I would love to see a cargo van created. I have a service business and would by several.

Brian H | 20 augustus 2013

Would you buy any?

filsmyth | 20 augustus 2013

We've been speculating that the 4th generation platform will be for trucks, working from several clues Elon Musk has given.

Check this thread:

David N | 21 augustus 2013

The application for trucks is huge. Aside from the individual demand, Imagine the current fuel cost that UPS and Fed Ex face each day. I would imagine they would love to eliminate that cost, and also eliminate a lot of the maintenance costs that they are currently spending on their ICE fleet.
School buses, Postal trucks (if they're still around by then), the list goes on and on.

filsmyth | 27 augustus 2013

Have started a new thread over in Model X, "A PAIR OF X-BASED CONCEPTS":

...and stayed up late doing a new image manipulation:

Basing a ute-style pickup on the Model X, I think, would be a good way to begin...