Playing iTunes protected music from a USB flash drive

Playing iTunes protected music from a USB flash drive

Although protected songs purchased from the Apple Store can be played with a bluetooth connection to your iPhone, if you copy those songs to a USB flash drive, they cannot be play in the Model S.

Here's the simple solution:

Burn your playlist to an audio CD. Then import that audio CD back into iTunes as a new play list or just let it overwrite your existing songs. The newly imported songs are no longer protected. They can now be copied to a USB flash drive and play through the car's music system.

ppape | 23 juni 2013

Or just play the songs through the Bluetooth connection in your phone.

jeremythehunt | 23 juni 2013

Actually you shouldn't even need to do that. You can now just delte the protected songs from your iTunes library and then redownload music purchases from the store. Since the store no longer uses DRM the new files will be protection free. As always, backup your files before deleting them but this is how I got rid of my protected music.

Montgomery | 23 juni 2013

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zhangde.jerry | 2 augustus 2018

Actually, there is an easier and high-efficiency way that convert Apple Music to MP3 format. The deep reason for the Apple Music can't play on common devices like the car system because of DRM protection.

Therefore, you should remove DRM from Apple Music with Audfree DRM Audio Converter, which is a professional tool to break DRM restriction. It supports convert Apple Music to MP3 format and then you can enjoy your Apple Music playlist in your car.

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helenawaldron26 | 17 augustus 2018

why not try this great tips to convert your iTunes music to usb directly? | 17 augustus 2018

You can play Apple's proprietary M4A files in the Tesla via USB (but not DRM protected files). While MP3 and FLAC always work, if you have the right USB drive, M4A files play fine too without loading errors. Here's my complete analysis:

reed_lewis | 20 februari 2019

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garyjtate | 22 februari 2019

Get an iPod Nano plug it in to usb, play your music.

EVRider | 22 februari 2019

@garyjtate: If you tried that yourself, you'd discover that it doesn't work in a Tesla.

halisanita | 12 april 2019

All iTunes music is protected by DRM, so we can't play iTunes music in other players with DRM protection, we need remove DRM protection of iTunes before putting it into USB drive. With Eelphone iTunes DRM Removal, convert iTunes music to MP3 without DRM protection.Then save converted iTunes music to USB.

lexiharris | 16 april 2019

Yes, iTunes itself can do it. In addition, if you are using the iTunes version of 10.7 and below, the free Requiem is for you. The methods to remove DRM protection from iTunes M4P are myFairTunes, DRmare, etc. Take a look at this article, which also introduces other methods:

williamlee2060 | 22 november 2019

Thanks for your sharing. You can do that to play protected iTunes music, but it's a little complicated. Another simple way is to use TunesKit Apple Music Converter to remove the copyright restriction first and then convert Apple Music to MP3, WAV or other common audio formats which are more compatible. Thus, you can play them on any device or player as you like.

nukequazar | 22 november 2019

Keep pushing Tesla to add CarPlay.

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