Will your Model S come early

Will your Model S come early

Will your car come in before or after the target date? I can't wait until August 29th to be a proud
new owner.

amatiych | 2 juli 2014

So far mine is going to be on time - July 18 in NY. Dashboard says "in production".

Vassilatos | 2 juli 2014

My delivery is scheduled for July 17 in Florida.. Dashboard says outsourcing parts!!!!' Hhhmmm

amatiych | 2 juli 2014

Call your DS. I was told by mine that it may takes a few days for dashboard to sync up.

Vassilatos | 2 juli 2014

I did call him 2 days ago and he had no info!!!! Hhmmm!!!!!

Kimscar | 2 juli 2014

My P85 is scheduled for the 10th of July. The other day they said maybe the 12th. It went in production about 5 hours ago and now they say they should make the 10th. Yeah. Just got done before that moving the Photosync install from the 11th to the 16th. I ordered Jan. 23rd.

Vassilatos | 5 juli 2014

I finally got building your model S message on July 3!!!! Does anybody knows how long the build will last and what is the next message should be on the dashboard ?
Thank you

AlMc | 5 juli 2014

I am happy for you all! The factory is suppose to shut down to bring up the second line sometime in July. Originally, Elon indicated the first two weeks of July so it would be interesting to hear how your builds progress so we all might get a sense of how long the factory might be closed.

It seems many people who ordered in June had original delivery dates moved up so I am hoping that the factory down town may be less OR that the new assembly line is expected to be able to produce more volume.

Congratulations....the wait is hard, but worth it.

amatiych | 5 juli 2014

I was told that the build lasts 4 days. my message appeared on Monday night and the production complete on Thursday night.

Now it's says production complete. Your model a is being prepared for delivery or shipment. I believe that this takes a few days (was told one week by DS). Probably part of quality control.

Kimscar | 5 juli 2014

I have been told build can be as short as 3 days maybe shorter even. Finished Paint of Thursday. I assume it starts completion of build on Monday and they said as of this last Thursday pick up 12 noon Thursday. I'm sure Monday I will get a clearer picture. If it goes out Monday it would arrive Monday at the Costa Mesa Service Center late and ready for me Thursday.

karmamule | 5 juli 2014

Congrats to those of you in production or getting your Tesla soon! Those of us still weeks away can only watch and live vicariously through you. :)

arldent3300 | 7 juli 2014

FINALLY!!! I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Confirmed P85 on 5/13, VIN assigned on 6/10. Received email from DS saying car will go into production from 7/14 to 7/19, and we are looking at around 7/28 for the car to get to Texas. That, my friends, is a good 11 (eleven) weeks of wait. So much for "Preferred Delivery" for a P85 :((( Just curious if anyone else in the state had to wait this long for a P85? I am still hoping to get it before going on vacation on the 26th, but don't know what the chances are. Bummed out.

socalsam | 7 juli 2014

@arldent- mine is a similar delivery time. Car will be ready the 24th but Ill be out of town till the 28th so Im currently scheduled for the 28th to get delivery.

I confirmed right around the same time as you.

Vassilatos | 7 juli 2014

Just talked to the service advisor and I was informed that my build will be done by tomorrow. Apparently the factory is shutting down at the end of this week.
Delivery scheduled for July 17 in Florida. Ordered 05/17...
Keeping my fingers crossed !!!

JagMan | 7 juli 2014

Mine reports being built, and I have an appointment to pick it up on Monday at 10am,so it has to get from the factory to Connecticut - it better be there or I'll burst!

(P85 ordered 4/22/2014)

arldent3300 | 7 juli 2014

@ Vassilatos

What is your configuration?

tadd | 7 juli 2014

Just ordered my P85+ on Saturday with an estimated delivery date of late September. Hoping for an early delivery!

karmamule | 7 juli 2014

@arldent3300, I confirmed my S85 on May 24th, only one week after you. No VIN yet, best estimate based on conversation with my DS is it'll arrive by September 12th or so. So yeah, you did get some preferred treatment for your P85!!

amatiych | 7 juli 2014

I was just told that mine is actually on a way from CA to NY and may arrive to Mt. Kisco, NY as soon as July 10 (scheduled is July 18). Can't actually pick it up this week but hope that July 14 would work. Its S85.

