Tesla Model S and the Ford Model T

Tesla Model S and the Ford Model T

Hello Tesla owners. I hope you take the time to read this piece on how the Model S is the 21st century equiviliant of the Ford Model T. Any comments are appreciated. Story is here:

Kaboom | 16 september 2013

Also saw thison the other forum.

Model T had so much more to overcome than the Model S will today. For model S, tesla merely needs to overcome to paranoia of us being dependant on gas, and having ready access to refuleing stations within every 3 miles.

We already have paved streets and highways, the fuel (in this case electricity) in unlimited supply right in our garages, and big government incentives. We are all already familar and capable of operating these machines, and they are ergonomically designed.

The Model T had none of these benefits to try to sway the masses.....yet it still succeeded like no other car has since.

Brian H | 17 september 2013

Model T had 2 big advantages: it was many times as fast as a horse-drawn carriage, and it didn't crap on the streets.

Kaboom | 17 september 2013

BEtween crap, or smelly exhaust fumes, dont think either was better than the other. Both were polluting. At least the horse apples were bio degradable...and recycled as manure.