This is why you KNOW Tesla will become extraordinarily successful

This is why you KNOW Tesla will become extraordinarily successful

My wife and I have noticed that several of our friends will make snide remarks about Tesla. They call it "that Green movement crap" or "that crazy electric car company" or "those roving death machines that catch on fire". It gets old and we've noticed the split is about 50-50 in our age group of people that like it and people that hate it.

Now with the youth of today, it's 100% that like it. I can't tell you how many kids come up to me - teenagers, people that work in malls, drivethrus, movie theaters, restaurant servers, you name it. They all want to see inside and are so enthusiastic. I have heard from them countless times "you are driving my DREAM CAR!" or "what do you do for a living because I want to own one!"

A teen came up to us in the parking lot the other day and asked all the usual questions and when my wife and I got in the car she said "did you ever notice that every kid is crazy about Tesla?" I started thinking about it and we discussed it on the drive home. This is the car of the future. People in their 40s and beyond may have preconceived notions about Tesla but the youth sure don't.

And guess who will be purchasing all the new cars in 10-20 years? Yep, those same kids I'm talking to today.

The more time I spend around Tesla the happier I seem to be.

Go figure.

tes-s | 27 januari 2014

Now if we could just get those kids some jobs so they could afford the car...

logicalthinker | 27 januari 2014

Yeah, if the kids could learn self discipline so they could achieve more than a fast food job and enough cash for the next dinner out + game.

It's going to take a while, because EVs with practical range are going to have to get down to very lowest car prices like $15,000, before the low income young people adopt them. Unfortunately.

Haeze | 27 januari 2014

Many of those "Youth" will be in their early-to-mid twenties, in their first "Career" jobs right when the Gen III comes out. They will have more money than they know what to do with, because they are still living off the same food/rent they had as teens, but have a real income.

As long as they can get the loan, they will be buying them in droves.

BobN @US-CA-SoCal | 27 januari 2014

Yup. After we bought the Model S, our daughter, her husband and their friends declared us to be officially the Coolest-Republicans-Ever. No question when (not if) they can afford it, they're all in. Their incomes will rise, costs will decline. Tipping point on its way. Coming, coming. Patience, lotus blossom.

MacDaddyDude | 27 januari 2014

I've noticed that as well. It turns heads, but most older folk sense that it is different, but they don't know why. The kids know why.

Here was my, "Ah HA!" moment that Tesla is here to stay. I had a perception that "the model S is a crunchy green save the planet for a few fringe drivers interested in the novelty."

Then I read some discussions between people with conceal and carry permits as to where best to store ones hand gun.

That's when I realized that this is a vehicle that will appeal to anyone who just likes to drive, and wants to buy stuff that just WORKS!

lolachampcar | 27 januari 2014

The D v. R L v. R wedge drivers have had success with the "older folks" while the young are still interested in making up their own minds and not listening to the ole fogies. The result, they form their own opinion on Tesla and it is objectively accurate.

As for the youth focusing and getting jobs, yada yada yada... We are starting to sound like our parents. They'll figure it out; we did. I have faith.

Volleyguy | 27 januari 2014

It is because the older people have heard the end of oil so many times they do not believe it. Youth have not.

Cry wolf theory. Eventually it is the end. | 27 januari 2014

+1 @lolachampcar

renwo S alset | 27 januari 2014

I doubt the cause is generational, it might simply be that the youth of today don't watch Fox News.

Haeze | 27 januari 2014

I have tried figuring it out on my own... but what does "D v. R L v. R" mean ?

Mathew98 | 27 januari 2014


"Now if we could just get those kids some jobs so they could afford the car..."

These kids will have to work their way up the fast food chains. Nothing build characters more than hard work and determination. Give the kids a silver spoon and they'll demand a silver fork!