Vassilatos | 7 juli 2014

S80 pearl white, tech package, back up sensors, 21 inch wheels

Vassilatos | 7 juli 2014

I hope it's s85 and not s80 """"" lol

Kondo | 7 juli 2014

@tadd, I ordered the 12th of June and a P85 and also have a September delivery, so I don't think you will be early.

psrenv | 7 juli 2014

Ordered/Confirmed 6/7/14. S85 metallic gray, tech and sound package. SEPTEMBER is the delivery month. Have only the "sourcing parts" description on my Dashboard. The wait is killing me.

arldent3300 | 7 juli 2014

@ karmamule

At least three others who confirmed on the same date or day after received theirs at end of June already!!! I still have copy of their postings thus I base it on that.

karmamule | 7 juli 2014

Well @arldent3300, at least you are still better off than some of us lowly S85 folk! ;-)

Kimscar | 7 juli 2014

My car as of 8 PM Monday is still in build. Delivery is still scheduled for this Thursday the 10th. Let's see what tomorrow brings .

TechPreacher | 8 juli 2014

I now start to understand why the site is sometimes that slow. With all the folks (including me) waiting for delivery and hitting refresh all the time (including me!) :)

I have ordered and confirmed my P85+ mid May and the site keeps saying "we have begun sourcing parts..." but the delivery date has recently been moved from "Late August" to "September".

Place of delivery is Switzerland.

JagMan | 8 juli 2014

This mornings status :)

Production Complete

Your Model S is being prepared for pickup or delivery.

amatiych | 8 juli 2014

Congrats. Mine has been saying that since July 3 and is apparently already in route to NY with ETA in service center on July 10.

JagMan | 8 juli 2014


So hopefully we'll both be picking up on Monday then ;)

good luck with yours!

Kimscar | 8 juli 2014

This morning my car is being prepped for delivery. Going to talk to delivery team but this Thursday seems like it will happen.

amatiych | 8 juli 2014

You too.
Keeping my fingers crossed.

Joshua Burstyn | 8 juli 2014

No jokes about coming early? ;-)

Vassilatos | 8 juli 2014

Dashboard showing the car getting ready for delivery!!!! It's going to be a loong week until next Thursday!!!!

amatiych | 8 juli 2014

My car must be near. I drive from Brooklyn to Westchester (through Manhattan) twice a week. Normally I don't see any Teslas on the road unless I get coffee or gas at Mobile station that is home to Greenwich Super Charger.

Today I saw 7. Five black (like mine), One had a vanity plate that I think I saw here NO PETRL (or something similar). CT plates.


amatiych | 9 juli 2014

Filled up my ICE for the last time today. Got the call- The car is in Mt Kisco, NY one week early. Picking up on Monday during lunch.

KdotB | 9 juli 2014

Seems there is no love for us north of the border. Delivery does not appear early, but hopefully on time for next Monday (still in production). 3 fill ups left to go :(

karmamule | 9 juli 2014

amatiych, congrats, looking forward to hearing details! :)

amatiych | 9 juli 2014

Will post my experience on Monday.

tes-s | 10 juli 2014

Please wait until Tuesday - don't post while driving!

KdotB | 10 juli 2014

Ordered P85 May's status says BUILT! :)

Brian H | 10 juli 2014

Such joking would be premature.

SgtPepper | 10 juli 2014

Confirmed my S85 on May 18. Still showing late August delivery. No VIN yet. After reading these comments, I now regret not ordering a P85!

JagMan | 10 juli 2014

just got news that my MS won't arrive in time to pickup on Monday as planned - now moved back to Wednesday, these extra days are going to be the longest ever :(

Vassilatos | 16 juli 2014

I took delivery of my S85 this morning, a day earlier than scheduled!!!!!
Let the games begin!!!

sbeggs | 17 juli 2014

@Vassilatos, congratulations! What do you think of it so far (first impressions)? Which roads will you drive it on first...which song will you play to celebrate in the car...did you give your car a name?