becomes available I will consider bumping up to 85kW

Promised for next year, so you're probably good to go.

cerjor | 8 juni 2012

Pano roof
Tech pkg
230 range
19" wheel
tan leather

cybercop | 9 juni 2012

I am with gjunky. Decision after test drive, but most likely a cancel. It the car a good value? Maybe, but it does not make a difference if you cannot afford it.

nickjhowe | 9 juni 2012

85kWh Performance
Tech Package
21" Performance Wheels (or maybe normal 21s)
Pearl White with probably body colour roof
Maybe Tan leather
Maybe Obeche Wood
Parcel Shelf

Studio Sound
Twin Chargers
Rear facing seats

stephen.kamichik | 9 juni 2012

Canada P157 everything depends on Canadian pricing. My model S, if THE PRICE IS RIGHT:

85 kWh Battery Pack
Tan Leather interior
Active air suspension
Obeche Wood
Parcel shelf
Studio Sound (maybe)

bbmertz | 9 juni 2012


60 kWh battery (85 kWh depending on reasonable lease option and the length of my commute in 2013)
Black exterior
Black leather
Obeche wood trim (possibly consider Lacewood)
Tech package
Parcel shelf

Whity Whiteman | 9 juni 2012

My Config for shure is:

Performance Production
Black Colour
Grey Seats
Obeche Wood
Tech Pack
Hifi Pro
Glss Roof

It's damn expensive, but I don't want to make the wrong decision... and non-performance edition is definitly wrong

Brian H | 9 juni 2012

Keep the defer/lease sequence option in mind. Pay the first xx lease payments with your deposit refund!

bsimoes | 10 juni 2012

*60 kWh battery--so I can supercharge if needed.
*Green with black cloth seats --I wish I could get tan cloth seats; I even considered tan leather and am still not sure; heated seats in the winter would be quite lovely I'm sure! Heated leather seats in the summer--not so much! As a friend once put it, you need a spatula to separate yourself from the seat!
*I will probably get the tech package; night driving has never been easy for me and the headlights sound great in this regard.
*parcel shelf--it does surprise me that this is not just included.
*Active air--the frost heaves, snow and potholes in spring will make having this feature quite nice.
*twin chargers, etc.
*Pano roof--this feature has me giddy!
I may whoop it up and get the leather and the 85 battery. Saving $3000 on another $10,000 for the battery is sort of like a sale on the upgraded battery--still, it's another 7 grand. I'm glad I have time to think about it. The way I see it, I've put down $5,000 and then with the $7,500 rebate, I can subtract $12,500 off of the bottom line; that is, of course, after taxes, delivery....

jerry3 | 10 juni 2012

- 85 kWh battery (This is my main car, it will need to be capable of vacation trips)

- Silver (Hides the dirt and makes the chrome not so offensive. The chrome around the windows is particularly ugly on dark coloured cars.)

- Black cloth seats ( I wish there was grey fabric. I have no idea why anyone would want leather, let alone pay extra for it. Leather might last a year before cracking and be either sticky or slippery depending upon the temperature.)

- Plain 'ol black trim. (I'd love matt black because glossy in the interior is a safety hazard when the sun is out and wood in cars seems so 19th century. Maybe I can use some sandpaper :-)

- Body colour roof (I really dislike leaky, noisy, and breakable holes in the roof).

- Areo wheels (I hope that there will be some by the time my number is up. A sensible eco tire and wheel size would be greatly appreciated too. 19" and 21" are about as energy inefficient, aka range-limiting, as you can get--besides they make the car look like it belongs some sixteen year old).

- Twin chargers (I really hope that the supercharger network becomes real outside of the East and West coasts)

- HPC (Will allow others

- Air suspension

- Tech package

- Sound system (Yes, I'm a sucker for any high tech, including audio)

- No parcel shelf (There is hidden storage in the frunk and $250 for something that should be included in the price by every other car maker is just a rip-off.)

