Tall Drivers and Roadsters?

Tall Drivers and Roadsters?

Could anyone offer a comment as to how tall a driver can comfortably fit into a Tesla Roadster. I'm 6'2 and given the number of pre-owned Roadsters listed on the Tesla website I am wondering if this is a realistic ride for me?

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PatT | 28 november 2013

I'm 6'-2 as well and I only have trouble getting in and out and, only then, when the top is on. There is plenty of leg and head room when you are driving. For me, it is my summer ride.

Brian H | 28 november 2013

You need a SO to put the top on after you get in, and take it off before you exit!

No mo gas | 28 november 2013

I'm almost 6'2" and I agree w/ PatT. Once you're in, its not a problem. There's a video around, showing a verrry tall TM employee giving a "how to" get in and out, just for the tall

bent | 2 december 2013

If you absolutely must then it is possible to release the soft top just on the driver's side, and also reattach it, from within the car. So while it's a bit more of a bother you can enter/exit the car without having the soft top in the way, and also have it on while you're driving.

I do this sometimes when I'm parked very tight and need to squeeze in/out.

Getting in and out is mostly just a question of technique though.

allen.riddoch01 | 4 december 2013

You will have trouble only while hopping in and out, while riding there will be no issue.

Brian H | 4 december 2013

Hopping is not advised. :(

Earl and Nagin ... | 5 december 2013

My father and I are both 6'4" and my father has a replacement hip (extra flexibl, of course, courtesy of his Volt driving doctor :-). We both get in and out of and have been driving Roadsters for over 5 years. I also know a guy who's 6'7" that drives a Roadster. The 6'7" guy had to modify the seat a bit though.
I'm not saying it is easy and is a bit like a yoga pose getting in and out -- but it's worth it (and it will keep you limber and flexible :-)