switch from Model S to Model X

switch from Model S to Model X


I do love the Model X and definitely want to have one. But I'm afraid that I have to wait to at least two more years or so until it will be available (in Europe). I'd like to drive a Model S in the meantime and switch to the Model X as soon as possible. Do you have any plans to support such a situation. Will you offer a trade-in option for a fixed price (or formula based on the driven mileage/time)?


lotusguynyc | 28 mei 2013

This is something I would do as well. I really want an X, but don't want to wait until the end of 2014 to drive a Tesla...

dazza | 30 mei 2013

Also a model X reservation holder, same question from me. Hard to see the success of the S push back X delivery date, ... I'd prefer to hold out for the X. Thinking through purchasing an S for the interim, it just doesn't make sense. Depreciation on day 1, uncertain resale market and/or demand, if I take the leap on an S that pretty much rules out the X :-(

Trade-in option with some formula would add predictability to the equation, please consider it!!


AmpedRealtor | 14 juni 2013

I believe Tesla addressed this issue, at least from a financing perspective, by offering a buy-back guarantee on the Model S after 3 years.

dazza | 26 juni 2013

So that's 57% depreciation over 3 years, according to:

As I'm a model X reservation holder, I hope to have that vehicle in 2014. So I'm not sure the aforementioned financing buy-back guarantee really helps there.

What I would not give for a one-year lease! ;-)


bopine | 2 juli 2013

I am adding my request for a solution for those of us with Model X reservations, who would like an option to lease an S, but the 3-year buy-back makes that difficult. It's very possible some of us would end up keeping both models, but it's too much of a financial stretch to make the commitment at the moment.

Dripps | 18 juli 2013

I'm probably switching to Model S and giving up my place in line (Reservation #208). I was hoping for the AWD option but after buying snow tires for my current car (Lincoln MKZ hybrid) and I saw that made all the difference in the world for handling the snow and driving conditions in NJ. I can always use the S for a trade-in after the Model X arrives and I find that I need the features in the X. Honestly I think the Model S will suit me just fine!

Brian H | 18 juli 2013

Yes, I think many underestimate the effect of tires. That is multiplied by the awesome Traction Control implementation by TM. That said, the MS is unlikely to be as surprising in snow as the Roadster was, due to weight, etc.