Stop and go on San Francisco hills

Stop and go on San Francisco hills

How do you handle driving on San Francisco hills with no emergency Brakes? The S objects to using both brake and accelerator at the same time.

Brian H | 17 januari 2013

How bout (until 'hill hold' is downloaded!) using the accelerator alone. It's not like there is any clutch to burn out! Or Park + goose pedal? ;) (Park is a separate brake, not a "pin").

Ceilidh | 17 januari 2013

People have mentioned that turning on creep adds a little bit of help in that scenario until the hill hold function is released, but there are many driving the Model S around San Francisco and noe seem to be complaining overall, even if the hills are tougher than with a typical automatic transmission at this time (not sure as I don;t have mine until 9 days from now) it is still going to be far easier than a manual ever was, even if it was a Subar with anti-rollback. Remember that the Model S has 100% torque instantly available from any speed including stopped so you can quickly make up for any rollback if you are paying attention.


rd2 | 17 januari 2013

I haven't had any major issues with rollback in SF the past 3 weeks. Granted, I'm not tackling the steepest streets in the city every day, but there are some pretty steep hills in Noe that I've negotiated. With 'creep' enabled, there is a little rollback, but it is pretty slow, and although I haven't let it go to see if it eventually holds, I am easily able to transfer to the accelerator with minimal total rollback. Hasn't been a problem.

TeslaTech | 17 januari 2013

There is an emergency brake, which is applied by pressing and holding in the gear change lever. See here @ ~ 20:10, and here @ about 13:15. (password: t35la4ALL)

I'm curious if this emergency brake, when applied, puts the vehicle in Park or keeps it in Drive like an ICE emergency brake. Some on the forums have guessed that this might end up being a part of Tesla's hill hold function when/if it arrives.

So there's creep and park+accelerator or (maybe) the emergency brake to try in the meantime.

Superliner | 17 januari 2013

Same as I do now if the hill is too steep for my ICE to hold at idle (I USE MY LEFT FOOT TO HOLD THE BRAKE) until I'm ready to move forward then apply throttle and release brake. IMHO that is not even a problem and need not be addressed by Tesla. Learn to drive folks!