Will timed charging shorten battery life?

Will timed charging shorten battery life?

The manual says that leaving it plugged in all the time will maximize battery life. Does that mean that using the new feature that lets you set the time when charging begins (to get better electricity rates) will shorten battery life because it will be like it isn't plugged in until the charging time starts?

Noah.S | 23 april 2013

When I did some research I found out that, though not by a whole lot, li-ion batteries last longest with short charges (10%-40% depleted to full again).
I think Tesla just wants to get you in the habit of charging whenever you can, instead of running it to 'empty' all the time.
I don't think using the timer will make any difference. The important thing is that it's still getting charged that night.
If it shortened battery life, they wouldn't have released it.

Brian H | 23 april 2013

A testing engineer told me they had been running MSes on only SuperCharging, repeatedly, and had been unable to detect any degradation. Don't know how many cycles.