Win a Model S -- Support a Good Cause

Win a Model S -- Support a Good Cause

Feeling Lucky? The Garfield High School PTSA in Seattle is raffling off a brand new 2014 Model S, loaded with options such a an 85 kWh battery, Tech Package, Panoramic Sun Roof, and tan Napa Leather seats. The raffle is to benefit the school's extra-curricular programs, supplemental intervention programs to assist underachieving students, and career and college counseling services to help kids find a positive path for their post high school life.

The PTSA is selling a maximum of 1,850 raffle tickets at $100 apiece, making the odds of winning better than most raffles. In addition to the car, the winner is entitled to claim the $7,500 federal income tax credit Although the PTSA is a tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, the cost of the raffle ticket is not tax deductible, and the value of the car would be treated as income from gambling.

The winning ticket will be drawn on March 14, 2014, at the Garfield Annual Auction/Gala to be held at the Showbox Sodo, 1700 1st Ave. S., Seattle, from 6:00 to 11:00 p.m. See The winner can choose the car or a certified check for $50,000. Tickets will also be drawn for additional prizes of $1,500, $1,000, and $500. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE PRESENT TO WIN THE CAR, but you do need to be present to win the additional prizes. A separate ticket is required for admission to the Auction/Gala. You can purchase tickets to the auction on the Garfield PTSA website,

If you would like to purchase a raffle ticket, please contact the president of the PTSA, Phil Sherburne at, or you may contact me at TMC under the user name DouglasR. I have seen some comments suggesting that you must be a Washington resident to win. That is not the case. If you are from outside of Washington, the only restriction is that the PTSA cannot send you the ticket through the mail. You could have a friend hold the ticket for you. Or I would be able to hold it for you -- again, just contact me through TMC. Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card.

Good Luck!

Joe H. | 4 maart 2014

If anyone wants to see the previous years discussion about this this annual event see here:

Captain_Zap | 4 maart 2014

There were quite a few tickets left as of Sunday.

That means that your odds might be even better than one of 1850.

DouglasR | 4 maart 2014

Unfortunately (for the PTSA), Captain_Zap is correct. However, tickets tend to sell faster as the raffle gets near, and last year they did sell out.

An additional benefit I should have mentioned is that the car will be available immediately.

Captain_Zap | 5 maart 2014


L8MDL | 5 maart 2014

I would be very careful if you enter this raffle. Similar raffles on the internet have been shut down as illegal due to Federal gambling regulations - money crossing State lines through the mail or on credit cards gets complicated. Good idea - bad execution. Caveat Emptor!

DouglasR | 5 maart 2014

This raffle is licensed by the Washington State Gambling Commission. It is not considered online gambling because tickets are neither purchased nor sold over the internet. Information and advertising about a raffle is protected by the First Amendment, and state-authorized raffles conducted by non-profit organizations are expressly exempted pursuant to 18 U.S. Code §1307(a)(2) from the statutes prohibiting such conduct. Tickets are not transported in interstate commerce and money is not being sent via U.S. mail. The raffle is thus in compliance with all of the state and federal requirements of which I am aware.

This is the third year in a row that the PTSA has held this raffle, and there has never been a problem.

Brian H | 6 maart 2014

Ya, this has a history here. If you were around a year+ ago you recognize it.

Captain_Zap | 6 maart 2014

Internet ticket sales are only for attendance at the Garfield High School PTSA auction event. At that event you can bid on items such as:

-an autographed baseball from Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners
-a weekend in a Palm Springs Condo or,
-an autographed poster signed a couple years ago by Garfield alum Macklemore. (I drive my Model S to the thrift shop, BTW)

More details about items up for auction at the event are available on the website. Garfield H.S. is a public high school in Seattle.

All sales of car raffle tickets are done directly through the PTSA. The winning ticket holder must be in Washington State. You do not need to be present to win. If you are holding a Tesla raffle ticket, and you are attending the event, you will be eligible for additional prizes.

Washington State has no sales tax on EVs that are registered in this state. The winner will be able to get the $7500 federal tax credit. The winner will be responsible for paying income tax associated with winning the car. Ticket purchases are not tax deductible.

It is a Blue S85 with Pano roof, tan leather and more and valued at over $90k.

Last year's Model S winner came here to the forums to learn more about her car and electrical installation information.

I saw some very excited ticket buyers at a ticket sales event I went to. Some bought as many as 5 tickets. (I put my car on display and gave tours of it like many other generous local Model S owners did.) Ticket Sales are ramping up, so I wouldn't delay.

mrspaghetti | 6 maart 2014

Have any of the winners so far been from out of state?

SeattleSid | 6 maart 2014

Curious Cap'n Zap: is the car still "owned" by Tesla? If not, my understanding is that the tax credit wouldn't apply. If someone got TM to donate it, that's very impressive at both ends.

Thomas N. | 6 maart 2014

Haven't seen Spaghetti here in a long time. Cool!

Mathew98 | 6 maart 2014

He's been busy eating Chinese take outs... ;>

DouglasR | 6 maart 2014

@Captain_Zap deserves a medal for having braved the elements recently on a really nasty day to help sell tickets. It's my understanding that they did very well that day. One minor addition to her excellent summary: the winning ticket holder must be in Washington State to pick up the car; he or she need not be a Washington State resident.

@mrspaghetti, as far as I know, the winner of the Leaf two years ago and the Model S last year were both from Washington. I believe that last year's Model S winner was a Garfield parent who bought five tickets. This year when I was helping to sell tickets, a young guy walked up and bought 15 tickets!

@Seattle Sid, TM does not donate the car. The PTSA purchases it, but the winning ticket holder is the first to place it in service, and hence gets the $7,500 tax credit. If you look carefully at the IRC provisions dealing with the credit, nowhere does it say that you need to pay for the car in order to be eligible. You just need to be the first one to place the car in service.

