Tesla Presentation at a School?

Tesla Presentation at a School?

As I dropped off my son at school today (in my MS60) his teacher stopped me to chat. He said that as part of their 6th grade science curriculum they're discussing energy sources, fossil fuels, solar power, emissions, etc. He is very interested in having someone from Tesla come to the school to give a presentation to the kids explaining electric car technology. He has contacted Tesla San Diego, including going to the gallery in person, without success. He asked if I might have any contacts that he could try.

I think these kids would love to learn about the car. I can't tell you how many times I've heard "Mom, look at the Tesla!" at this school. Many of these kids' parents are in the technology industry (we're very close to Qualcomm, among other companies), and I know they would become EV advocates.

Anyone have any ideas? And, yes, I've learned quite a bit about the car from these forums, but many of these kids would be smarter than me in the areas of engineering, battery technology, etc, and I don't want them to be left with questions unanswered.


AirForce462 | 3 april 2014

I would suggest using the contact us link. I know a few of the powertrain engineers from my days at Tesla, but I have fallen out of touch with them. Aside from the fact that SD is a bit far for them to travel with their busy schedules. Good luck, and thanks for being a great ambassador for this great company/product.

My5bAby | 3 april 2014

You are the chosen one !

You are the perfect person, to talk about the car and day to day experiences :-)

LEvans | 3 april 2014

Yes, I think you should put on a Tesla shirt and go tell them about your car :)

Velo1 | 3 april 2014

I would jump at the chance, and recommend you do, too.

I did a show and tell for my local Fire Department. They took pictures and wrote up a protocol for attending to Teslas in accidents. It was during the period of the two battery puncture fires, so it was of extreme value, as per the Chief. Plus, it was a blast, best Telsa Time yet.

pabeader | 3 april 2014

You could ask the Tesla folks to provide you with presentation materials. That way you get the details correct and get to pass on your passion.

PaceyWhitter | 3 april 2014

Don't sell yourself short. Sure there may be some questions you can't answer, but I guarantee that if you bring the car, the kids will love your presentation regardless.

J.T. | 3 april 2014

You're the best spokesman Tesla could ask for. You could ask the teacher to collect questions from the class, give them to you the day before and prepare yourself. People here would love to help with the tech stuff.

Bighorn | 3 april 2014

I think it was wcalvin who has a public domain powerpoint presentation you could work with.

d_kaufman | 3 april 2014

There are also the wired magazine and national geographic factory tour videos (assuming they can be shown to the class) as a lead-in to showing them your car.

crmohler | 3 april 2014

All great ideas, thanks! I still don't know that I'm the right person, but I do know that I have the right car!
I do love the idea of looking for the videos and power point presentation. I'll start searching
And I do have a Tesla jacket that I could wear. :-)
I love that kids seem to recognize the car, and its value, more even than adults do around here. Of course, that's probably partly due to my kids jumping out of the trunk in the drop off line!

MacDaddyDude | 3 april 2014

MacDaddyLady here. I e-mailed and asked for any sort of materials to help with a presentation for elementary age groups. Nothing already available. I found a presentation from a guy with a general EV topic that he does for STEM high schoolers. I plan on paring it down.

Tesla may have been at a loss since we are in the Texas wasteland and did not want to appear to step across a line with TADA.

CraigW | 4 april 2014

My guess is that you are selling yourself short. Just the fact that you researched the car and then ordered one means that you have a pretty good grasp of things the kids will be interested in.

I have had my M60 since JAN 2013 and what I have learned has far, far outweighed what I don't know. You are at the beginning of the influx of electric cars and kids simply want to know your perspective and why you made the choice you did.

Don't sell yourself or the kids short. Do it yourself, now!

LithionSD | 4 april 2014

You'll do fine on your own but I'm wondering what "no luck at the San Diego gallery" means. I've become a bit disenfranchised with the gallery we have here in SD. If you don't fit a certain profile you may have to light yourself on fire to get attention. Complaining up the chain got me an email audience with Jerome and a call with the regional sales director. Things got better for a while but it's slipping a little in there again.

I have a contact in Hawthorne if you want me to reach out to him regarding materials. I seem to recall some coloring books they had at the gallery at some point.

LithionSD | 4 april 2014

@crmohler - I heard back from Jeremy Snyder (General Manager, Southwest) at Tesla who is reaching out to the store manager to see if they'll do something. This would be great for them to at least have some educational materials, if not people, that owners can use.

JohhnyS | 4 april 2014

I did a presentation to my Rotary club. I talked about my journey to owning a Tesla. I then tried to address electric car myths--too slow, can't go anywhere, no fun to drive. I used a couple of Youtube videos--Automotive Mag drag race of M5 vs model S. I spent a lot of time describing supercharging and included photos of my wife and I on a supercharging road trip. I used photos of our model S at the Golden Gate bridge and in Carmel since we live in Southern California. I showed the video that I think was called "Gallons of smiles" about supercharging being powered by solar panels.

I think if you do it yourself it will be more convincing that someone from corporate.

Brian H | 4 april 2014

Just show "Again, again!" a few times.

bayoufilter.tx | 4 april 2014

Have the presentation in the gym. Drive it right inside the building BECAUSE YOU CAN. That will drive home a number of points about the car (no emissions, no hot muffler underneath, etc) before you even say a word.

