Tulip Concept Vehicle

Tulip Concept Vehicle

Hi all,

my name is Ognyan Bozhilov. I'm a designer and this is my vision for the future of urban transportation. It's called the 'Tulip' - a three wheel, light, electric vehicle. I'd love to hear your comments and critics.

Please check it out here:

Best Regards,

Homebrook | 22 juli 2015

It looks like you have developed your ideas to a point where it is more than just pictures. Are you building one?

bozhilov86 | 23 juli 2015

I believe that such small vehicles are easy to adapt to current infrastructure and can help a big deal for coping with modern city traffic.

In this regard I'm hoping to find time and finance to build a prototype and reach a wider public. Not an easy task of course.


Kurt Johann Foster | 13 augustus 2015

I personally think it looks amazing! nice work.
Concepts are great, but until the point of actual prototyping, they can amount to almost nothing. It seems as if you have gotten way past physical dimensioning, which would be a great time to contact people or make parts for a first prototype.

Just the fact that it looks like a freakin bug AND its electric is way beyond futurism. It's naturally enlightening.
Fantastic job once again, I would buy one indeed!

EcLectric | 18 augustus 2015

I think that child seat is a great idea.

Get the child driving at an early age, I say!

If you get stopped on the way home from the bar, you can just scold the baby "I told you to drive carefully!".