reckon there will be a gen 3 performance?

reckon there will be a gen 3 performance?

just wondering if tesla will make a gen 3 performance? if they use the same motor as used in both the roadster and model s, i cant see why not, this will also help keep costs down as they dont have to develope a new smaller motor for gen 3. 8% per yer improvement in batteries and a 20% smaller version of the model s is going to be one sweet little ride! so if tesla makes this performance gen 3 with 0 - 60 time of under four seconds and a range of 300 miles, how much would said car sell for? your thoughts -


lvaneveld | 5 augustus 2013

OK, this is a fun game. Assume the Gen III base model starts at $45,000 for a 200 mile battery. I would guess they may have 3 range options, 200 mi, 260 mile, and 320 mile. A performance version will be offered on top of the 320 mile. I would guess $5,000 per battery increase, than another $8,000 for the performance option, which in this case might include upgraded suspension and require upgraded tires again. I am going to say base for the performance version without options, which will likely outrun todays Model S performance, will be $63,000. All of these are without any tax credits considered.

Keep in mind the roadster and Model S motors are very different. The Roadster had 244 hp standard, 288 as the sport version. The motor is air cooled. The Model S motor outs out 240 kW for the 60, more for the 85, that is 320 for the 60 kWhr and about 360 hp for the 85 kWhr, I don't remember exactly and am going from memory.

If they use the Model S motor in the Gen III performance, even the standard motor would be fast with a lot less weight.

stuey81 | 5 augustus 2013

i would grab it @ 63k! nice post ivan :)

negarholger | 5 augustus 2013

You can bet the standard & performance Gen3 will use the front motor of the MX. Now you can speculate if there will be souped up Gen3 version with the rear MS motor... my guess would no. If yes, then later...

nwdiver93 | 5 augustus 2013

The P85 drivetrain in a smaller body would be awesome... it's certainly small enough to fit, I think it's a real possibility.

negarholger | 5 augustus 2013

@nwdiver93 - technically no problem, but could interfere with the model policy. I think TM will focus on the low cost version first. Elon likes to build a supercar, but he needs to get the Gen3 done first. After that who knows... I think the carrot he dangled in front of the Aston Martin guy is the supercar

Timo | 5 augustus 2013

@lvaneveld, base GenIII affordable car should be $35.

Drivetrain is probably same as in Model S just for cost efficiency. Motor is not the costly part of the Model S, what costs there are all aluminum frame and battery. GenIII will be using steel so it will be cheaper to make, and battery depends of technology which looks good for now.

ian | 5 augustus 2013

$35k after the $7500 rebate so his assumption isn't far off.

ian | 5 augustus 2013

Oh yeah, forgot to add that it sounds like a mighty fine idea to me! We've got a 335i with the sport suspension and seats that my wife let's me drive sometimes (it's primarily her car) and it's an absolute blast! I can only imagine what a performance Tesla that size would be like considering how good the S is!


negarholger | 5 augustus 2013

But you don't get that performance in Gen3, otherwise the MS would be nothing special. Why would I spend $100k on a MS when I can get better performance in a $35k Gen3. Doesn't make sense. As I said before you'll get the 200 hp engine from the front of the MX... more then enough to positively compete with $35k ICEs.

CalDreamin | 5 augustus 2013

Yes, there needs to be a Gen3 M3 killer ;-)

danielccc | 5 augustus 2013

Yes, almost certainly.

The base Gen III will cost around $35K, but based on history with the Model S, Tesla will do everything to raise the average selling price as much as possible.

Offering a performance option would be a sure way to get people to part with more money.

Going by Musk's recent comments, Gen III will come out with new battery tech at roughly the same time he has in mind to upgrade the Model S battery (three years). So Gen III could have near first gen Model S specs, but the second gen Model S would be clearly superior.

Timo | 6 augustus 2013

Don't forget that GenIII car will be heavier for it's size (steel instead of aluminum) so performance might be in favor of Model S anyway.

OTOH Model S was never meant to be "fastest car on the planet", just premium BEV. Performance is just side-effect of highly efficient electric drivetrain with big battery. GenIII might well beat Model S in performance, but it wont fit as much stuff inside and it might have a bit less luxurious interior.

Also because it is smaller it might get bigger range with less batteries, which means less available power for drivetrain unless you take that high-end version of the car.

Vawlkus | 6 augustus 2013

The Performance Gen III will be the next Roadster. Elon has already said the next gen roadster will be based off the Gen III skateboard.

Timo | 6 augustus 2013

This new in world of cars, but old news in IT: the thing you buy now is obsolete next year. Think Roadster and compare it to Model S performance. Roadster is only couple of years older than Model S, much lighter and smaller and is supposed to be "supercar" and it still loses in performance to much bigger and heavier Model S. It will be same with Model S and GenIII. You will see tech advance much much much faster in BEV than you see in ICE.

Brian H | 6 augustus 2013

Any engineer will tell you that the thing you buy now is obsolete when you get it. The next thing is already designed and heading for production.

Timo | 6 augustus 2013

Depends of which point of chain you think of and how you define obsolete. But you are correct, in IT world computer model interiors change quite a lot faster than in one year period.

risingsun | 6 augustus 2013

The has been leaked that there will be a four wheel drive option on the Model S next year with acceleration under 4.2 seconds.

risingsun | 6 augustus 2013

It's crazy that you can get 0-60 acceleration with 4.2 seconds and still have a car with a MPG rating in 80's. With an ICE car to get that kind of performance you would have to have a MPG of 17. Amazing...

tobi_ger | 8 augustus 2013

To keep the cost low, the GenIII could use the same drive train as they deliver for the RAV4 (instead of MS) and in combination with a 60kWh pack it would a way better deal than all the others in the same price range.

Mark K | 8 augustus 2013

The BMW M3 proves there is a market for this.

If Tesla makes a P85+, I don't see why they wouldn't harvest demand for a performance Gen III too.

It's another high margin opportunity.

ian | 8 augustus 2013


Johnnykd | 10 september 2013

can't wait to sew a design more than anything.

Brian H | 10 september 2013