wind energy

wind energy

Has anyone had any experience with a company called Ethical Energy? They are a prodection company only use wind. Other than higher rates, it sounds legit.

johncrab | 11 augustus 2014

They are a reseller of green energy and serve lesser-regulated markets where one can elect delivery from the local electric utility and the buy energy under a separate contract with an energy supplier, sometimes in another state. This was the whole idea behind California's attempt to deregulate its electric market, but that went spectacularly wrong when Enron was able to use that opportunity to control the market corruptly.

In an area where you can buy green energy and where there is enough regulation to prevent rapacious practices, you simply have a choice as to what sources you use. In AZ we have a hybrid system where we buy only from our utility company but can elect to buy green energy at a higher price than energy produced through nuclear, coal or gas plants.

What this does is encourage development of green electric generation and provide the street creed of being greener than the neighbors. In the next 20 years, the bulk of our energy will probably come from renewables like solar and wind and probably at a lower cost than carbon so I don't know about the long term for companies such as this one. For now, it's an option but as with ANY energy contract, read the fine print and spend the money to have a lawyer go over it before signing. The $500 legal bill will be worth it in the long term as you'll be able to have the legalese explained in an actual language you can understand.

Brian H | 11 augustus 2014

Electrons are anonymous.