Wait time for a new MS

Wait time for a new MS

I'm sold on Tesla model S after test driving twice and reading a lot of feedback on forums.
There are some negatives like cramped back seats, vampire draw, etc. that are out-weight by great acceleration and steering and most importantly no pollution.
The question is how long do I have to wait to get one in Massachusetts. I understand that there is $2,500 deposit but Tesla's web site is numb about the turnaround time.

michael1800 | 23 juni 2013

Recently one month after your order is finalized. However, it could be up to 2-3 months due to exported vehicle production. I'd call Tesla for an authoritive guesstimate.

Thrak | 23 juni 2013

I'm test driving tomorrow in Washington DC and was planning on asking. The design studio on the Tesla site says the 60 delivers in about three months and the 85 and performance 85 in about two months.

GReese | 23 juni 2013

I finalized my Blue Model S 60 order 4/26 and took delivery 6/12. I would have had it several days earlier if I had not been out of town.

RIsquare | 23 juni 2013

"finalizing order" mentioned twice above. What does it mean? Do I "finalize my order" if I complete the design process on line and pay the $2,500 deposit online. Is there something else involved and how long does it take to "finalize the order"? Also I have heard of some inventory on hand at Tesla Motors caused by cancelled orders. Is there a way to get a new Tesla S instantaneously from this pool, with the understanding that there will be no choice of colors and options - just whatever is available.

GReese | 23 juni 2013

I don't know about available inventory, but when I say "finalized order", I mean that the two week grace period is up and the order is now in build mode.

The way it works is:

* You put down your deposit. From this point, you have 2 weeks to muck with the design.
* After 2 weeks, the design is finalized. That's what *I* meant when I said "finalized order".

ORWA | 23 juni 2013

You can also finalize before the two weeks are up.

Regarding getting a MS right away. That is how I got mine. The test car was exactly what I wanted except for the wheels, which they swapped out. Picked up the car seven days later.

bsimoes | 23 juni 2013

Is the deposit no longer $5,000?

Wooly | 23 juni 2013

I would wait for your own custom Model S and hear is why.

First, once you have placed your order and put down your $2,500, your order will sit and do nothing for two weeks at which time it will "finalize" automatically and begin the process of sourcing and manufacturing. Finalize simply means that your car is released to begin production and your deposit is no longer refundable if you want to cancel for some reason. There is no reason you have to wait the two weeks for your order to finalize. Simply call the sales department at Tesla and tell them you want to finalize your order immediately. They will go over your configuration on the phone with you to make sure everything is correct and then you are done. Your car skips the two week waiting period and goes right to production. Make sure you are set on your configuration as you will not be able to make changes once your car is finalized.

Second, when you are buying a fine automobile, you should get it exactly as you want it. Don't settle for some car that does not have all the options you want or possibly have to pay for ones you don't want. Get it right. The satisfaction of having the perfect design is worth the wait. The anticipation of waiting makes it all the sweeter when it finally arrives.

Lastly, you won't have to wait long. Tesla is easily beating the time estimates they are giving. I chose to not wait the two weeks and "finalized" my order right away, I did that on June 12. Today is June 23. Tesla just called and said my car is ready. Custom and just the way I wanted it. That's only 11 days!! Add 3-4 days for shipping. That's really fast for a custom built automobile. I pick mine up here in LA on June 25. Less than two weeks after I finalized my order. They have that factory humming. One note is that they do give some priority to the more expensive cars. P85's and 85's over the 60's. so that could make some difference. Mine is a standard 85, Tech, sound, leather, 19". Hope this helps in your ordering process and peace of mind. Welcome to the Tesla family. It's going to be a great ride.

Wooly | 23 juni 2013

Damn auto correct. Should be "here" in the first line.

john3morton | 23 juni 2013

I ordered my p85 on 6/13 with a delivery estimate of "Late-July" I "finalized on 6/14 with no change in the delivery estimate. I have not gotten a status update since. Will call my factory rep tomorrow and ask for an update. The reps are awesome - answering questions on the phone and responding to emails very quickly.

This is my first $100k+ car and so far I am glad it will be a Tesla.

Will update when I get an update from the factory. CAN'T FREAKIN' WAIT!

AlMc | 23 juni 2013

bsimoes...Yes, the deposit was reduced from 5k to 2.5K about a month ago, I believe, for an 'S'.

elguapo | 23 juni 2013

Tesla has "orphan" cars for sale. Delivery is almost immediate if you live near factory. If you live on East Coast, it still takes about 3 weeks. The orphans tend to be 85s and P85s. Clearly, you have no choice of options and there's no real discount, but it is faster.

Brian H | 23 juni 2013

The 5K was for a "reservation". When reservations went away, and became immediate orders, the deposit changed to 2.5K.

trydesky | 23 juni 2013

It's great that the turn-around time to get your car is way down, but does that mean orders are easing up? In a way, I sort of wish it was still 3 months min.

Brian H | 23 juni 2013

I think TM wanted to erase the backlog to pemit max effort, if needed, in case the Euromarket demand takes off. Could happen.

Brian H | 23 juni 2013

permit | 23 juni 2013

I finalized an order for an S85 last week and nice guy I talked to quoted me six weeks form that point, but said closer to 4 weeks was more likely. This is for a pick up at the factory. BTW according to the Design Studio, the wait for the bigger battery is a month shorter--2 months vs 3 months for the 60kWh.