What car did you have before ordering the Tesla?

What car did you have before ordering the Tesla?

I just finished watching a few of the motor trend YouTube video's about the Tesla model S and it got me thinking about who is fueling the fire with Tesla. They are all car guys and they voted it #1 (100% agree). But the amazing thing about Tesla is it has other categories of drivers that are fueling the fire. But where are the numbers really coming from?

I would say there is only 3 categories, you are either:

1. Green
2. Technology lover
3. Car lover

There is no category for "economical" because lets all be honest you could buy a used Honda civic with 40mpg and it would take a 1000 years for the Tesla to make sense financially.

I drive a Porsche Cayenne SUV now, but wouldn't consider myself a car guy. I am a technology guy and I am buying a Tesla because its technology is simply the BEST. I have every gadget there is and the Tesla is to me the best gadget on wheels. I'm in technology sales and spend a lot of time on the road, this was just something I couldn't resist (and I tried...)

So one vote for Technology lover.

Masonator0 | 4 februari 2013

I replaced a Merc S65. Goodbye to $10k per year in gas. The Model S actually drives better for half the price.

rwang | 4 februari 2013

Audi A6. Performance, geekiness.

awaite | 5 februari 2013

'05 MINI Cooper S

More a tech guy but intrigued by the liberation of a totally electric vehicle. First interested when mini did their mini e field trials in '09. Couldn't get one then, still can't and no longer practical for my needs anyway. Father worked for one of the big 3 and feel nostalgic/proud to support a new American car co. Excited also to be a relatively early pioneer in the EV revolution.

On second thought, maybe I'm more of a green guy. Either way its an awesome car.

EclecticCitizen | 5 februari 2013

After driving it 10+ yrs, I'll be saying goodbye to a 1999 Accord. Loved the reliability & just not having to think about it much, but it's time to upgrade.

Reasons for MS: love the technology & styling of the car, want to be part of the future/solution to foreign oil dependency & the national security consequences, hate sending money to oil companies, hate sending money to foreign oil powers who seem to cultivate terrorists, less pollution/green benefit, LOVE that it's made in the USA & supports jobs here!

I looked at lots of hybrids...but they are all ugly with the exception of the Optima & new MKZ and I still didn't really want either of those.... or not really great on MPG (Porsche etc). I like the simple elegant design of all-electric vs hybrid. The MS leap-frogs hybrid technology. After researching the options, the MS was the only car that I truly wanted. It's more than double the cost I had in mind when I started my search, but in the end I judged it to be justified in the long run.

I have been following the company since the inception and like all of you I can't wait to be driving my own MS.

Brian H | 5 februari 2013

Very nice, but don't spread misinfo. Less than half of oil is now imported (and falling) and only about 20% of that comes from the Gulf. Actually, the US is on track to become a new Oil Empire. Even California!

jbunn | 5 februari 2013

To add to Brian's point, out of the oil we do import, our largerst supplier is Canada. They don't produce terrorists, but they do produce socialists, hockey fans, and some really good beer. We've been fortunate here to have Vancouver and Victoria a Tesla ride away, as well as our Canadian friends as all around good neighbors.

I'm a green, tech lover. Kept my last car for 13 years. I don't want to be purchasing gas for another decade or so, so I decided to kick the petrol habit now.

peahl | 5 februari 2013

Green and tech
Solar Panels - Environment, Compost - reduced waste, artificial turf -reduced water, using windows instead of AC etc.
BMW ActiveE will be replaced by Model S but still will not get rid of MB because of tech - Hill Assist, Lane Assist, Colission Avoidance and lux and perfection.