What is This?!?

What is This?!?

Over the weekend a passed by a vehicle that looked absolutely amazing. But i couldn't make out what it was because i have never seen it before. It looked like the roof was made of solar panel technology, the side of the car had EVer, or something similar. And then I learned it was Fisker Karma. Now, i'm a Telsa person all the way and can't wait to get mine next month, but damn, this car was gorgeous!! But, it's hybrid and I think slightly slower than a 60. Just curious, has anyone driven or even heard of this vehicle?

PhillyGal | 19 april 2015

Fisker is an EV sports car but through a series of events, failed. Don't quote me but I believe there may have been some government incentive to build a factory and grow but something happened.

Be right back - Wikipedia...

PhillyGal | 19 april 2015

I was already wrong - it is a plug-in hybrid. That'll teach me to speak based on an episode of Two and a Half Men that I vaguely remember from several years ago.

Teslife | 19 april 2015

Yeah, i was researching it a little and apparently they seem to be back in business. I love the whole solar panel roof idea because i always wondered why Tesla didn't do something similar

njelectric | 19 april 2015

Fisker was a U.S. car company that was building the Fisker Karma in Finland. It is a plug in hybrid that is Drop dead absolutely gorgeous but that is where the good stuff ends. The company had many setbacks and went bust. The worst sin for "greens" was that when running in hybrid mode it got pretty crappy mileage. The worst sin for driving enthusiasts was that for $100k it was not especially fast. A couple hundred cars drowned in Newark,NJ during Hurricane Sandy.

Teslife | 19 april 2015

Oh wow, that's interesting.

njelectric | 19 april 2015

PS the solar panel roof was a total gimmick. It would get you very few additional miles a year. There are several threads on this forum explaining why no solar tech today can generate enough electricity to make any difference in the small space on a car roof.

Chunky Jr. | 19 april 2015

A friend of mine had one and it was indeed very cool looking. I never got a chance to drive in it, though. He got rid of it after a few months and got a Maserati.

Teslife | 19 april 2015

@njelectric Ok, cool thanks for the info. There's a few comparison videos between the Fisker and Model S, and of course, the Tesla won every time!! It's just refreshing to see that cars can look this good and be electric. I don't care for the hybrid stuff though...either all EV, or nothing at all.

Jolinar | 19 april 2015

also I wouldn't call it "sports car". Model S is way sportier and I don't call Model S sports car either :-)

brad | 19 april 2015

If you want to learn more about the details of the car, watch this video as well as the one that soly focuses on the central command screen.

The Karma was a beauty but it only seats 4, is slow, slow, slow and has a solar panel roof that is a complete waste of money. The company is done and out of business but the exterior lines are something else. I'm very glad I was never enticed to invest or to buy a Fisker Karma.

Teslife | 19 april 2015

Yeah @brad, i agree. I'm happy i learned about Tesla first. And of course..full EV FTW!!!

TeoTeslaFan | 19 april 2015

Tesla paid a good amount of money to Henrik Fisker for the design of Model S. He started working on the design but took the some of the specs of the car that was planned back then and started his own car company. After that Tesla decided to bring design in house. Elon said: "We were paying someone to do styling for his own car". Tesla sued Fisker but wasn't successful because of a technicality.

Roamer@AZ USA | 19 april 2015

@Teslife, About the only thing worthwhile on the Fisker was the body had a nice sleek look. Everything else about the car was terrible. The interior was cheesy and cheap. Interior space was horrible. The battery and power systems were all marginal. I had one on deposit. Took a test drive and requested a deposit refund the next day. The company went bankrupt a few months later. I ordered a Model S and have been happy ever since.

Teslife | 19 april 2015

@Roamer@AZ USA You're right...the more i read up on it, the more i dislike it. brad sent me a youtube video about the car and that command center is horrible.

NKYTA | 19 april 2015

I see one drive by my townhouse almost daily. It is a beauty from the outside, and as others have said, everything else about it, not so much.

TeoTeslaFan | 19 april 2015


Quote: "youtube video about the car and that command center is horrible."

This is an understatement. It is beyond that. It is like software created for a movie prop instead a production car.

Fisker Command Center: An Owner's Review

NomoDinos | 19 april 2015

I believe what remained of Fisker was bought by some large car manufacturing company in China, and they were thinking of trying to revive the brand. Wanxiang I think? Not sure, but the original management is all gone.

Definitely agree that the Karma is quite a stunning design, just highly impractical (cockpit way too cramped, hood too long). Also, a bunch of the aforementioned Karmas that got soaked in the Hurricaine proceeded to catch fire due to short-circuiting. Whoops.

Brian H | 19 april 2015

Wiki: In April 2015, it was rumored that [new] Fisker owner Wanxiang Group will reintroduce the Karma under the name Elux Karma in 2016 for an estimated retail price of $135,000 USD.

Good luck with that!

NomoDinos | 19 april 2015

Haha, I think they just mashed up "Elon" with "Deluxe", or "Space X" and came up with "Elux". | 19 april 2015

Lol | 19 april 2015


A Chinese knock-off?!?! Get outta here. Ha ;)

TeoTeslaFan | 19 april 2015

If you decide to edit the topic title, there is an edit button on top left. An alternative title could be:

What is this good looking silver EV sports car?

Tiebreaker | 19 april 2015

The Karma had the face of the Joker. The joker by Jack Nicholson.

quinney | 19 april 2015

I was thinking Mr. Sardonicus

Boukman | 20 april 2015

Never liked it...not very well engineered in my opinion...That's probably one of the reasons they shut down...They are supposed to make a come back... soon. Let's see what happens.