Jamon | 27 januari 2014

+1 @lolachampcar

@Haeze: Democrat vs Republican, Left vs Right

Tiebreaker | 27 januari 2014

Yeah, we were all born at age 42 with built-in self-discipline and already successful... :-)

We were all once young (all of us), and irresponsible (some more than others), and without self-discipline (some less than the others), but made it this far, and some of us own Model S-es!

And for the young of today, tech means all. Try taking away the smartphones, or instagram etc.

D v. R, L v. R means little to them. There are "regressives" (old f@rts) and "progressives". The future is a one-way street. No turning back.

They already do figure it out.

NomoDinos | 27 januari 2014

Thomas - you gave them incentive to earn a better job to pay for their dream car :) Consider it a public service.

NomoDinos | 27 januari 2014

@Lola and Mat - +1!

lolachampcar | 27 januari 2014

What I can not figure out is where they'll get the space to learn. They would literally throw me under the jail today for the stuff I did as a kid. I can not count the times I was "escorted" back home by my ear (sometimes by the police) and yet the village insisted upon raising their kids and always having faith that we would eventually figure it out.

I really want that space for my daughter to make and learn from mistakes.

RedShift | 27 januari 2014

+1 Lola.

Thomas N. | 27 januari 2014

If it's any consolation, Lola, my son has PLENTY of space....a little too much!

JenAlJill13 | 27 januari 2014

My son graduated from college in Mass. with a business degree in May. I was concerned about him finding a job but he called me in August ( he lives with his mom) and said: "Hey dad, I'm working for Elon Musk! I just got a job with Solar City." He was incredibly excited then and he still is. We talk weekly about sustainability and renewable energy. Somehow, our kids will figure it out as we did... His next new car? The Model E...

carlk | 27 januari 2014

A friend of mine who's a life long Republican seems continue to resist the Model S even though he's a car guy, wanted a safe car for his family (had a nasty accident in his 4Runner few years ago)and have money to buy one. He's still trying to find some invalid excuses (can't go too far, charging is slow.....) even after his wife said she wants to buy one for him. He did not say it but I suspect there are some ideological reasons behind that. He's the only conservative in our group of close friends where everyone loves or wants to buy the MS.

I will let him to drive my MS when I get it in a couple of month. Ideology or not I think that should be enough to change him.

tes-s | 27 januari 2014

@carlk - come on, you don't really have a friend that is Republican, do you?

We young people don't think of our friends as Republicans, Black, Catholics, etc. Nor do we make judgments about them based on what television station they watch, or newspaper they read. They are just our friends. Of course, they do have to root for the same sports team, or there is trouble.

Koz | 27 januari 2014


Unfortunately, that will change with a lot of your friends in time. Political awareness typically comes later in life.

++1 lolachampcar

I haven't experienced the young vs old dynamic that others have expressed. The Model S is pretty universally drooled over but I'm sure there are some detractors out there. People are quick to point out to me when Tesla is in the news, like with the fires. They know what the news tells them and I fill in the blanks if there are any. I did here that mindless crap from h8ters about my Volt in 2012 but even that has mostly gone away.

chickensevil | 27 januari 2014

So for the record I am one of those "youths" I was in the Marines maybe pulling in around 25k a year... dreaming about the roadster (this was 2008 and I was just turning 20). I continued to persevere being smart with my money because I wanted to make around 90k a year before I felt comfortable getting a car. That was my goal I set.

Needless to say I am not quite at that mark (but being smart with my money has helped) that I am here waiting for my Model S to come in here in late March.

Having a dream and a goal (whether it is a car or what have you) is a strong motivator. Granted I picked the best possible field to fast track me to high pay pretty fast (also helps that I love it and am REALLY good at it). Keeping in mind I needed to buy a house (with a Garage) in Northern VA... a tall order for a 25 year old... And still be able to afford a car.

I might just be the outlier, but hey, just saying... it's possible. (and no I didn't have any help from anyone... I am far from a family of 1%-ers more like from a family in the bottom 10-20%... so don't think I was special in that way haha!

So yeah! Tesla is awesome!

