Williamsburg VA to Key West FL 8/23 to 9/2

Williamsburg VA to Key West FL 8/23 to 9/2

Here we go. Planning a trip south. Unfortunately it appears the Richmond VA, Alamance NC and Port Orange Superchargers will not be open yet. Nevertheless here is the planned itinerary

1. Leave Friday night for Florence SC Leave at 6pm, travel 294miles (requires a campground stop X 2 hours)
2. Leave Saturday for Jacksonville at 12noon, travel 300miles (requires a campground stop for 2 hours)
3. Leave Sunday for Port St. Lucie Supercharger, travel 246miles
4. Leave for Key West 274miles
5. Charge for 1-2 hours at Tesla Miami
6. Charge at Sugarloaf KOA in Key West

KennyB@US-FL | 21 augustus 2013

You should probably change #5 to charge @ Tesla Dania Beach. It is right off I-95 where the Miami stores are not as convenient along your route.

Carmine | 21 augustus 2013

I am a little concerned with #3. If I'm reading it right you plan on traveling 246 miles after a full 265 mile charge. You should always try to give yourself about a 20% buffer which translates into 212 miles range. Especially in Florida in the summer with the A/C on and car packed with people and luggage. If you decide to attempt the 246 mile run....GO SLOW!

Davidinkl | 22 augustus 2013

Actually it looks st lucie SC to sugarloaf koa is only 259 miles with no detours.
You are welcome to stop at my outside tesla charge point in key largo for a few extra miles. It would seem better than driving around Miami and you would have a better gauge of what you need to make it by the time you're in Key Largo. Fl keys roads are VERY forgiving on the projected miles range. I've charged at the sugarloaf koa with no problems, at a site near the kids playground

byte | 22 augustus 2013

I am very interest in your charging from NC to FL. We are considering a similar route in early December. They really need a charger in NC/SC on I-95!
I think I've read of a J1772 charger at a Hilton in Florence.

nickjhowe | 22 augustus 2013

The last part of the trip should be pretty fuel efficient as from Miami down the keys is all 50-60mph speed limits - and lots of cops. So you should be at or above idea consumption.

And per KennyB - Dania is very convenient. Right next to I-95. But if (and it is a big IF) the Kendall store in South Miami has charging facilities you might be better charging there. It is another 40 miles further south and only 129 from Sugerloaf KOA.

Note the Miami Beach store on Lincoln Road is in a much better location if you need to kill a couple of hours, but it is a pain to get to and I don't know if they have charging facilities. Make sure you check.

My5bAby | 23 augustus 2013

@KennyB-FLL Thank you, I appreciate that, I forgot there was more than one store in FL !

@ Davidlnkl Thank you, I would like to at least stop bye to say hello. Will keep you posted regarding progress.

My5bAby | 23 augustus 2013

Well we are on the road. We left Williamsburg at 7 PM. Started with a rated 258 miles. Debating whether to stop and charge for one hour in the Fayettesville Wade KOA or see if we can make it to Florence which would be incredible.

Brian H | 23 augustus 2013

The secret attraction of EVs: the thrill of barely making it! ;D

Davidinkl | 24 augustus 2013

@Brian H +1
@My5bAby. I'll be around Monday

My5bAby | 24 augustus 2013

@ BrianH. Did some miscalculation no way I could have made it so stopped for 1.5 hours at KOA in Fayetteville NC. relaay was not bad at all slightly long that a supercharge to get to the destination in Florence SC (Hilton hotel where they have a j1772 charging at 21-22mph). About to leave for point south KOA in SC. WIll be there for a couple hours then on the Jacksonville.

@Davidinkl Key largo is quite a way from Key west definitively would like to try and say hello on the return trip. Perhaps would be able to stop by during the week. Thanks for the invite !

My5bAby | 24 augustus 2013

Called KOA in Key West (Sugarloaf) to confirm and how shall I put it, they were less than interested. Did not understand. Basically said it was impossible. There are plenty of other camp grounds, as well as other possibilities.

I'll plug into a 110 if needed !