J.T. | 4 april 2014

Of course, the car will then have to go to detention for wearing street shoes in the gym.

Brian H | 4 april 2014

Compile a list of profanities uttered by first-time "shotgun" passengers. Compare to rear-seat passengers.

bayoufilter.tx | 4 april 2014

Don't forget the obscenities either!

crmohler | 4 april 2014

You all having me laughing out loud! Thanks for all of the ideas! And @LithionSD, thanks so much for reaching out to Tesla. I look forward to hearing any news.

I have also noticed some irregularity in the knowledge at UTC. I went in after I bought the car to ask a question and they gave an answer which I knew wasn't correct. There seems to be a high turnover there.

My oldest daughter says I'm obsessed with Tesla and Elon Musk. She's probably right. It's so exciting to be part of the future. I'll wait to hear back from LithionSD but let the teacher know that I'm working on something.

LithionSD | 4 april 2014

@crmohler - How should I contact you when I get the info?

JoeFee | 4 april 2014

Have you contacted the service center mgr Bill in San Diego tell him I sent you. PM me if you need more help.

crmohler | 4 april 2014

@LithionSD Thanks!
@JoeFee I'm taking my car into SD SC next week for a tire rotation so I'll track him down. Thanks!

crmohler | 28 april 2014

Well, since I've had no luck with Tesla I'm planning on giving the presentation myself in a few weeks. I'm compiling video and images into a PowerPoint (keynote) presentation, with the help from slides that I've found online.

There's one question that I haven't been able to find the answer too, even with using Volkerize. I seem to remember that about 200,000,000 miles have been driven in Teslas, without a reported serious injury or death. I'd also like to convert that into X numbers of trees planted, or something similar that 6th graders could understand, in terms of the environmental benefits. Yes, I know that these are offset by production, but I'd like to keep it simple.

Any ideas?

Thanks! Christy

BrassGuy | 28 april 2014

I think you should just estimate the number of gallons of gasoline those miles saved. What's an avg mpg rating, 30? So at least six and a half million. Then how much less CO2. From, 20lb of CO2 generated per gal, 65,000 tons. And since the MS is about 3 times more efficient than an ICE vehicle, that's a savings of at least 40,000 tons depending on how the electricity was generated. I'm being overly conservative here, I think the grid overall is cleaner than that.

Actually, since it takes so much electricity to refine the fuel, it's probably a savings of the whole 65,000 tons. Elon said that if we stop refining oil, we'd have enough electricity to power all the cars if they were all EVs. (Paraphrasing.) I suspect that may have been an exaggeration, if so only a slight one.

nickjhowe | 28 april 2014

@crmohler pick up a copy of my book and my question and answer site ( It will give all the info you need.

I've been thinking about preparing a powerpoint deck that could be used for school presentations, etc.

If anyone already has something, drop me a line at nickjhowe at

crmohler | 29 april 2014

Thanks guys! @nickjhowe, I'm half way through my slides, and will share them with you once they're finished.

wcalvin | 30 april 2014 will get you a powerpoint as a .pdf file.

Will soon update it as I have given the talk recently to the MIT Club in Palm Beach and, a week later, to the MIT Club in Seattle (using the Service Center after hours).

TeoTeslaFan | 1 mei 2014

If there was a remote control toy version of Model S that would be great. Kids would love that. I think many model S owners would buy an RC Model S for their kids too. There could be even a functional supercharger with miniature solar panels and a battery swap station that actually replaces the battery with a pre-charged one. I think something like that would interest school kids a lot more than a power point presentation.

J.T. | 1 mei 2014

Yes, but crmohler is doing the presentation in a few weeks not in 2025. :-)

crmohler | 1 mei 2014

I'm also adding a lot of video into the presentation. I have a lot of experience with public speaking and know the first rule: "Know you're audience!".

I also will have my Model S on site. How can I go wrong?!?

Brian H | 3 mei 2014

If it's in a school, spell it right: "Know your audience!"

Red Sage ca us | 3 mei 2014

Definitely if there is WiFi for your laptop, or the Teacher has one of the newfangled Whiteboard/Three Dimensional Blackboard thingies in the classroom... Cue up the fun fan commercials like 'Gallons of Light', and end with the 'Again! Again!' one.

tgp1019 | 3 mei 2014

I will have fun with highschool seniors this coming Wednesday. My daughter has done project regarding alternate energy sources, and she has written about solar panel we have on our roof and her teacher wants me to bring my Tesla to highschool parking lot for show and tell.

nderonne | 28 augustus 2018

I just received a coloring book for kids that has lots of pictures of the Model S, X and even Powerwall. Here's the link to the PDF.

SO | 28 augustus 2018

I’m torn by this.

I like the idea of teaching kids about alternative energy and exciting engineering but I don’t like the idea of “corporate brainwashing” (even if it is Tesla).

gmntmare | 27 oktober 2019

very cool so what every happened @crmohler? Do it go good?

albertingram23gr | 12 februari 2020

And educators are given very little guidance in how to integrate STEM activities into the curriculum (which are managed at the state level or more and more at the national level). Would be great if offers on Tesla Presentation in Schools were really at the state levels.