Smart GPS

Smart GPS

The Model S GPS could be a very smart, valuable assistant, far more than just helping us get from A to B in the fastest way.

Because the GPS is linked to Google Earth and the internet generally, it will know the terrain=gradients, traffic conditions, and speed limits along various routes. It should also learn my driving habits and preferred routes, and have learned by history where traffic snarls exist that may not be tracked by Google.

From all this information, the GPS should be able to calculate not only the fastest route, but also alternatives that balance speed and battery consumption. It should also be able to estimate what amount of battery charge each route would take, and advise whether you have enough juice (or, what changes to your driving style are needed to reach your destination). If charging along the way is needed, it should find and suggest waypoints with charging options.

Others' thoughts?

brianman | 27 oktober 2011

"Route me to Best Buy, Tess."

"Would you like the fastest route, the fastest route that doesn't include known speed traps, the scenic route, or a path randomly chosen from the 77 most common routes?"

VPLACE | 27 oktober 2011

Does anyone know if Tesa's Model-S GPS will provide displays for re-charging locations the future??
That would be a great anxiouty (sp?) relief for traveling long distances!

discoducky | 27 oktober 2011

Google does so I'm guessing yes:

In keeping with the "Tess" theme:

Weekday morning: Tess sends me a text that the best route to work currently is 10 to 20 minutes more than normal due to traffic or weather or construction or accident or whatever. This keeps me from being late to work, thanks Tess! But Tess knows I usually stop for coffee so 'she' routes me accordingly. Thanks again Tess!

Weekday lunchtime: Again Tess is aware of road conditions so I use my phone app to find a route that I can send to Tess. Guess what the place I picked has a charge point. Thanks Tess!

Weekday commute home: Tess knows that traffic builds up at a certain time and routes me based on past history of traffic, but Tess knows today is a bank holiday so the highways are clear. Thanks again Tess!

Weekends: Tess knows my calendar and sends me a text to let me know I need to hit the road putting charge points, restaurants and points of interest on my way that I can pick ahead of the trip. Great job Tess!

Highly unlikely these will be available but I can dream...

VPLACE | 27 oktober 2011

What does "In keeping with the "Tess" theme": mean??
Using Tesla's GPS, a Google application, or a smart phone application??
I'm lost!

Volker.Berlin | 28 oktober 2011

@Discoducky, I've seen a commercial recently that was very much along the lines you laid out as the "Tess" theme. I cannot recall from which manufacturer it was... Maybe Ford? The commercial was in all honesty (i.e., not a satire), full with enthusiasm and the best intents. In any case I thought it's creepy. I'm not ready to share my calendar with my car.

brianman | 28 oktober 2011


Careful, Tess is watching.

VolkerP | 28 oktober 2011

Wife would ask Tess why you came home late every evening last week, though departing the office at 5PM...

David70 | 28 oktober 2011

Ah... More quality time with Tess.

Brian H | 28 oktober 2011

Will Tess be a clone of Siri?