Rubber/goop streaking onto passenger window

Rubber/goop streaking onto passenger window

Has anyone had an issue with rubber/goop streaking onto a window? I've seen this behavior off and on since I've had the car(4 weeks, 1000 miles). It isn't much but it is noticeable. This last time left a 10 inch streak the width of a needle on the window. Only way to remove it is with goof off or similar tar removal cleaner.

Also occasionally see the same stuff peeking out of the passenger door handles. Easy enough to pick off of the door handles. Feels like a rubbery substance that goes viscous when warm.

Anyone else?

sandman | 4 februari 2013

By the way, already setup an appointment with the local service manager in Dallas. So I'll definitely get to the bottom of it by this Friday.

bushman | 4 februari 2013

I had this on my BMW and LR4. I was told it was a sealant of some sort useed during the manufacturing process???

nickjhowe | 4 februari 2013

No goop here. Washed it yesterday and paid v. close attention. I'm goop-less.

olanmills | 4 februari 2013

haven't noticed anything

Brian H | 4 februari 2013

sandman said he used goof-off. That's different, and the very devil to make work.

sandman | 5 februari 2013

@bushman and sealant substance idea

That's certainly what this looks like. Maybe I just got a bit extra in the passenger door and it is rubbing up against the window as it rolls down. I'll take some pics and post after the Tesla folks take a look.

michaelwm | 6 februari 2013

I have exactly what you've described streaming out of both sides of the pano roof, near the front. I haven't (yet) correlated it to the roof being opened or closed.


tommy-tesla | 6 februari 2013

I had it too, but Eco Green cleaned it off. I hope it's not a recurrent issue.

3-G | 6 februari 2013

Had same issue on left side of pano roof behind the retracting portion. Cleaned it with eco friendly detergent.

sandman | 11 februari 2013

Tesla service rep came by to fix this. Turned out to be the felt that attaches to the door and faces the window, just inside the shiny trim piece. This felt goes about 1.5 inches down inside the door according to the service manager. The felt some how became damaged and fallen off. The adhesive that sticks the felt to the door was exposed to the window and repeated up/down motions must have heated it up and streaked it. My rep said the felt piece inside the door was nearly destroyed and I had no idea.

In any case, if you had this issue on any of the mechanized window surfaces you my want to have your service center check it out next time you are in for something else or the annual check.