Win a Tesla

Win a Tesla

A company (I am not affiliated with) is re-branding their logo and will give away $100,000 or a Tesla Model S just by voting for the logo you like best. The catch is they need to get 100,000 votes before Jan. 29th. You can only vote once but hopefully a Tesla lover will win.


Joshua Burstyn | 15 januari 2014

Voted. :-)


ENGINEER | 15 januari 2014

I voted. Extreme Networks is a real company, for anyone unsure of the vote's legitimacy.

But 100,000 votes in 20 days? That's even harsher than the petition.

I have to say, the Summation-style logo looked cool. Simple yet complex.

AoneOne | 15 januari 2014

Too bad they don't allow a "+" in email addresses. I use them to tag those that I give to marketing organizations. Instead of, I'd use

It helps me filter the chaff from the wheat.

ir | 15 januari 2014

AoneOne: depending on your e-mail provider, have you tried configuring:

My provider supports re-writing sub domains into the + format and then sorting into mailboxes.