I am hoping that it will not be more than a $10,000 premium over the model s.

What are your thoughts?

Lubdub | 18 mei 2015


modelx2015 | 18 mei 2015

I am hoping not because my budget is 105k tops for the X. I am getting the 85D not the performance one. Unless they come up with different battery configs that I don't know about. Please Elon keep it in my budget.

Daniel_L | 18 mei 2015

Budget and here in Canada it is already 10,000 over the USA pricing.a base 70D costs 86,000. SO the Model X would be 96,000 base and an 85D - the one I would choose is 98,000 and the 85D Model X would be 108,000 base. @Lubdub

Brian H | 18 mei 2015

With or without options? Elon says low single digit %. That's <<$10K.

jlutz | 20 mei 2015

According to this article, the Model X "will be cheaper than the Model S". It also says that the Model X will be released this summer, so I don't have confidence in that assumption:

jjs | 20 mei 2015

Poorly written. Imprecise language. Inaccuracies. Ignore it.

Brian H | 20 mei 2015

~5% more expensive.