My5bAby | 24 augustus 2013

By the way currently at Point South KOA South Carolina, topping off to get to Jacksonville Florida.

My5bAby | 24 augustus 2013

We arrived in Jacksonville, Fl from Point South KOA. We left with 170 rated miles from the KOA and the distance showing was 170 miles. We arrived and gained 14 actual miles and were going 55 mph all the way.

Getting a full charge to start off tomorrow at 7AM.

sunkat | 24 augustus 2013

Good luck!
According to plughare, there is an EV charger at Baptist Mariner's hospital, in between Key Largo and Islamorada. Looks like a Chargepoint from the photo.
Also, there will be a HPWC at Mote Marine Laboratory on Summerland Key, not sure if it has been installed yet...thanks to the kind personal gift from George Blankenship.

shawns | 24 augustus 2013

Another one! I loved reading your first road trip. Good luck. I saw some of the numbers you posted in between stops and thought wow this guy is nuts. Then realized you've done this before :)

My5bAby | 25 augustus 2013

Just passed Port Orange. The supercharges at the Pavilion Mall have broken ground but not functional yet.

nickjhowe | 25 augustus 2013

Keep the reports coming in!

My5bAby | 25 augustus 2013

Finishing up a Max charge at Port St. Lucie Supercharger. Next is South to Dania Beach Tesla or someplace else to get 20 extra miles to be able to complete the journey to Key West.

KennyB@US-FL | 25 augustus 2013

Not sure if you will get this message, but Dania Beach is CLOSED on Sundays! Sorry, didn't know you'd be through here on Sunday. :(


My5bAby | 25 augustus 2013

@KennyB-FLL Thank you.

We spoke with them yesterday and they said they would be open but perhaps we were not clear regarding which day we would arrive.

We will charge at Dania Beach City Hall.

KennyB@US-FL | 25 augustus 2013

@My5bAby: I just called Dania SC. They are now open on Sundays, but only until 4:00PM. Didn't know that myself! Hope you have a safe trip down to the keys!


My5bAby | 25 augustus 2013

In Key largo, stopped at Mariner's Hospital for 1 hour to get a 20mile cushion. Actually a great location, with shopping, CVS, grocery store & McDonald's.

It has been rather fun an uneventful & easy :-)

Next stop, Key West !

Davidinkl | 25 augustus 2013

Here's an email if you want to charge on the way back in key largo

My5bAby | 25 augustus 2013


Thank you ! I definitely would like to take you up on that offer.

Have a nice evening :-).

By the way of course, we are here in Key West.

My5bAby | 26 augustus 2013

Picking up my car from Leos RV campground. They were very receptive. The owner is great. They charged $60 to rent the space for an entire 24 hour day. I only needed 8 hours. But when you do the math 60 versus 40 dollars maybe for one small tank of gas. I'm not bothered at all. I only needed 8 hours at the site and It is roughly 5 miles from the center of the city so we hung out and enjoyed the day while the car charged from 17 to 260 rated miles

Again a big thumbs up for Leos Campground

My5bAby | 1 september 2013

Halfway home !

Left 8/31 @ 6:20 from Key West w/ 247 rated miles, arrived Dania Beach Tesla @ 10:15 w/ 77 rated miles
Left Dania Beach @ 11:20 w/ 135 rated miles, arrived Port St. Lucie SC @1:40 w/45 rated miles
Left Port St. Lucie @ 2:40 w/247 rated miles, traffic accident detour, arrived in Jacksonville Fl @ 6:30 w/13 miles

Left 9/1 @ 12:15 from Jacksonville w/ 246 rated miles, arrive Point South KOA @ 3:30 w/ 73 rated miles

Currently charging !

nickjhowe | 1 september 2013

Great stuff!

Brian H | 1 september 2013

What were the odo miles?

My5bAby | 2 september 2013

Left Point South at 6:30pm w/139 rated miles, arrived in Florence South Carolina @ 9:15pm w/19 rated miles
Left 9/2 Florence Hilton @ 8:00am w/248 rated miles, arrived in Fayetteville NC RV camp @ 10:00w/150 rated miles.