Tesla Reviews

Tesla Reviews

These are articles which were new to me. Most are post-delivery-event or just before, though there are a few older items. Some are copies of each other, more or less. Some are brief videos.

Yes, I read them all!

prash.saka | 27 juni 2012

How come you have an MB B class review in there? Is that an Easter egg or something? :)

Brian H | 27 juni 2012

Which one? Maybe the site jumped to the "next" review before I grabbed the URL.

Brian H | 27 juni 2012

Oh, wait; the B-class is the one that Tesla will supposedly be providing with a drive-train. The article makes the point that the platform is intended to be versatile enough to handle ICE, hybrid, or EV, and all versions will be produced.

Alastair.Nantes | 28 juni 2012

Hey Brian,
Thanks for this list. Excellent! And I see you have been active where people have passed inaccurate comments.
Keep up the good work!
P#853 (Europe)

Brian H | 29 juni 2012

yes, but I couldn't "correct" all the comment threads, or I'd still be partway through the list! ;)

mvbf | 29 juni 2012

For those with the patience please give me what you think are the top 5 or 10 articles. One of my favorites is the MotorTrend article not in the group.


rd2 | 29 juni 2012

I think this may be a new addition to the list (from today):

Extremely positive, and a longer test drive/factory review, with video, than most. !!

Johann Koeber N... | 29 juni 2012

I like this one:

Hopefully Tesla can improve the quality of the otherwise 'best car in the world'. Especially here in Europe expectations are sky high (no problem for Elon, I guess). For all the technical grandeur the car certainly has, if it is squeaking it will not be accepted. Compare with Audi, BMW und Mercedes, that's the benchmark.

Sudre_ | 29 juni 2012

This is not directed at Johann.

I thought the Classic Driver review was one of the worst. Again pushing the "is it practical" bull because it might take 1 to 10 hours to charge. Sounds like a Top Gear quote.

They also don't trust the Safety test for the two back seats? Why have safety standards if you can't rely on them. I spent my childhood making faces out the back window of a station wagon sitting over a gas tank that could explode in an accident.... I lived. The S is safe for kids. Geesh get over it reviewer.

BYT | 29 juni 2012

@Sudre_, my dad had a station wagon that he would run on rubbing alcohol. He had gallons of it in the back with us on the trips from the San Francisco Bay Area to L.A. to take us to Disneyland. We slept like babies the whole time! :D

EdG | 29 juni 2012

A Westchester store rep told me he heard that Motor Trend will have the Model S on the cover next month. Get your copy!

rd2 | 29 juni 2012

"For all the technical grandeur the car certainly has, if it is squeaking it will not be accepted. Compare with Audi, BMW und Mercedes, that's the benchmark."

First of all, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes are NOT the benchmark for Tesla. Tesla is setting it's own benchmark by building an EV that performs as well or better than those other brands.

More importantly, I would bet a fair amount that once Audi, BMW, and Mercedes start making all electric luxury EVs (which they soon will), they will all squeak. Why? Because EVs are whisper quiet. The only reason ICE's don't 'squeak' is because the noise from the engine drowns out those sounds. Just common sense. With an EV, you will hear the body noise, and that's ok with me.

Solution? Turn up the volume on the radio a little! :)

stuberman | 29 juni 2012

I would gladly trade squeaking for all of the problems that I have had with my BMW 540i.

Brian H | 30 juni 2012

Very nice review.
Especially check out the factory sub-review, and the excellent galleries for each station: Tremendous amount of detail not published before.

Also, this quote: "Should sales outpace expectations, Passin believes the plant could build 100,000 vehicles per year without greatly stretching the current equipment."

jerry3 | 30 juni 2012


Every real person who went for a drive said there was no squeaking (there are several posts on this over at TMC). I think either they mistook the squeaking for something else or they felt they had to say something bad.

EdG | 30 juni 2012

The front page of the Automobiles section of the NY Times for July 1 showcases EVs. The photo there from last Friday's event shows a crowd around a car whose headlights are shining into the camera, obliterating any of the car's details. It's like they didn't want to show how nice the car looks in comparison to other cars in the articles.

BYT | 30 juni 2012

Have a link to the article? I have a buddy that works at the New York Times, I can ask him about it.

EdG | 30 juni 2012
BYT | 30 juni 2012

They have a better photo, 6 of 6 but the article is less about Tesla Specifically and more about EV's and California

EdG | 30 juni 2012

Only the first 5 are in the print edition of the paper.