My5bAby | 10 juni 2012

85 KWh 1. This will be my primary vehicle.
2. Trips from DC to New York on a single charge would be possible, as well as cross country trips
via supercharger.
3. Daily, one way commute to work, 30 miles, 85KWh makes it easy to keep batter charged between
50-85% thus preserving the life of the battery.
4. 0-60 in 5.6 (this is respectable)

Dolphin Grey: Elegant without being formal, sporty, futuristic, easy to clean, hides scratches, Grey is the new

Tan Leather: Gives depth to the appropriately minimalist interior, accentuates interior space, makes the interior
look like a 80k car, classy, facilitates a cool interior in sunny weather.

Lacewood: Because it is Futuristically Organic, hides smudges, & blends the colors of my intended interior

Pano roof: Sun roof, enables back seat passengers to have improve viewing, improved rear seat head

Active suspension : improved handling, improved highway range, steep driveways, driving through standing

19 inch wheels : range, tire longevity, tire price, spare will easily fit in the frunk.

Parcel shelf: duh

Debating on the tech package ( if non tech package still has Fog lights (non LED) I will most likely not get the Tech package). The websit is ambiguous I'm not interested in the other features.

Debating on Sound package ( I listen to a wide variety of loud music, but I'm just not convinced I will need it). Most likely if the standard sterior is not good enough I will simply replace the speakers to achieve a quality at a fraction of the cost. However I hope I don't need to do that.


If anyone has any comments, clarifications or suggestions I would love to hear from you !


My5bAby | 10 juni 2012

Sorry about the formatting.

Regarding the console, if the entire top was in matching Lacewood that would be fantastic. If not I will have my own made.


Soflauthor | 10 juni 2012

@My5bAby wrote: "Regarding the console, if the entire top was in matching Lacewood that would be fantastic. If not I will have my own made."

If the center console accessory (CCA) is available in 2012 and the design is shared with us over the next few months (and I like what TM has created), I'll wait and have the TM CCA installed. But if we get no indication of the CCA design and/or its availability, I'll have a CCA design I've created fabricated at a local custom shop. BTW, lacewood veneer can be acquired from many different web-based sources and can be stained to match the Model S accent color, so a lacewood veneer top is no problem for a custom CCA.

My5bAby | 10 juni 2012


Thank you !

village33 | 11 juni 2012


60kwh *
Black Exterior / Matching Roof
Tan Leather Interior
Obeche Trim
Parcel Shelf
Tech Package ? **
Sound Upgrade ? ***

I noticed someone spec'd the Twin Charger without the High Power Wall Connector. I thought the Twin Charger doesn't do anything unless paired with the High Power Wall Connector?

* I change between 60kwh and 85kwh weekly, final answer will depend on where supercharge evolves to, actual 0-60 difference, language of battery warranty, and what becomes the most common kwh pack option.

** Does no tech pack mean no 4G/Wifi/music download capability? Will Google turn-by-turn navigation work without continuous 4G?

*** Do I have to get the sound upgrade to ever have XM? Does Pandora require a continuous 4G link (i.e. will in work in back country)?

jerry3 | 11 juni 2012

- I noticed someone spec'd the Twin Charger without the High Power Wall Connector. I thought the Twin Charger doesn't do anything unless paired with the High Power Wall Connector?

At home, that's correct. But the supercharger needs the twin charger to charge at the most rapid rate--at least, that's how I understand it.

My5bAby | 11 juni 2012


That is not correct. The Super Charger is DC current which bypasses the converters and goes straight to the battery. Twin chargers, and in fact no charger=Converter is needed to access the Supercharger. Twin chargers=converters are needed to convert high power AC Current as supplied by the Power Wall connector.


phb | 11 juni 2012

P 6561 (I think)

Sequoia Green
Grey interior
Obeche wood
Child Seats
Body Protection
Studio Sound
Twin chargers (future proofing)
(basically everything but the parcel shelf)
Second set of wheels (19")for winter tires.

Still debating:
Wheels, do I prefer the grey or silver?
HPC, I don't know if I have adequate electrical service to run a 100amp circuit. If I don't then my understanding is that this doesn't make much sense.

Why? I think that it was the third or so reply that said, essentially, I'm planning on keeping this thing for a while so I'm going to get the one I want and not kick myself over it later.

phb | 11 juni 2012

Edit, I'm P 5,651