Which countries do have the most reservations holders and buyers of: Tesla Roadster / Tesla Model S / Tesla Model X?

Which countries do have the most reservations holders and buyers of: Tesla Roadster / Tesla Model S / Tesla Model X?

There is a map on which you can see where the reservation holders (or owners) of Tesla cars are located.

The number one country is offcourse the USA.
But which country is second on that list?
I thinkt that The Netherlands is second on that list of countries.
And in third place there is Norway.
And in fourth place we have Belgium (the neighbours of The Netherlands).
The fifth place must be more difficult to predict: Canada or Switzerland or Sweden?

Anyway I am proud that The Netherlands is second on that list.

Does anyone have an other opinion on this?

Benz | 30 januari 2013

Oops error in the title.
It should be: "Which countries do have the most reservations holders and buyers of: Tesla Roadster / Tesla Model S / Tesla Model X?"

Brian H | 31 januari 2013

As the OP (Original Poster) you can edit it. Hold your pointer on the T logo, and the option will appear.

The answer to all your questions (to date) is the United States.

Benz | 31 januari 2013

@ Brian H

"The answer to all your questions (to date) is the United States."

Most of the reservation holders are indeed in the United States, but not all of them. Other countries have reservation holders as well. Just look at the map.

I have edited the initial post. Thanks.

Timo | 31 januari 2013

Looks like there are couple sold in Finland too. That's a bit surprising considering how BEV unfriendly our country is.

Brian H | 31 januari 2013

Yes, it's really hard to distinguish EU sales by country, except that we know Norway is in the lead. Do the national forums give any clue?

Benz | 1 februari 2013

How do you know that Norway is in the lead?

Benz | 4 februari 2013

Maybe Tesla Motors will unveil this information at the end of the year.

Brian H | 4 februari 2013

Tesla has said so several times.

Benz | 5 februari 2013

And have they given figures about volumes per country as well?

Brian H | 5 februari 2013

No. But with Norway's small population it's quite remarkable that it's leading Europe in purchases, so TM has remarked on it!

Benz | 5 februari 2013

They say that Norway is leading Europe in purchases, but they have no figures to show for that assumption? Now that's quite remarkable, don't you think?

Brian H | 5 februari 2013

No, TM gives no figures for any country. We surmise them by trying to track reservation # reports on the web.

Benz | 5 februari 2013

Norway has a fiscal regulation that allows Norwegian people to buy EV's at substantial lower prices than ICE vehicles. That's why many registrations are from Norway.

Benz | 9 februari 2013

I have spoken to a representative of Tesla Motors, and he has confirmed that Norway has the most reservations of all European countries.

Marshgre | 9 februari 2013

Very interesting to see that someone here in NOVA SCOTIA has/is getting one! Now I have to keep my eyes peeled and camera ready.

Now why am I turning green? Is it environmentalism or envy?

Vawlkus | 10 februari 2013

Really? Damn, I'll have to keep an eye out as well. Let me know if ya spot it.

Benz | 15 februari 2013

Elon Musk has mentioned in his latest Blog (A Most Peculiar Test Drive): "our highest per capita sales are in Norway".

Timo | 15 februari 2013

"per capita" can mean that Norway has quite a bit less reservations than for example Germany or France. There are nearly 20 times more people in Germany than there are in Norway even that they are nearly same size geographically (Norway is only slightly smaller than Finland or Germany).

Benz | 15 februari 2013


Runar | 15 februari 2013

Norwegians orders should be above 1000 now, I expect that we end up with 50% of the europe sales for the years to come ;-)

Benz | 15 februari 2013

The more the better.

Brian H | 15 februari 2013

Money talks; Norway has suspended all taxes on EVs till 2017, but Germany has not. So the MS is the cheapest sedan in Norway. Not so, in Germany!

Benz | 15 februari 2013

All Norwegians should get a Tesla Model S or a Tesla Model X before 2017.

tarpoon | 10 augustus 2013

Not only No tax on EV cars (tax on cars in Norway is around 110%) but also no tolls, no parking fees, no road tax, and you can drive in the taxi and bus only lanes , and free charging !
Model S will be our second EV car...we're going all electric!