Wallace And Gromet Model 3 undercover

Wallace And Gromet Model 3 undercover

Is it the model 3??

check it out..

could be both models under cover are model 3 possibilities


EcLectric | 5 augustus 2015

It almost appears that one half is an open top and the other is not. The two 'states' of a convertible? If so, that would be a new roadster instead of the Model 3.

PMadFlyer | 5 augustus 2015

I'd like to say that I was the first to point it out on the "Model X Mule Spottings" thread, post #1809 on TMC. I have nothing to contribute, just wanted to say, "first!"

One half is the CUV, the other is the sedan. Look at the wait what why article about tesla. It says that they have a classy model with two styles, one on each side. Also, this isn't uncommon practice. A 3d scan of each side is mirrored in a computer to make two whole models. Since they are built on the same clay model, the lines flow well between the two variants.

petero | 5 augustus 2015

Is that the "James Bond Submarine Lotus" in the upper right corner?

Timo | 5 augustus 2015

That's a lot smaller than Model S, so it can't be Model X. That just have to mean that this is Model 3 with two versions of it in single clay model.

It looks a bit like Honda Civic type R -like chassis to me. I like that. If the performance version of Model 3 is anything like type R with performance anywhere close to Model S I just have to buy it. And move to some place where I can give a proper garage for it.

jordanrichard | 6 augustus 2015

petero, that sure does look it.

Ross1 | 7 augustus 2015

Looks like an opened falcon wing door under the cover