@TeslaRoadTrip 2015 - Reach the Beach, April 17-19th 2015

@TeslaRoadTrip 2015 - Reach the Beach, April 17-19th 2015

Registration for @TeslaRoadTrip 2015 - Reach the Beach is now open!

The second annual gathering of Tesla owners on the East Coast will be held April 17-19, 2015 in Salisbury and Ocean City Maryland. Come join us and many of your Tesla Motors Club forum friends and family from around the country for an exciting weekend filled with great activities and socializing.

Here are some highlights of the event weekend:

Local Tesla Superchargers & J1772’s make charging worry free!
Evening Reception on the riverfront in downtown Salisbury, MD
Group photos, P85D test drives and other activities & surprises on hand
“Reach the Beach" - scenic drive to Ocean City
Luncheon on the waterfront with great all-you-can-eat food, guest speakers & door prizes
Beach & Boardwalk - Enjoy the afternoon exploring Ocean City’s famous beach & boardwalk
Casual social activities and demos in Salisbury, MD on Saturday evening
Group Dinner in Salisbury, MD

For the full announcement and registration, please click on the link below!

Aaron Schildkraut

Brian H | 2 maart 2015

Bring your own snow shovels. All the plows will be otherwise occupied.

aaron.s | 3 maart 2015


The event is April 17th - 19th. We purposely moved the date back into the spring to avoid snow issues. Funny enough, even with a snow storm the day before, we had 60 Tesla's and over 130 people show up to the event last year....

It's going to be event better this year!


caatinga09 | 3 maart 2015

I am actually flying over to US and Philly to visit my friend. We were talking about renting a cottage just east of Laurel, The town next to Salisbury. We will definitely drop by and look (listen) to the cars. I am a frequent blogger so you will be able to see the photos here:

aaron.s | 13 maart 2015

All -

Just wanted to let all of you know that registration is still open for the event and that we are now taking reservations for our all-you-can-eat buffet lunch at Hoopers Crab House in Ocean City that will happen on Saturday April 18th during the event drive from Salisbury to Ocean City, MD. You must be registered for the event to attend the lunch.

This is shaping up to be an event greater event than our DC adventure in February 2014!