Vanity Plates?

Vanity Plates?

Hey folks,
I'm a first-time poster, but a long-time lurker.

I just ordered vanity plates for my Sig and thought I'd start a thread to see what other folks have gotten.
After much deliberation, I got "HC FREE" (California).

I've never had vanity plates before, but as an early adopter, I'm voting with my dollar (ok, many dollars). I want to spread the word for Tesla and electric cars in general, and I figure a vanity plate is a good way to introduce the driving public to an option they may not be aware of. "Hey, that there Aston-Martin is hydrocarbon free! - oh wait, what's a Tesla?"

- Dean

PS: I tried to get "AC 4 ME" but that became unavailable while I was in the process of checking out. If whoever got that is on this forum, you would have missed out if you were a minute slower ;)

RAFellows | 23 juli 2013

WA plate "ALECTRA". Wife is very fond of her MS and Electra bike, so...

Brian H | 24 juli 2013

Cut the plate and move the MS after Tesla?

cloroxbb | 24 juli 2013

An idea I have: E GUZLR - E for electron :)

Darmok | 24 juli 2013

PLUGSIN in Nevada.

robfields | 24 juli 2013

Before receiving my Model S, I installed solar panels on my house, generating much more than enough electricity to power my car: SUN PWR.

Brian H | 24 juli 2013


Reflectionsdetailing | 25 juli 2013


Is one on a local car


emoflash | 25 juli 2013


tcung11 | 25 juli 2013

Mine is: OUTFGAZ

tcung11 | 25 juli 2013


svoelpel2 | 25 juli 2013

Just got "BY-BY GAS" in North Carolina.

Donato | 25 juli 2013

I came up with one for our daughter but she doesn't want it.


Meaning I see you and with Betty Boop eyes.

P.S. Feel free to use it; we're in Washington.

TMS P85 | 25 juli 2013

I've NEVER in my life gotten a vanity plate before but I just ordered one.

I got TMS P85.

Zero EV | 25 juli 2013


Registration just arrived today.

LuvTesla | 25 juli 2013


FranknWC | 25 juli 2013

Ordered: NO ICE13 (no internal combustion engine 2013) in PA waiting for the plate should be here the same time as our MS 85 end of July.

Brian H | 25 juli 2013

On the Web, Q = smoking a cigarette. (:Q

Xerogas | 25 juli 2013

How long does it take before your new plates arrive in CA? I ordered my plates before taking ownership of the car, and have been driving a couple months now. Still now vanity plates in the mail...DMV cashed my check long ago, but I don't know where to look online to check on progress.

jebzter | 26 juli 2013

Mine says LOLFUEL

TeslaGoon | 22 februari 2014


Captain_Zap | 22 februari 2014

I wonder if they belonged to the band.

Brian Vicars | 19 december 2014

TESLA EX. (Ontario, Canada)
If ever I get divorced then my Model X will then have a double meaning. | 19 december 2014


davinhappy | 19 december 2014


bevguy | 20 december 2014

Lucky enough to get TESLA S

rawilliamsent | 30 augustus 2015

"NO GASLA" California whale tail protect out coast & ocean

steven warner | 31 augustus 2015

"85D", Silicon Valley.