Will YOUR cable on the Model S HPC be too long?

Will YOUR cable on the Model S HPC be too long?

OK, so I've scheduled installation of my High Power Connector for the Model S, to happen sometime in June, hoping for a delivery of the Model S in July.

I want it installed on the column between two garage doors. Our Roadster will be to the left of the Model S, and its HPC is on the wall to the left of the Roadster. There really is no other place for the Model S HPC other than the column between the Roadster garage door and that for the Model S. The dimensions of the Model S HPC seem to fit ... as follows:

Height: 20" (508 mm) (Includes cable hanger)
Width: 5.75" (146 mm)
Depth: 3.75" (95 mm)

The problem is that the cable that comes with the Model S HPC is 25 feet long! I need perhaps 6-8 feet. The port for the charger is on the left rear of the Model S, and the "front" of out garage is a cabinet, not a wall (so we can't install the HPC there). We will/do drive in front-ways to the garage. I'm concerned that the excess cable will be in the way. Maybe we'll drive over it, or maybe it will get caught up in the closing garage doors. And it's a waste of money. Not so good.

So far, Tesla says they are not planning to offer a shorter cable. But I can't be alone in this position.

We can perhaps modify the cable after installation, but clearly this would void the warranty. I'm not thrilled about having 20 or so extra feet of cable.

Hmmm .... anyone else considered this issue?

ParkCityKen | 31 mei 2012

By the way, the column between garage doors, from one "gutter" to the other (where the garage door "wheels" go) is only 15".

Teoatawki | 1 juni 2012

I'm in the same situation (minus the Roadster, of course.) Cabinets will prevent installation on the front wall or the front portion of the right side wall. The breaker box and whole house RF and surge suppressor are mounted in the wall about 6 feet in. It will likely be easier and cheaper to install the connector near there, but not handy unless I resign myself to backing in. I probably won't have clearance to walk around to that side of the car unless the garage door is open. So I expect to use the post between the doors.

I'm fine with the extra cable length because I can plug in on the driveway when I need to, or when one of my new friends with a Model S stops by they can pick up some juice while we shoot the breeze. For regular in-garage charging I'll have the charger installed as high as practical so the unneeded cord stays on the hook.

Brian H | 1 juni 2012

A spring-loaded reel? Seems like a simple enough addon solution.

Mike_ModelS_P457 | 1 juni 2012

I've been contemplating the same issue, and similarly have a 22" space between th garage doors where I originally thought to mount the unit.

My idea was to attach something to the charger end that would retract, pulling it up to about 6' in the air, so I can easily grab and pull down. The length actually would then be ok, assuming enough play in the retraction line, so I could park nose in, tail in or in the other space.

I've seen things like this at fire houses, and need to do some more research on them.

jerry3 | 1 juni 2012

No, because the charge port is on the wrong side of the Model S.

jbunn | 1 juni 2012

What were you planning on using the built in cable hanger on the hpwc for? Garden hose?

Lightning Rod | 2 juni 2012

Cut out a square in the concrete floor. Install a housing box with a cover flush to the floor. Mount retractable electric cord reel into the box. Only the amount of cord needed will be unwound. Can still charge in driveway if wanted. Here is a link to some reels.