Thomas N. | 27 januari 2014

Great to hear that Chicken! Good luck on your wait - it's by far the hardest part!

williamweiss21 | 27 januari 2014

In Northern NJ, then:

5-9yrs: Oblivious.
10-16yrs: Smiles, enthusiasm know what they are looking at. Want it. Will talk at length about it.
17-25yrs: Smiles, thumbs up, tailgating, zooming up from the rear upon recognition. Tailgating.
26-45yrs: Looks & stares, pulling up along side, behind, intense curiosity, then acceleration away
to indicate their car has 'something' too...
46-65yrs: One out of 7 know what the S is. Some stares. Expressionless.
66-85yrs: Oblivious.

lolachampcar | 27 januari 2014

One of my first buyers was in his mid 70s. I did the test drive (he was driving), he bought the stock. It doubled, he sold 1/2 and ordered his MS. He has had the car for six months and has doubled my number of test drives but I still am ahead in cars sold :) Age did not seem to slow him one little bit.

2-Star | 27 januari 2014

80, conservative Republican, love my P85 and preach the Tesla gospel to all who will listen. Also bought the stock at 85 when I bought the car last May; still have it at 150+.

thranx | 27 januari 2014

Had one car follow me off the highway and into a mall parking lot. Father told me that his son spotted the car and insisted on trying to make contact. I showed the kid the car (his "dream" car). You'd have thought he was on a ride at Disneyland. He was 15.

Now that's brand awareness.

Jamon | 27 januari 2014

@williamweiss21, I have to argue with your comment "5-9 yrs: Oblivious."

I have 2 kids in that age group that light up with joy every time they see a Model S on the road. And a 3yr old that can identify the Tesla logo (and showroom) from further away than I can!

Also a 75 yr old grandmother who is quite excited by it.

NKYTA | 27 januari 2014

+1 @Jamon, and don't forget the little girls in the "Again" thread. Precious!!

Keith72 | 27 januari 2014

I am a fairly moderate Republican (is that an oxymoron?) with a lot of conservative Republican friends (many who work in the oil industry). All of my friends love the Tesla and are looking for reasons to go for a ride with us. My kids are in their early 30s and they both love the car. My grandchildren love the car and the 9 year old tells people when he's old enough he's going to get a car just like mine....

bigd | 27 januari 2014

+1 That is the best part of what I have noticed of your generation, judge people as people :-)

@VIN20353 I am so sorry you can not comprehend the data but FOX is far and away the most watched news channel in ALL age groups, far out pacing MSNB(S)C,CNN etc.. However, you are correct that the youths in general are not watching the news as that is at an all time low

logicalthinker | 27 januari 2014

Chickensevil, you are awesome and inspirational.

Your handle is weird though. LOL. Haven't met an evil chicken yet, personally.

Jewsh | 27 januari 2014

My boss is about 55 (?) and he and his son wanted to take the 'S for a spin a few months ago. The elder is a pretty conservative guy from what I can tell, but his son was head over heels for the car. I even got "permission" from my (work) boss to get the car provided I let the college where I work use it as a UPS in the event the power goes out. The 'S holds 85kW vs the 80kW UPS in our server room, after all.

carlk | 27 januari 2014

@tes-s Yes I do. And he will still be a friend even if he dares to say Democrats only know how to spend other people's money one more time.

@bigd The best watched channel? And you conservatives are still wondering why the country is going downhill fast?

bigd | 27 januari 2014

Who is "wondering why the country is going downhill fast". We know why. lol

hcwhy | 27 januari 2014

The bubbas around here think any kind of conservation is for "tree-hugging sissies". It's truly remarkable how proud they are of their stupidity.

lolachampcar | 28 januari 2014

Faux is most watched.
Youth not watching.
Wonder why?

I suspect if we all got around in a circle, pulled out our check books and had a discussion about national defense, infrastructure, social safety net,,,,, we could come to agreement real fast.

The difficulty comes when money's interests enter the equation. The Roves and Carvalles of the world get hired and the wedges come out.

