Sunset red

Sunset red

Is sunset red official yet? They did the motortrend photo shoot in a non sig red! Could we see it soon?

Ohms.Law | 12 november 2012

Wow! You are correct, that does indeed look like Sunset Red. Really beautiful. It is my favorite color of them all.

TheAustin | 12 november 2012

That's what I thought too...Definitely didn't look like the Sig Red.

nickjhowe | 12 november 2012

The car in the new Miami store opening last week was sunset red. Forgot to ask how soon it would be coming.

JohnQ | 13 november 2012

I've deferred until Sunset Red is available (P1491). Latest I have is still "early 2013." Would love to know if anyone has heard differently.

stuberman | 13 november 2012

I noticed that the car was 2013 (Sunset) Red in the Motor Trend article as well and posted the same question to the Car of the Year thread. I'd really prefer that color to my back-up choices.

Stu B.

vinster | 13 november 2012

I really like the Sunset red color, but rather than the uncertainty of not knowing when it will be made available and the additional delay, I opted to choose another color.

Here's some background of what I know or was led to believe...

When I went to the Deer Creek, Palo Alto office for their Get Amped test drive event on Aug 12, the person accompanying me on the drive, when he heard that I was P#4605 said almost categorically that I was able to select the Sunset red option since I would most likely only get the car in 2013. Imagine my joy then since they had the Sunset red model on display there and I was really smitten with the color. I gave up on the other colors on that day, since I thought I would be given the option.

Then came my "It's time to build your model S" email. I tried contacting a product specialist person (John Stocklin), and he replied that he had no idea when the Sunset selection would be made available and the uncertain delay that would introduce. Boy was I really disappointed then. I think the majority of Tesla employees don't even know when the option will be made available. :(

After a few days of deliberating, I finally settled on Pearl White (was my original choice anyway) and signed my MVPA on Aug 29.

My MVPA stated a Nov/Dec 2012 delivery date, but from the info I've gathered thus far in these forums, I think it is more likely Feb 2013. But I have not been informed so far so who knows (sorry for my rant!).

If my car is indeed delayed to Feb 2013, I'm wondering if there's any possibility of switching to Sunset Red?

Ohms.Law | 13 november 2012

Unfortunately I have worse news, which is consistent with what I've heard from the beginning. It comes from TMC in response to my direct question today.

"We likely will have this Red available in the Summer of 2013. The plan is to replace the Signature Red paint line (1 of 10 paint lines we have running) with the 2013 Red, upon completion of all Signature cars; because Signature cars will be produced internationally."


bobinfla | 13 november 2012

When I got my "It's time to build your Model S" email back in early October, I called and received the same news Ohms.Law reported. No Sunset Red until all the Sigs are done (worldwide) and they swap out the red paint line from Sig to Sunset. No timeframe nailed down, but hinted that it seemed like Summer. Decided not to wait any longer than I had to and went with Dolphin Grey.

Ohms.Law | 13 november 2012


Exactly my reasoning and my (2nd) choice in color.

2EV-Family | 13 november 2012

I also talked with Tesla ........same story, need to deliver all the Sig Red first. The person I talked to was a little more optimistic and told me late Spring. I will wait patiently for the Sunset Red. #4252.

Brian H | 13 november 2012

Maybe Elon will announce another Paint Center in Q1? It might be necessary/needed for a second line and/or the Model X in the fairly near future, anyway. And it's obviously a bottleneck for some P options.