What is the waiting time for a repair at your service center?

What is the waiting time for a repair at your service center?


I'm starting to get very upset about having to wait more than 3 months to get my wheels properly aligned. I've only had the car for about 4 months and driven it just over 3000 km, which probably means the wheels where never properly aligned from the factory. I can't floor the pedal from a stand still because the tires are rubbing against the wheel arch when I do so. I would love to get the ludicrous mode, but first I would like to be able to enjoy the insane mode.

The waiting time for about 3 months is the average in Norway I think. What is the waiting time for repairs (not service) in other countries ? Is it just as bad ?

tes-s | 20 juli 2015

I can get a regular scheduled service appointment within a week in the US (CT). For a serious problem, I think same or next day - I drove in once and they had a tech check out a noise right away and I scheduled service for 3 days later (it was not a critical issue).

frekri | 20 juli 2015

I had my car since feb 2014. First 3 months wait for fixing various stuff, but they had forgotten my appointment so I don't think they did anything. 7 months for my annual service(it was moved twice without notice so I had drive home again twice). 3 months to upgrade my double charger to 22kw. About 1 year for replace my broken drive unit.

frekri | 20 juli 2015

Oslo, Norway by the way.

frekri | 20 juli 2015

And they forgot to remove the rust and the car pulls to the right after my last service appointment. So I have to go back. :(

CXVII | 20 juli 2015

Wow, you've been really unlucky frekri.

I think they are understaffed in the workshop and overstaffed in the sales department. According to a friend of mine who was considering working there as a mechanic, the mechanic's pay is very low compared to peers. Part of the payment is settled in stocks, which they cannot sell until a couple of years have passed. Thus, they cannot get enough mechanics, as few is willing to switch to Tesla.

The sales staff get a much higher payment. Which is weird considering, the car sells itself. Heck, even I know more about the car than the sales staff. The car doesn't fix itself. They should switch the income scheme between the mechanics and the sales reps.

If anyone from Tesla is ready this, please correct me if I'm wrong.

Anthony J. Parisio | 20 juli 2015

In PA, U.S. emergency is done right away. None emergency services can take 1 to 3 weeks depending on if you need a loaner car. My guess is Norway has bought so many Tesla's there is not enough service centers to keep up with it. As for the alignment being off since deliver, NO AMERICAN WOULD TOLERATE THIS! Knowing this great service people would have put you first in line.

barrykmd | 20 juli 2015

In Denver, CO, it took me 4 weeks to get a service appointment for a 12V battery replacement. I wasn't happy about that, though it worked out OK.

frekri | 20 juli 2015

If you have a total break down, you are first in line in Norway too.

LetsGoFast | 20 juli 2015

In Virginia, it is now 3-4 weeks for routine stuff. Before the new service center it was more like 5-6 weeks.