Brian H | 6 maart 2014

A free autographed baseball from King Felix? Priceless!

SeattleSid | 6 maart 2014

Thanks, Douglas R. I was curious about that, is all.

DouglasR | 9 maart 2014

I just spoke with Phil about the options provided on the raffle car. They were not clearly listed in my earlier post. The car is an 85 kWh, metallic blue, tan Napa leather seats, with Tech Package, All Glass Panoramic Roof, Parking Sensors, and Parcel Shelf. The raffle is this coming Friday, and we still have some tickets to sell.

logicalthinker | 9 maart 2014

Have the minimum 900 tickets been sold yet?

DieAbetic | 9 maart 2014

Based off my ticket number, they are 1400+ at this point.

mrspaghetti | 9 maart 2014

No high power home charging?

DouglasR | 9 maart 2014

Yes, they have passed the 900 mark. Your ticket number is not necessarily the best indicator of how many have sold, because they distribute batches to many volunteers for selling. However, my understanding is that they have sold something north of 1500 by now. Sales do pick up at the end, and they can always try selling the last few at the auction itself.

@mrspaghetti, if you mean the HPWC, then no, that is not included. However, that is easy to add later. I think they selected the options that most people want and that will help resale if the winner decides to sell the car.

Mel. | 9 maart 2014

Thomas N +1

mrspaghetti, yes you have been missed.

mrspaghetti | 9 maart 2014

Thanks :)

Brian H | 9 maart 2014

This time, their aim may be better, though.

logicalthinker | 9 maart 2014

I think mrspaghetti was asking about the dual charger option.

Captain_Zap | 9 maart 2014

Happy to see you mrspaghetti!

It looks like Doug has all the details ironed out. I'm feeling lucky. One of the tickets I bought matches my birthdate. I bought tickets long before I volunteered to show my car.

A lot of people hoped that the prize would be Signature Red but I had to inform them that the color would be more like the blue ceramic pottery in front of Uwajimaya.

I let people explore my car. One person said to their spouse that they didn't like Teslas. Once they heard that it uses no gas whatsoever they suddenly liked Teslas!

I'm trying to figure out how I can flip that Model S raffle ticket win into a Pearl White P85+ for TMC Captain_Zap.

That is my plan for ending the weekly Tesla negotiations. Maybe I should order a couple more tickets...

DouglasR | 10 maart 2014

@Captain_Zap +1

I've also thought about what I would do if I won. My wife doesn't want to drive the Model S (too big). She's waiting for the Model E. Meanwhile, I would love that Pearl White P85+. It seems wasteful to take the car and immediately turn around and sell it as used. I wonder if there is a way to work directly with TM to credit the full value of the car against a new P85+.

I should say that ticket sales are picking up. A lot have come in from recent posts here and at TMC. Also, in a few minutes I'm going down to make a presentation at Windermere Capitol Hill. Garfield is the public high school that serves the Capitol Hill neighborhood, plus the Model S is the perfect car for a real estate professional (stylish, comfortable, and inexpensive to operate -- great in-city car). Then from 11:30-2:00, I'm going down to Starbucks HQ to show the car and sell more tickets. Hope the rain stays away! Get 'em while they're hot!

logicalthinker | 10 maart 2014

Get it wrapped in pearl white. Wraps are extremely good nowadays. And since you are getting a basically free car (I guess you have to pay some lottery tax?), you can afford a few grand on a premium wrap.

MS-P519-OH | 12 maart 2014

I just purchased 2 tickets and my #'s are 540 & 541. I will give one to the wife if I am the lucky one!

Captain_Zap | 12 maart 2014

We are getting close to last call...

ml1211 | 15 maart 2014

Who won the Model S? Apparently it wasn't me :(
I'll keep saving my pennies...

DouglasR | 15 maart 2014

Hopefully I'll get that info today. I couldn't attend the Gala, but I should get an email from Phil after he has been able to notify the winner.

DouglasR | 15 maart 2014

Ok, the winning ticket was 1008. Still trying to get more info.


DouglasR | 15 maart 2014

We have a winner! The winning ticket number was 1008. The winner was a young man from Renton WA, apparently a real Tesla lover. He was not present at the Gala.

hitesh2269 | 15 maart 2014

did anyone win the i would like to know because i try to purchase the ticket but i guess it was to late.better luck next time.please inform me early.Thank you.

hitesh2269 | 15 maart 2014

I try to call the school on march 14th but no one answer the phone and i miss my dream car.I live in Chesapaeke,Virginia and I love tesla and i really want to buy model x. I hope G.H.S will next year will raffle not model s but model x then i will buy more then 5 ticket.Tesla is my dream ride.

hitesh2269 | 15 maart 2014

I love the idea of G.H.S. and i want my son elementary school called Cedar Road Elementary,Chesapeake,VA to follow this idea for the class of 2015.I would like to know did the school sold all the 1850 ticket and in how many days.Please let me i can get some idea how to plan this event.If they did thats great.Go Tesla i love Tesla.

hitesh2269 | 15 maart 2014

please email the general info about raffling for TESLA CAR that took place at G.H.S.thank You.My email

DouglasR | 16 maart 2014

As I understand it, the PTSA sold 1,799 tickets, which would have raised around $90,000 for its programs. That does not include the substantial amounts raised from the auction and Gala. Thanks to all of you who supported this effort and made it a success!

@hitesh2269, I have no idea what the plans are for next year. I know Phil and several others have done this for two or three years in a row now, and they must be getting tired. Besides, their kids will eventually graduate from Garfield, and I doubt that they will want to continue after that.