Will Audis get access to superchargers?

Will Audis get access to superchargers?

When Audi SUVs come out will they get access to superchargers or will Audi have to build its own network? Perhaps it would be home, public, and destination charging only? I saw in one of their videos mention of high speed charging. Would that be at home only if they don't build a network?

Rocky_H | 18 september 2015

They will have access to drive up to them and look at them, but they won't be able to plug in. Elon Musk has had the offer publicly available for quite a while, that any other car company is welcome to design in the Supercharger port and have charging access to it if they will agree to participate with the cost and building of the stations. No company has taken them up on that offer yet, and I think none will. They have too much stubbornness and arrogance to publicly admit that they need anything that Tesla has.

Benz | 18 september 2015



Maybe in the next decade.

ghillair | 18 september 2015


It will be the next decade before there is an Audi to have access!