Anyone else find it odd that two guys spend nearly $1B each to get a job that pays less than $500K a year for four years? Someone is getting a return on that money else it would not increase every year.

drax7 | 28 januari 2014

I am 61. Love the car and the technology. Freedom to choose is my political belief.
Freedom to choose and free market enterprise made the country great.
Watch mostly Fox News.

renwo S alset | 28 januari 2014

" With a median viewer age now at 68 according to Nielsen data through mid-January (compared with 60 for MSNBC and CNN, and 62 to 64 for the broadcast networks), Fox is in essence a retirement community.

None of them are very "youth" oriented, but the facts speak for themselves.

renwo S alset | 28 januari 2014

" With a median viewer age now at 68 according to Nielsen data through mid-January (compared with 60 for MSNBC and CNN, and 62 to 64 for the broadcast networks), Fox is in essence a retirement community."

None of them are very "youth" oriented, but the facts speak for themselves.

carlk | 28 januari 2014

Talk about old white f@#t booster club!

bigd | 28 januari 2014

So typical of your kind, cant defend your points with facts so then start name calling (like a 5year old). I can say many things and call names on here but it takes a real Pu(*y to do it as there is no recourse. However, if you wish to get personal send me your e-mail and we can do it there, not on a forum. If you read my post I just that Fox has the highest viewer rating in ALL age groups because there was a snide remark about Fox on here. O, by the way, I enjoy CNN also, like I said before, I like to be well rounded.

carlk | 28 januari 2014

@bigd Why hide what you want to say from the general public? We're already hiding behind the keyboards doing this aren't we?

If you watch everything available and make your own judgement then more power to you. I'm only talking about (mostly older white) people who have very narrow views on the poor or less fortunate people, minorities, women, gays, god and science and can only find solace at places like Fox News.

bigd | 28 januari 2014

I don't have a problem with been on a public form talking about views. What I do have a problem with is name calling or trying to degrade others because they don't have the same views. I have not put anything on this forum that I don't back up with facts. Her is a quote from a person who I don't happen to consider one of my favorite news casters but it hit home. "Van Susteren seethed. "We won't always agree but a strong debate is helpful when we disagree. Sometimes if you are smart in your debate, you persuade someone who otherwise had disagreed with you. And then there are the creeps who take cheap shots because they are too ignorant and small to engage in an important discussion." Sums it up I think. I will be glad to debate anything with you, however, what I wont get into is name calling because the point can not be defended with facts. Hell, I am even letting my son go to a liberal collage and believe me, we have many debates LOL.

carlk | 28 januari 2014

bigd I'm beyond persuading those people or my grown son. I'm up to debating any subject you like to debate though. God, science,evolution, global warming will all be fine but that would be too easy. Perhaps you want to start with the conservative talking points like "Fed is ruining the economy by printing money", "we should let the free market to take its course instead of bail out GM and other companies to take bond holders' money to save union members"..... Or anything you like to along the line of these subjects.

To be fair I have not called your or anyone here's name. The comment was about that group of people and I believe is very accurate.

renwo S alset | 28 januari 2014

Brian H, where are you when we need you.

lolachampcar | 28 januari 2014

come-on guys/gals. Let's get the hair on the back of our necks to stand down a bit. Everyone is allowed their own opinion.

Baribrotzer | 28 januari 2014

Two other observations about Murdoch News (as I call it):
The Murdoch news programs are hands-down the most entertaining news programs on TV. They have the timing, punch, production values, and script quality of the best variety shows (which TV news has now replaced to some extent). That is no accident - Old Man Rupert is a very clever man. But I suspect that the viewership ratings may have more to do with that factor than with any kind of universal agreement.
Many people who disagree vehemently with Mr. Murdoch don't watch the news at all. They watch the Colbert and Stewart shows on Comedy Central.

Thomas N. | 28 januari 2014

This reminds me of that famous Hitler quote.....